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  1. 10,488 at Saints tonight which is up 108 on last year. I didn’t think we’d make five figures after the pasting on Sunday and the Z-Fest tactics that Wellens sticks with. Even i was tempted to give it a miss but i pushed myself. It was ruddy freezing as well, fair credit to the FC fans for making long journey. 

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  2. Warrington were superb in the second half, their fans must be confident of a trophy this season. They were class from 1 to 17, power down the middle, pace out wide. 
    As for the shambolic Saints i wasn’t surprised by the result Wire could’ve easily put 50 on us. I thought we was fortunate to beat Wigan, if they hadn’t have had a player sent off we wouldn’t have won. 
    I have seen enough of Wellens and his one tactic of five drives and a practice kick. Saints have No Pace, No Plan B, No Kicking Game In General Play. Saints need a big clear out at the end of 2024, id start with Wellens, get rid of Roby, tell Smith he can stay as the women’s first team coach but cannot be involved with the men’s first team. Frayssinous can go. As for players Makinson, Blake, Davies, Royle, Hurrell, can go. 

  3. 20 minutes ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    Essentially because the rights to all these older films have lapsed and so these channels don't have to pay anyone for them to be allowed to screen them. This is why you can legally watch loads and loads of old films on YouTube but streams of newer films put up are immediately taken down. 

    Ah i see thanks for that Goose. I love the film Sergeant York but i think i have only seen it on terrestrial tv once. My Pa used to love Gary Cooper. 

  4. 19 hours ago, headtackle said:

    Congratulations to Warrington for filling a stand that would otherwise have been empty with no travelling support

    £5 for adults and teens and £1 for kids yesterday

    As a Saints fan I took my lads to hide under cover and check out our title rivals. Great to see though a load of young kids and adults many of whom had obviously never been to a game before. Beer selling nicely as well yesterday so imagine Warrington will have done well out of it.

    For those new to the game a great game to watch only decided at the end. 

    I know its not great for Season ticket holders and others who have paid full price but much better being in a full stadium than having empty stands 

    I’m a season ticket holder at Saints and it doesn’t bother me whatsoever if free tickets are handed out for two or three games. I would sooner see the away end full instead of it being left empty. Like you say headtackle some of them might return, whilst others who cant afford to attend it gives them a chance to see live RL. If it’s a nice day the kiosks in the concourses should do a roaring trade. I would’ve loved to have known how much money Saints made from the bar takings on Friday. 

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  5. I have only just got back home as i nipped into town after the game with some of my mates. I honestly don’t know how some are going to get home as they are blitzed but they were plastered before the game. I told three of them they shouldn’t be drinking so much before a match as their behaviour is embarrassing. I will have to rewatch the game but my drunk mates wanted to kill me because i said “the best team lost”. I tried to explain to them why but they wouldn’t listen. 
    I do think our defence is amazing and we can tackle all day long 8 out of 10 times, but our attack can be predictable. Until Makinson scored we offered nothing near the wigan line it was very Cas-esq. 

    The tackle by Dupree did look like an elbow and a red to me but i could be wrong, the Byrne looked ok  though. Over all it was a great day and a cracking atmosphere from both sets of fans, the wigan fans i spoke to after the game were very magnanimous in defeat. 

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  6. On 27/03/2024 at 13:07, wilsontown said:

    Oh God, how long have you got?

    I guess the short version of this season is that we started with an enthusiastic amateur as manager and got terrible results, hired a former Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper as head of recruitment, recruited an absolute set of misfits with no coherent idea of how they were supposed to play, and sacked the manager and hired another one with a completely different playing philosophy (twice).

    The current manager was previously flying high with Worthing in the National League South, but clearly didn't know anything about any of our players or our league when he arrived. Hopefully he has been learning quickly as we won the last two, but it's going to be a scrap to stay up. All this with one of the biggest budgets in the division. Absolute object lesson in how not to run a football club, but we've been a basket case for years and this kind of #######how has long been coming.

    I think you are safe now wilson the likes of Oxford City have given it a good go but they just haven’t got the squad or the cash to stay up. 

  7. 2 hours ago, graveyard johnny said:

    glad I saw the kangaroo tours and tests of the 80s and 90s - what a travesty we have these days in comparison international wise

    I was at Old Trafford when the Aussies scored that last second try against us, was it Meninga who made the break and nudged Gibson out of the way.

     I can’t remember the year but it was sickening losing against them. I enjoyed the day as a whole though, “Ere We Go, Ere We Go, Ere We Go”. 

  8. I have just finished watching the two part documentary called “The Exiles Secretly Deported”.

    It’s the story of hundreds of Chinese seamen who worked for the Merchant Navy during wwii and had settled in Liverpool.

    Late in 1945 they started to disappear from their homes and were never seen again. The story is quite shocking on how the men and their families were treated by the british government. It is so so sad. 

  9. I didn’t want to go the match but i was persuaded in the end, now i am glad i did. It was an entertaining match, i thought we’d get pasted before KO then when we went 8-0 down i feared it could be 30/40pts. Fair credit to leeds they played some exciting RL in the first half and although it is painful when your club is on the receiving end, i do appreciate good RL no matter who it is. 
    Saints did really well to get back into the game, i still think we need too improve our last tackle options. A big pat on the back for Bennison, Lomax, Dodd, Walmsley, Mata’utia, Knowles, Mbye, Bell, Wingfield, Delaney. Even Blake had an ok game. Excellent crowd with the weather not being great. 

  10. On 10/03/2024 at 20:29, Exiled Wiganer said:

    Is that the attendance or tickets sold/allocated? I think the figure should always be tickets sold/allocated, because that takes out “life” choices/illness etc.

    I’ve not got a clue how they work it out EW, but the person who bought the ticket and stayed at home thought he made a wise move. 

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