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  1. Does anyone know what the official attendances at the Wakey & Fartown games last week. It looked as if Rovers took a good following to Fartown, and id imagine it would have been close to a sellout at Wakefield. 
    I haven’t watched the Wire/Saints game yet but there looked a very good crowd on. 

  2. Great game and a fantastic atmosphere last night but i still can’t see Saints winning the GF. Our defence is like a stonewall but our discipline is shocking and we seem to have a real problem finishing sides off.

    A mate told me last night leaving the ground that Saints have scored six points or less nineteen times this season either in the 1st or 2nd half or both. Therein lies our Achilles heel, as we have little idea on how to create anything near the opponents line and finish off teams, along with a dreadful kicking game. 
    Welsby has some real big howlers in him but he has also moments of class, like the try saving tackle on Dufty. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Harry Stottle said:

    At the build up to the WC when some where claiming that Knowles was the best No 13/Loose Forward in the World(?). I said at the time and will still stand by my statement that he was not even the best Loose Forward at St Helens.

    Knowles hasn’t done anything for years, im amazed how some Saints fans rate him so much. I was told by a Saints supporter who stands behind me that “i don’t see what he doesn’t do 😆”.

    I also think Lees is overrated, he’ll tackle but when the club is down on props who can make the hard yards Lees is not that type of player. Mata’utia had a great game but i don’t think he is the answer for Saints, in moving him into the front row. 



  4. 8 hours ago, Dave T said:

    I don't understand why clubs don't have real, genuine family areas where alcohol is banned. At Wire the family stand is anything but that. 

    My granddaughter was giggling at the behaviour of some of the fans. That is grown men plastered, going berserk, with faces as red as a gammon, because Saints didn’t get a decision go their way. 
    I asked her after the game what she thought of their behaviour and her reply was “silly Billy’s”. Nothing will be done about the pish head’s because it’s money for clubs. I don’t class every supporter who enjoys a few pints before or during a game as being an irritant. It’s just that there are some who are embarrassing, perhaps they don’t realise that they become vulgar after a glass of red wine. 

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  5. What a fantastic match with an electric atmosphere. Beaumont’s Leopards are working because my little Staffordshire granddaughter travelled up on the night to watch her two favourite teams. Leigh are her 2nd team because she loves leopards, two pts for Mr B. 
    The atmosphere was deafening at times, my ears were buzzing. Leigh looked the more dangerous of the two sides when they moved the ball wide. I thought they might’ve targeted Davies & Bennison more often, especially Davies. Thankfully our defence was rock solid for most of the night. Roby had a brilliant game, his best of the season, because most of the year he has been average at best.
    My Staffs Granddaughter give the night a 10/10, she did ask why do people drink so much and miss a lot of the best bits!!!!. 

  6. 12 hours ago, Chrispmartha said:

    Would be a good signing - has he been injured this year or just out of favour?

    Would saints need to get rid of a current player to open up a quota spot - not sure on their squad status

    If he is injured he’ll blend in well at Saints.
    I don’t think Wellens has got a clue how long a player will be out injured for, but i don’t think Saints medical staff have got a clue either. Woolf used to be the same as well. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, LeeF said:

    You are still wrong. Hurrell was due to his previous at Grade B. Mind you I would have expected Saints to know the misconduct guidelines inside out since they are the least disciplined team in Super League or maybe they think reading and understanding are for others. 

    I agree with you Leef the Saints discipline is shocking and it annoys me, but i don’t think we are the least disciplined.

    Including cup games we have had two players sent off, eight yellow cards(i think), and we have had twelve players suspended. I don’t know about six-agains but i can see Saints walking that one easily. 

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  8. On 19/08/2023 at 23:21, Tippytoe said:

    Rovers put in a performance after their efforts in the cup they can be fairly pleased as for St's I suppose they'll be happy with the win and fans relived Wellens didn't give his players the Word "Dish out the dirt" lads quite surprised they listened and their appeal committee don't have to get the begging cap out again.

    I don’t think Saints have a committee anymore Tippy. 

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