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  1. 18 hours ago, coolie said:

    You've banged a load of cash in this season... Way way more than you ever had before🤔

    I hope you've a Plan B just incase Dezzy pulls a few trump cards out and steals the pot at the death 

    I just wonder if both teams will be invited up 🤔

    I do think the promoted club should be exempt from relegation for 1 season to give them a fighting chance at staying up, and in doing that the teams like Wakefield, Salford cannot take their foot off the gas once a team is cut loose at the bottom.. That would make super league competitive right to the end 

    My money is on you as your head and shoulders above owt in the championship... And yes that includes Leigh 

    After watching Leigh on Sunday I think you're right.  Lucky tge Ref gave them field position and Sheffield has bad luck with injury. 

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  2. First half every single set when Bradford was in their own half they got a 6 again or a penalty this calmed down in the second half which lead to our domination.  Wildie control at the ruck was superb and only good defence prevented a lot of damage,  Connor Jones pace may of exploited this better.  Davis was brilliant and. Worth the money alone to see his complete lack of regard for his own body.  

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