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  1. Not for me Ronnie because id just be looking at my phone all the time checking the score. I did have a chance to watch a band called Big Deal about 4/5 years ago as they were playing at the local library and it was only a fiver. Sadly i missed it because Saints were playing Widnes at home. It was the dark days under Cunningham and we’d been on a terrible run so i wanted to be there to see what happened. I also had a season ticket, and i begrudge missing a game with my season ticket. The sad thing is the band split up a bit later.
  2. I’d love to go I’ll have to see what my chauffeurs are doing. I’ll give Headsticks a go Vambo.
  3. Thanks for the info Dave I’ll give them a go on Spotify.
  4. Crass and Steve Ignorant are playing at Club Academy in Manchester Friday 22nd April next year. I’d love to go and see that, but i think it might clash with a Saints game so that would mean id have too miss out, unless we’re playing some random club like Wigan or Wire.
  5. The Vistas, and the Circa Waves are they worth a listen Dave as ive never heard them before. If they could be put into a genre what would it be ?.
  6. Is Paul Heaton from Sheffield or Hull ?. I like Mr Heaton’s values.
  7. Did all the home clubs give official attendances from the weekend’s games ?.
  8. Yes they have Dave, i picked up my ticket for the Saints playoff game today. I’m a season ticket holder but id be happy to see non-season ticket holders let in for £18.
  9. Those cutouts of the fan’s are great i wonder what happened to them.
  10. I very rarely listen to the RL on BBC Radio Manchester now, it’s Dearden who puts me off.
  11. Are stewards trained to deal with unruly drunk spice-heads. I know at Saints they have stewards inside the stadium who are middle aged ladies & gentlemen. Whilst outside they have the type that work on the doors at clubs & pubs, and they come into the stadium when the game K’sO. I know a couple who work at Saints on match day, and if pushed too far they can be just as unruly as the unruly fans. I suppose it works out cheaper for clubs than having to have the police there. They usually only appear for the Wigan, Wire games, and the odd time FC & HKR.
  12. Are stewards there to handle the marauding Yoof. If i was one i wouldn’t want to be trying to manhandle some of these dingalings nowadays. Had Salford given some tickets away for free. There must be footage of the idiots, whether they’d be back again or not id ban them for going onto the pitch and give them a heavy fine.
  13. How has Swift gone on for you this season. I would’ve liked him to have stayed at Saints, but he wanted first team RL which i can totally understand.
  14. A lot of fans from the 12 SL clubs seem to think the Sky pundits have got it in for their club.
  15. How many was on last night at Cas, it looked as if Wire took a decent following.
  16. Was that Cas’s last ever game at Wheldon Road before they move on to their new stadium ?.
  17. Whenever ive read anything from the RFL whether it be Rimmer or when Wood was the CEO, they'd give out a longwinded message and skip around the questions the fan’s wanted answered.
  18. Did he say he’ll be asking the fans for their viewing experiences. I’ve heard people at the RFL & SL say in the past “we have asked some fan’s about their views on the new rules”, etc etc. Itll be great if that’s true, but i always get the feeling that the RFL/SL totally ignore what the paying serfs say.
  19. Has anyone checked if he got his meds mixed up, or has not taken them.
  20. Has Marwan joined the Leigh board yet, or is he still on Fantasy Island with all his other projects ?.
  21. There was more on at Barrow than at FC. So says my Rovers friend
  22. That was an enjoyable game, id imagine HKR will take a good following to Leeds next week. The Rovers fan’s are great at getting behind their side. The fan village looks excellent as well, id love to see more clubs do such a thing if allowed.
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