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  1. I don’t know why they changed the play offs from Top 5, to Top 6. Perhaps they might’ve to change the play offs again, were if you finish first you go straight through to Old Trafford. While the other sides battle it out to reach the final. The club chairmen from the top tier must know the game is struggling, but their self interest means nothing will change.
  2. I’ll help the thread. The band at Leeds Leeds Leeds Leeds Leeds, what are the fans thoughts on them ?. The commentator on radio Leeds didn’t sound to keen. The club themselves mustn’t mind as they could ban them from taking the instruments into the ground (couldn’t they). I’m sure they would stop playing if they thought the majority of fans in that stand didn’t want them to play. Myself when ive visited Headingley their music has never stopped me from enjoying the match win or lose, in fact it has added to the atmos.
  3. I don’t know if this has been mentioned and i apologise if it has, but former Saints prop Roger Owen died on the 20th July.
  4. I went to the T Twenty at Old Trafford on Wednesday (i think i can’t remember). It was a great night and the Pakistan fans are a credit to the sport. The match was held up three times for incidents involving England fan’s getting on the pitch(i just don’t see the point). Do people who get onto the pitch face any actions ?, are they ejected from the ground. Do they get a ban, do fans face fines for encroaching on to the pitch, or do they get a warning first ?.
  5. I think racing commentator Julian Wilson was also a Swindon Town fan. I don’t know if he was on the board ?.
  6. Swindon once entered the Challenge Cup didn’t they, when Richard Bacon did the draw. That was hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. What was in the minds of the Swindon board to poach Sheridan from WAFC ?.
  7. I think that’s always been the case Hela. it’s just that they’ve probably never been to a professional game in their lives. It’s a pity these fans don’t pay a visit to St Helens AFC or Pilkington’s.
  8. Most of those though Chris are armchair LFC fans. It’s the same with United, but there will be a few that go watching LFC, United, EFC & WAFC. I know some Saints season ticket holders who are also Tics season ticket holder’s. I know plenty of football fans who have never been to a game watching their club in the Premier League. Most of them probably can’t name 10 clubs in the Championship.
  9. Don’t Wigan have to get in as many home games as possible in case their landlords have double booked the ground for C.A.M.R.A. or a Subbuteo World Cup event ?.
  10. No problem wasginger, rereading what i put down i really need to(o) sort out my speeling & grummer as it’s shocking.
  11. I think that is an excellent signing for Leeds, he’s a far better scrum half than Fages. I don’t really know what Huddersfield are expecting from Theo, but he must be on a decent deal when he moves over to Fartown. I don’t think he’ll be a marquee signing though.
  12. I wasn’t stirring anything up if you looked at what i read, i said i didn’t see any bother and the Fev fans we were talking too were really nice people. It was some Cas fans who said Fev were causing bother.
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