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  1. I’m surprised he hasn’t demanded that the RFL scrap playing with the ball foot.
  2. One of those games were you can say “i was there”. How did Kevvie Naq, and Swift play ?.
  3. #AvYouSeenThisMateImDone. #Corrupt. #RIPRugbyLeague.
  4. The club would’ve made a nice profit on the bars. They ran out of the pies pretty quickly, i don’t know who runs them but they’re naff. They always seem to have a problem with something not working or not enough stock being ordered.
  5. What a fantastic victory, id imagine it would’ve been a great night for the fartown fans that made the journey.
  6. My MoM from last nights match was the London fans, they put myself to shame as i was complaining about going to the match even though i got picked up and dropped off. Their side put up a good performance as well for a part time team ravaged by injury, they moved the ball around really quickly and could’ve had a couple more tries. As for Saints it was ok, Bell, Percival, Clarke, Whitley, Welsby had good games but our kicks in general play was average at best. I can see the goal kicking being a problem yet again for Saints, Makinson & Percy are very hit & miss, miss, hit, miss, miss. The big positive for Saints was the attendance, it is amazing how many RL fans turn up in the last second.
  7. I thought Dews were really unlucky, their defence was solid for most of the game.
  8. One of my all time favourite songs, short but very sweet.
  9. I love XTC especially the older stuff. What a fantastic drum pattern, if he put those symbols any higher he’d need stepladders.
  10. 4,058 at the Saints/Salford match. I don’t know if it was a decent game as i don’t bother with friendlies.
  11. I have put £10 on Wigan to do the double CC & GF with Betfred 8/1. £5 on Jai Field 14/1 & Bevan French 12/1 for top try scorer.
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