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  1. 11,368 at Saints last night which must be close to being 4,000 down on last year. Going on some of the people i know who are pay on the gate, with my brother being one of them if he isn’t on nights. Even he couldn’t be arsed going last night, he said “he wasn’t wasting £26 to be bored stiff by Wellens tactics”. He went on to say “if the likes of Davies & Royle are regulars in the first team i won’t even watch it on Sky”. A lot of the pay on the night fans are disenchanted with the tactics and lack of flair so are staying away.
  2. I don’t do Facebook/Twitter or any other RL site but i was wondering if leeds fans want Smith gone on them ?. They started off really well when they moved the ball out wide, then the great kick across to Ash Handley. They also defended well in the first half, but when they let Sironen offload the ball to Clark to score 5mins into the second half their heads seem to drop.
  3. I thought Leeds would win tonight i was amazed when id seen they had a +16 start on the coupon. So i put £50 on the Rhinos, and that is why i am a pleb getting up really early to go to work whilst Mr Fred Done & Denise Coates are rolling in money because of suckers like me. The leeds first try was a cracker, amazingly Saints decided to throw the ball about in the 2nd half and entertain the home fans. Decent support from the Rhinos they backed their side from start to finish. How long will they stick with Smith.
  4. Id imagine the CC-SF attendances were far bigger than they are now but what were the crowds for SF’s in the 1980’s-1990’s. I remember being at Old Trafford for the Wigan/Saints SF in 1990 the crowd was 26,500 attending. But then the CC seemed a lot more important, the cup for me has been treated shoddily over the last couple of decades or so. The continual changing of the cup final day hasn’t helped either, then there is the financial cost.
  5. Saints will win by 14 after they bore Cas to death. They have bored me to death so much so i am not even bothering going, my batteries need recharging from watching the dreary unimaginative tactizzzzzzzz.
  6. I took my nine year old grandson to the HKR/Saints match, he said “we got smoked grandad” which i didn’t have a clue and still don’t know what he meant. Worryingly he told me “he didn’t want to go to anymore away matches”, i can understand that after some of the behaviour from a minority Saints fans who insist on getting blitzed before a game and continue drinking during it. I understand if fans want to get drunk to deaden the boredom of watching Saints, but do they need to be so aggressive.
  7. It could have Damien, some of it is shocking at games just totally unwarranted.
  8. I can’t see anything but a HKR win because i just don’t know how Saints are going to score. It’ll be good to See Dodd back in the side, I’ll be cheering him on on Saturday at the ground. Id expect some Saints fans will blame Dodd for the loss, if he gets MoM they’ll be saying about time. I’ll go for HKR by 14pts. Hopefully it won’t be raining and it’ll stay mild.
  9. Catalans put up a decent performance but their discipline and ball handling was poor at times. Wigan were fantastic the chip over for the try was a cracker. Farrell has been an outstanding player whether it’s playing for Wigan or internationals. One player i am really enjoying watching is Nsemba he has got a great future.
  10. I’ll be disappointed to see Dodd go he still is only a young lad at 22. I am amazed the amount of Saints fans that are be pleased to see the back of him, a lot of them turned against him when he did the dastardly unforgivable move of getting an Aussie agent and trying to do what his best for himself and family. I know people who don’t rate him, they’ll move on to the next halfback who joins the club although if we signed Drinkwater i would be booing Wellens .
  11. I can’t fault his defence but he is very poor in attack especially his naff grubbers which bounce perfectly for the opposition.
  12. I am looking forward to seeing Swifty & Kevvie back at Saints both were fantastic players at Saints, i wanted neither to leave. I hope they both have good games but not enough to win the match for Fartown.
  13. 10,488 at Saints tonight which is up 108 on last year. I didn’t think we’d make five figures after the pasting on Sunday and the Z-Fest tactics that Wellens sticks with. Even i was tempted to give it a miss but i pushed myself. It was ruddy freezing as well, fair credit to the FC fans for making long journey.
  14. I do feel sorry for the FC fans that made the long journey they are proper fans and perhaps a little crazy for making the trip. They are the worst side i have seen at Saints this season….after Saints. Next Thursday will be a different game, will wellens go back to the grind we’ll have to wait and see.
  15. Warrington were superb in the second half, their fans must be confident of a trophy this season. They were class from 1 to 17, power down the middle, pace out wide. As for the shambolic Saints i wasn’t surprised by the result Wire could’ve easily put 50 on us. I thought we was fortunate to beat Wigan, if they hadn’t have had a player sent off we wouldn’t have won. I have seen enough of Wellens and his one tactic of five drives and a practice kick. Saints have No Pace, No Plan B, No Kicking Game In General Play. Saints need a big clear out at the end of 2024, id start with Wellens, get rid of Roby, tell Smith he can stay as the women’s first team coach but cannot be involved with the men’s first team. Frayssinous can go. As for players Makinson, Blake, Davies, Royle, Hurrell, can go.
  16. Leigh have got quite a few injuries but fair credit to them they kept plugging away. Wigan are a class side with so much quality. A full house on a wet Thursday night is excellent, Leigh have really come on over the last few years. I am really pleased for Mike Latham he really is a nice fella.
  17. Ah i see thanks for that Goose. I love the film Sergeant York but i think i have only seen it on terrestrial tv once. My Pa used to love Gary Cooper.
  18. Looking at the films on terrestrial tv it seems as if the channels that show movies only have around fifteen films between the lot of them. Some of the films are great as i love B&W movie, but i often think there have been thousands of films made from the 1930’s onwards. Does anyone know why there isn’t much choice!!!!.
  19. The Saints attendance Vs wigan last Friday was up 892 on the 2023 match.
  20. I think there are only two clubs who haven’t lost a home game this season in Catalans & wigan. I was wondering which was the last club that went undefeated at home in the SL!!!!.
  21. Placebo & PJ Harvey would be my choices.
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