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  1. 41 minutes ago, phiggins said:

    As far as I'm aware, the number of overseas players contracted for next season is less than the 7 you can have in SL.

    So, there's no necessity to offload contracted players if Leigh are promoted. 

    Though, it will be a weaker team in SL than currently in the Championship

    Depends what comes in that we have agreed not to disclose. Some young forwards at Wigan who they are struggling to keep and it would be nice to see Hill back were it all started as a 16yo, but we must be in SL to get them and that’s not a done deal

    I expect our last non Fed to be a real wow!! btw if it’s not French


  2. Hope this helps

    Leigh have 1 overseas spot left for 2023 should we make SL

    8 Fed trained from the squad are signed already

    The 3 Wire seem nailed on ie Mulhern Davis and Hughes

    I wouldn’t be shocked to see McDonald to Leeds and Leutele to Leigh

    Bevan French had been offered a huge deal to be a Marquee player, think he will be back in NRL though

    Hood may be on his way back again

    There are strong rumours of two new owners joining Derek, all are seriously rich and are friends who have been around the club years.

    Leigh are signing a SL squad now on a full cap plus marquee spend, if we don’t make it some may have clauses but most won’t 

    great times to be a Leyther

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  3. 4 hours ago, The Future is League said:

    Toulouse have brought new fans and sponsors to the game. Check out their website

    So the question remains how many new fans did Leigh bring to the game last season when in Super League?, and how many worthwhile new sponsors

    Leigh brought approx 3000 new fans to the sport when promoted in 2016. Our sponsorship I am informed was in the top 6 by £ and the main sponsor was Slater Gordon Solicitors, one of the biggest and turning over circa £200m at the time

    more recents businesses attracted to the club are global brands BCEGI and Struktura ES, both with multi Billion turnover.

    hope this helps

  4. I pray IMG have the business sense to understand RL as it is and not the fantasy many on here believe.

    Strategy is look after the low hanging fruit, it’s what brings the cash and players in - harvest it to its full, which we have never done. SL clubs to be responsible for supporting amateur and junior clubs, scrap scholarship as it loses too many kids to the game, Town teams maybe ? Better coaching, diet and fitness advice linked to the SL club and a real goal of playing the sport again in all schools

    Target France but it must be with a TV deal, taking both the mayors euro and sponging off the UK is not an option in todays reality. Let’s help France become a competitive international player by increasing the number of French teams when supported by a TV deal - either 2x10 or a 16 club SL contains 4 French clubs would be my way and affordable with the caveat.

    The RFL needs a clear out, the top table is earning more than CEOs of successful company’s with multiple times the turnover - that is wrong, performance related pay is key and 6 month contract termination notice.


  5. 4 minutes ago, JohnM said:

    If Leigh really do get promoted to a 12 team SL in place of Toulouse, then I think that they should also have protection from relegation for three seasons, to avoid yo-yo-ing  and to give them time to build a  team of players in for the long term,  not for those who have joined for pre-retirement pension pot top-up..

    We will still have a pretty young squad - Davis and Mulhern are both under 25, Hughes 30/31 next year. The rumour is our last and marquee import will be rather special

  6. 3 hours ago, The Future is League said:

    Leigh without a doubt will replace Toulouse in Super League next season, but it's going to take another rebuild from them when most of the decent players will be signed up.

    Already signed for next season, will have about 5 more to have the full squad done and dusted. Think we have announced Mulhern, Hughes and Davis from Wire to go with Charnley who came earlier than planned. Some big names in those we won’t announce until season end line up 

    1 ___________

    2 /5 Charnley/McDonald

    3/4 Ferguson/ Brand/ Chamberlain

    6/7 Mellor/Reynolds/Lam

    props Sidlow/Amone/Mulhern

    Hookers. Ipape/__________
    back row Hughes/Davis/ Asiata/Wardle


    That leaves 1 non fed and 5 more current SL we have agreed not to disclose and 5/8 more to agree with to pad the squad 

    Be nice to see Chris Hill finish his career where it all started.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    Just thinking about this 

    Why can't Sale, Salford and the soccer club share it? Surely it is even more profitable if lots more games played there? Ideal scenario!

    Wouldn't take a genius to coordinate fixtures 


    Far better if they all bought 1/3rd - shared non matchday income and costs, with all match day income and cost to  the club playing

  8. You remind me so much of Leigh early 2000's when we were the best PT club by a mile but the FT parachute club did us every year.

    You have spent heavily this season and if we hadnt been here you would be walking the comp.

    Yesterday we missed regular middles Ioane and Amone, and played with 2 props one we lost after 10 mins or so - we will be a lot stronger in the middle come play offs.

    We have already recruited heavily for should we make SL, Davis Mulhern and Hughes from Wire, I am told two crackers from Wigans young stock and we will be using the marquee opportunities fully.

    We are so lucky that Derek has committed to next years budget whichever division we are in

  9. 17 hours ago, Davo5 said:

    No not every Championsjp club should have an academy,that would decimate the amateur game,only clubs that can prove they have the financial means to run one with the required infrastructure/coaching/educational resources should be granted an academy license,I believe Leigh did have most of that to be fair.

    Leigh ran an unfunded Academy but were refused fixtures against SL academy, which meant the clubs had few fixtures and many were 90-0 wins so it was disbanded with the others. Our last Academy had in it Hankinson and Bullock who both played a couple of first grade before being loaned with others to Barrow - a wrong move imo.

  10. 1 hour ago, David Shepherd said:

    Spare a thought for my son.  In a fit of stupidity, he's booked a holiday flying out on GF day.  His flight takes off at roughly 1/2 time.  He'll have 5 hours flying to Turkey, sweating on the result.

    (Assuming we get there, of course.)

    I trust as a loving father you wouldn't wind him up by texting an incorrect scoreline

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