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  1. I apologise if this has already been done. Just ignore if so. what are your favourite christmas songs mine are 1. Two Fingers of Firewater : Douglas Fir. 2. Darren Hayman : Christmas Wars. 3. HMHB : Cliched To Be Cynical. 4. St Etienne : I Was Born On Christmas Day If i knew how to use YouTube id put the Darren Hayman tune on here but i don’t. I don’t think Two Fingers Of Firewater released Douglas Fir, but it is a beautiful song even though it’s quite depressing. So i have been told by friends & Da Family.
  2. I am going to watch on BBC Iplayer tomorrow “The People’s Piazza : A History Of Covent Garden”. I really enjoy watching David Olusoga when he goes back in time and it’s the same with London, especially anything from the 17th century to 1900.
  3. I asked one of my granddaughters to pick two of the teams from the World Cup who she thought would make the final. I told her if either won she could have a massive £10. She said “Oooooo £10” and chose Senegal 80/1 and Denmark 28/1 because she liked the kits. The Senegal one is the best kit (in mine & my granddaughters eyes), i haven’t a clue why she chose the Danish kit though. I’ve put £5 each way on both, i don’t know what happened to Denmark but i’ll be shouting for Senegal whenever they play next.
  4. Curtis cocky Warren out of jail. He has a load of rules that he has too follow, but when has that ever bothered him.
  5. Cas & Leeds uncovered terracing are great if it’s not raining
  6. You don’t have a tree And your smile has a fee All the same, he’s a card For your boring facade Jingle bells, piney smells All the boys and girls Say it’s cliched To be cynical At Christmas, Oh it’s cliched To be cynical At Christmas HMHB - Trouble Over Bridgewater. April 2000.
  7. I spoke to my little Staffordshire granddaughter this morning to see if she had enjoyed the final and she loved it. She got a half&half scarf and one of those bloody annoying horns. But what was also really good was two of her friends went as well, they had never been to a sporting event before and probably had never heard of RL before. But they also had half&half scarfs and England RL bob-hats, which they needed as i thought it was freezing.
  8. We had some rugger u**** fans sat at the side of us and they absolutely loved it. They said “the skill,pace,defence of the Aussies is on another level to anything in their code”. There was a good atmosphere for the men’s game as there was no ###### up foul mouthed idiots around who can spoil events. We didn’t hang around for the Aussies lifting the World Cup, it was bloody freezing.
  9. I had never watched wheelchair RL before this RLWC and if someone would’ve told me id be sat on the edge of my seat watching the final, id have said “off your pop i won’t be watching that”. Ruddy hell the wheelchair RL has been amazing and im glad i witnessed it.
  10. I’m going but i don’t know how i am getting there, and ive not a clue where i’ll be sat, i just hope it doesn’t rain. I’ll be shouting for NZ & Samoa.
  11. Hufanga what a fantastic player. I hope NZ they win the World Cup.
  12. Definitely can’t knock England’s effort but NZ’s defence has been solid. I’m not really up on the women’s game but the No12 for England is an excellent tackler.
  13. Halfway through Saints season in 2022 and near the end of the season i had a few heated arguments with some of my mates at the games when i said “i don’t understand all the hype over Knowles”. He has become more of a liability than anything, with his discipline. If (and it would be a massive if) a NRL club came in and offered Saints £150,000 id bit their hand off.
  14. Will any of the top bigwigs look at the off the field negatives & positives of this RLWC. Then hopefully we can learn from the mistakes ready for the next WC in France ?.
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