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  1. I Would have thought he is as good a running threat as Smith was, not great at distribution and won't be as solid in defence. We'll see, might be good at all three and a master stroke.
  2. Played 4 time for Newcastle last season
  3. Inbetween playing call of duty in his bedroom.
  4. Would of been good to see butchers with white replaced with red, but looks good.
  5. Spent more time banned than Bentley
  6. Yorkshire cup final shirt v Bradford v Leeds police.
  7. There aren't many 6'7" ex Paramatta wingers that want to play in the Championship out there.
  8. What a fart about, no thanks.
  9. Heard TK-Max are supplying your gear.
  10. He wears short shorts!
  11. "I want a big pussy on the front"
  12. He did it in a cold wet night in Doncaster!
  13. Just watching Fiji hooker Tagituimua be a right signing evey bit as good as Leigh' ipape.
  14. Classy, takes a lot of money to look that bad.
  15. Look good in championship in a year season
  16. Any change for an ex leper?
  17. If he does it needs to be blue and white!
  18. 70s vogue, might grow mine if it winds people up.
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