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  1. 4 hours ago, shrewsbury roughyed said:

    Oldham’s worst start to a game (ie 30 plus minutes) for a long time. In danger of believing our own publicity? Basic skills very poor. Catching and passing dreadful. Panic in attack. Senior players Poe performance. Sean Long’s first real test as Roughyeds’ coach. Needed that score just before HT. Swinton just patient (mostly) and doing the job. I still think Oldham will win though. ❤️❤️❤️

    I thought the ref looked about 10 at the start- he’s been outstanding so far though. 

    Jordan Turner had a nightmare on Elm Street. 

  2. I’ll take the two points, a solid performance by Saints. I can’t fault Fartown for their effort they showed some promising touches, they will be a lot better than 23. The Saints goal kicking is still average, along with some of the PTB’s ie Walmsley & Blake. Full credit to the Fartown fans for backing their side for the full eighty minutes. 
    My highlight was the Colne Valley Museum what a great place. I would love to visit the Tolson Museum but i think id get outvoted for that because i should be doing “what real men do” drinking ale before the game and continue drinking ale in the freezing cold. All in all a lovely day. 

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  3. 13 hours ago, Chris22 said:

    Think we gave away around 2,000 tickets or so. We've tended to this against Catalans in recent years, usually for Home Bargains employees. I don't have a problem with it as a one-off over the course of a season, better than an empty stand as it otherwise would have been against London. Probably about 12,000 paying customers, which is still good.

    The club would’ve made a nice profit on the bars. They ran out of the pies pretty quickly, i don’t know who runs them but they’re naff. They always seem to have a problem with something not working or not enough stock being ordered. 

  4. My MoM from last nights match was the London fans, they put myself to shame as i was complaining about going to the match even though i got picked up and dropped off. Their side put up a good performance as well for a part time team ravaged by injury, they moved the ball around really quickly and could’ve had a couple more tries.
    As for Saints it was ok, Bell, Percival, Clarke, Whitley, Welsby had good games but our kicks in general play was average at best. 
    I can see the goal kicking being a problem yet again for Saints, Makinson & Percy are very hit & miss, miss, hit, miss, miss.
    The big positive for Saints was the attendance, it is amazing how many RL fans turn up in the last second. 

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