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  1. Just looked back over the years we have been sewn up a few times taking Wigans past it packmen.
  2. Most of us will have believed our value to be greater than reality - we generally change jobs as a result. The key will be did he sign a SL contract or not, and if not can he actually play in SL?
  3. No - they had to sign new SL contracts with big SL words in them. If he signed one then he is bound if not then he shouldnt have played the games he did ( for games substitute 'few minutes' ), we did lose players who knew SL was a bridge too far and hope this is just a silly rumour.
  4. Nail on head Damien. Wigan have huge budget issues as the kids get better and demand better deals, rightly, but so much cash is poured on a few elite players
  5. Chris seemed to suggest that a clip of the fuller incident exists so use that. It’s not unusual to wait outside a bus especially if smoking etc but I do get your point, where are your stewards? Surely coaches willl be a flash point
  6. If true totally agree, now the club need to say so.
  7. My fiver says back in a fortnight after sorted a few things out.
  8. What happened this time Chris - Good to see the club being consistent in handling this type of stuff, is that 3 incidents this season already?? Personally feel for the Robins or Suggys of your fan base.
  9. Leigh have a huge amount of cash in the bank - just cant find the players worth spending it on. The hope is some become available soon in the NRL, 2 big forwards are a must and a quality half back. If we get those soon we have a great chance of 11th imho
  10. What do you believe a T6 SL coach gets paid?
  11. There won’t be a short term appointment
  12. Henderson and Wane being linked, IMO Derek has just realised the coach is the most important appointment in the team. The medium plan was to grow our own through a heavily financed academy, that wasn’t allowed, so he is looking at the 400k pa earmarked for that to create systems and processes via a top class coach, could Wane say no to £250k pa? And a 5 year deal it is essential the new long term coach comes in now, he will be given a huge pot to spend for 2022 whatever division we are in. We have been a victim of circumstance but cash was available and still is to better what we have, b
  13. There was and is nobody to sign and this is what has killed us - and could not have been accounted for in the application. We started yesterday with a bench that contained a halfback a hooker, a utility back and a second row, We had a second row at prop to start the game as we have 5 props injured, plus our only creative half and best winger. We had 17 names at the club able to play yesterday, and they all did.
  14. The one unknown was recruitment, we needed 6/7 quality players and couldnt find them. We made 2 stupid decisions to play 'Friendlies' v Saints and Wire, and our already limited squad was depleted further. Season low points are Salford away and Yesterday second half, other than that its been far better than watching us paste a PT championship club in an empty ground.
  15. What if the only reason given was proximity, what if say HKR's submission was miles better than Huddersfields but that left a huge gap from Warrington to Leeds with no RL Elite Academies? Why allow cash and time to be wasted in Leigh, HKR and Cas when the applications were never going to be considered??
  16. Firstly Leigh run the Academy they are allowed to run, believe it is a Cat 3 run with the local college and the clubs Tommy Sale Youth Academy. They also wanted to run a Cat 1 and applied as soon as allowed ie NOW. The entire proposal was for RL in the area, benefiting all - especially the kids within it. Would we get the best picks Y1 - No, but IF the reality was as good as the vision/proposal then word of mouth may well have changed a lot of that in Y2. As has been stated Wigan took 7 Leigh lads into their structure this year, far more than Wigan lads. You do not expand the player
  17. I had some involvement with Leighs bid, a very small one, and the quality and depth of bid, the vision for ensuring all players got a skill for life via fantastic business support whilst in the structure was brilliant - some HUGE organisations the RFL could only dream of engaging in sponsorship committed to supplying opportunities. I believe £400k pa was set aside to support it
  18. Leighs backline is almost at full strength at last - but the grunt is mainly in ward 7. Flower, Mason, Gerard out mean we will have Sidlow returning to partner Ioane at prop and thats it, rest are back row. Huddersfield will hurt us through the middle. Hudds by 18
  19. Totally wrong in your assumption. Derek is far more concerned with protecting the value of the ones who bought the ST's, he is willing to burn £30k per game to do so. Fixtures have been far kinder to OTHER clubs eg Leigh have 3 reduced attendance home games, Wigan have one - OL has far more pull benefits for Wigan as a result. I hope Huddersfield do reciprocate this as that means I will save a fair bit on a game we wont win later in the season, instead of loyalty pulling at my wallet. Where we have luvved up is that we only really started telling fans on Wednesday evening they could
  20. Leigh made some big but understandable calls this season. 1. No refunds on season tickets whatever happened 2. No free games in the season ticket price 3. To end Our League access after the crowds were allowed back with season ticket only entry to Wigan game 4. Increase admission charges in line with extra costs We have self funded the gap in income, have not borrowed from the government and have £450k available for the right players if they appear, negatively we sold fewer ST than in the Championship and upset a few fans who expect to just go as they please into their preferred spot at t
  21. All seating tickets are £30 at present. First game back was cautious, North Stand has been opened up for this game and is sold out (whatever capacity that is). Leigh have told its fans that they will not be on Our League for weeks so its no surprise - last week Wigan jumped the gun and Leigh allowed it to go on OL. The issue in town is few know they can get tickets, I told a tenant that tonight - due to circumstance this was her first year without a ST - and she had no idea she could get them. The club have done a lot of things badly but for the right reasons these past 2 weeks, mayb
  22. It’s two tens with p&r, and has been for 20 years
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