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  1. New s h I t e? Or same old S h I t e. Please not another coach on a 1 year contract s h I t or bust. Its killing us.
  2. Well it killed us last week.
  3. It's as realistic as the rest of the dog and pony show that's been rolled out so far!
  4. Just read that all grade A teams have to own their ground.
  5. How does the Sheffield metropolis fit into this?
  6. All grade B teams will have to have a slope on their pitch section 5 paragraph 4. Section 6 Paragraph 1 No team with a slope on their pitch can an be granted an A grade. Sorted.
  7. Obviously just count their fingers.
  8. No thanks, although another meaningless competition will be in keeping with the rest of the RL calendar.
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