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  1. I am looking forward to the match now, but yesterday i wasn’t. Storm Babet had put me off and i was going to give it a miss, I was wondering if Peasley Cross Bridge was flooded as well. 
    But everything is fine now i am taking four people tomorrow including my Staffordshire granddaughter and her pa. The granddaughter says “she likes Rugby League (i always tell her to say Rugby league 😊). Her Pa plays the other code for some amateur club in Staffordshire, she always tell’s him now “your sport is so boring whilst Rugby League is far better”. She was asked in school yesterday “what was she doing over the weekend”, she said “i am going watching a Rugby League test match on Sunday. It’s far more exciting than the boring 15-a-side one my daddy plays 😂.

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  2. I am going to watch Withered Hand & Darren Hayman in Manchester at the end of next month. Nobody or virtually nobody has ever heard of them, Darren Hayman was once of Hefner(which again nobody has heard of). Withered Hand(Dan Wilson) plays lo-fi music. Darren Hayman has done loads of lps and he was on Radio4 a good few years back talking about his “thankful villages” LP.
    I am really excited but my brother who said “he will take me and it can be my Xmas present” is far from looking forward to it. But the good news for him is comes off nights on the day of the gig so he shouldn’t be tired. 

  3. 7 hours ago, wilsontown said:

    According to the e-mail I got, "If you have not received your tickets within seven days of the event, or within 48 hours of booking during the week of the event, please contact RFL Ticketing". I'd drop them a line.


    7 hours ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    I went electronic and have had them emailed now 

    Worth ringing up 

    I am sure once you land at ground they will sort of you don't have....think I had to lick mine up from office once 

    I'd get their early though 

    I got in from work and the tickets arrived which is good news. 

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  4. Even the most blinkered and one eyed of Saints fans will have to admit we didn’t deserve the win. We are so predictable, with the five drives and hoof. 

    1. Discipline - it’s shocking and has been like that throughout 2023. 
    2. No pace - you can look through squads and everyone seems to have pace, whilst Saints have only got Welsby. 
    3. Centre & Winger needed - we are crying out for either, we got Hurrell on the cheap but Tubby Scoffalot has fallen into his bad old ways. He got another year out of us somehow. 
    4. Kicking game - woeful. 

    Fair play to Tomkins he had an excellent game and scored a cracking try. Compare that to Roby & LMS i didn’t even know they was on. 

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  5. Saints and their dreadful discipline, what a bonehead Mata’utia is.
    I thought the Johnstone disallowed try was very harsh i would’ve given it. 
    We are really clueless at creating anything near the opponents line, and as per usual our kicking game is woeful. 

  6. On 01/10/2023 at 16:47, ATLANTISMAN said:

    Agree it was a terrible attendance 

    I can’t believe the RFL never agreed with Ch4/Sky in which they had to produce 10,000 cardboard cutouts of spectators. Then they could have been be placed in the empty seats at the matches on tv. The game will never learn. 

  7. 17 hours ago, NRLandSL said:

    Bennison is a fantastic full back, Great support play, safe under the high ball, and fantastic acceleration. Unfortunately saints have one the best players in the world at full back so it’s hard for him to get a run at 1 without injuries. I reckon if Bennison was at a another super league team like Castleford or Wakefield he would be tearing up the comp.

    Bennison is a safe as houses and has got a great future, and he is also still only a young lad. When Welsby sails off to Australia hopefully Bennison will be Saints No1. 

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  8. 4 hours ago, Gomersall said:

    For two well supported teams approximately 13 miles apart?

    I know a few people who didn’t go because they just didn’t have the cash, others said with it being live on Ch4 they decided to stay at home because of the weather and they’d save money. I had a couple of workmates who usually go but they were playing football, one of them did say “they heard a huge roar as they were playing their club football match but it wasn’t at their game”. I didn’t think it was a bad attendance, it was a good atmosphere and both sets Saints & Wire fans made a fair bit of noise. 

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  9. On 30/09/2023 at 14:50, Harry Stottle said:

    I'm really disappointed Saints won, I love to hear Wellens talking in defeat, oh well I will have to wait another week.

    His usual reply is “i can’t fault the player’s effort”. He also likes to say “we made some errors but we can improve on that next week”. 
    He’ll be saying “we can improve next week” after we have lost at Catalans. 

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  10. On 29/09/2023 at 16:17, Magic Superbeetle said:

    So in 2022, yes we only brought in Ritson and Bruines, but in 2021 Hopoate, Sironen, Lussick, Hurrell and Bell came in, and in 2020 Joel Thompson, Paasi, Mata'utia and Norman. I don't think its fair to say we haven't brought anyone in to the club. Theres also a tonne of kids come through in that time, and theres a tonne more in the current 18s who are expected to make it professionally - talk of a golden generation in the team which won the Grand Final last week. 

    Winger = Waqa Blake (or someone else). Centre might be Newman, but expect Vaughan and D Sambou are both highly rated in the academy at centre, prop will be Eseh (and potentially another if Paasi gets deregistered, talk being that we are talking to Kasiano ... for better or worse).

    The deals are there, its just the club are choosing not to announce them for one reason or another currently. The hope would be because were waiting for our own marquees who might oust some of the names above, but who knows with Saints.

    Yes i know the players who came in Magic but what about the players who left. I like Bennison but he is not a winger, i think Saints took the cheap option by moving Bennison to the wing. 

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