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  1. Have you just made the factual stuff up for yours then, Gates, Finances, stadia etc are pretty common domain
  2. Sure would H, York score behind most in virtually every category - nailed on
  3. This independent panel shouldn’t be disclosing that before the bids are in
  4. My forecast is that season tickets will be purchased later than normal, with about 50% of regular buyers waiting to see what the covid situation is first. We will get some excellent attendances for some friendlies and the first weeks, assuming no restrictions, will be records
  5. What do you want to know Gav, I am this panel so fire away
  6. It sends out a message that you can go belly up as many times as you want, break your lease that the RFL got you out of jail with, have shocking credit, CCJ's galore and be put on the pedestal as the business model for all wannabe clubs to follow. Bradford have huge potential, but cant attract a wealthy benefactor, they are rebuilding outside of Bradford. If you are having a total shake up and going for 20 clubs over 2 divisions they should be in it, but really ....
  7. Nigel Wood to receive £500,000 for leaving RFL – TotalRL.com | Rugby League Express | Rugby League World Remember this?
  8. Take my own club out and its TO and Fev, either one makes it easier to win promotion in 2021. Bradford would possibly be the end of my interest in RL as it is, removing P&R without 2 x 10 would be the other ending.
  9. Roughly my fag packet Gingerjon but kiosk consumption a bit higher, the presales averaged about 1100 for Leigh in SL and walk up was always strong 1500 x 14 x 20 = £420k per annum into the comp plus any cup games etc against virtual zero away support expected from TO or TW or Catalans. If Leigh were the average then clubs will generate +£5m of away support income into SL - not insignificant imo
  10. and for what its worth the value brought to SL is a factor so if club A can show how many it took to away games via turnstyle clicks and/or tickets sold it can be quantified. Leigh and London should be able to quickly access this for SL actuals, the rest for advance ticket sales in the championship so 1500 away following shows a £400k pa benefit to SL clubs.
  11. It always seems expensive on the train, Leeds to york is £12.50 or £50-£62.50 for a car full as opposed to £6/7 fuel plus parking but thats where Donnie and Leigh have a huge advantage with free on site parking for 1000's of cars. Extra is the to/from station also - handy if you are all on the sesh and don't want the coach though But for those train lovers Leigh North (Atherton) to LSV is virtually the same distance as York to Ground (4m), but doesn't have the traffic issues, 4m straight down bi-pass £8 taxi or Bus every 10 mins to Leigh. Leigh South (Newton le willows) is slightly longer and buses every 30 mins. Surprised these train lovers don't use either of Leighs stations for LSV visits. Plane lovers the Leeds/Bradford to Westleyth Intl doesn't run on Sundays
  12. There are 3 stages imo being a great PT club, expanding to a FT squad plus limited back office and becoming a SL club FT. Its nigh impossible to jump from 1 to 3 and have a chance of survival
  13. Have you changed your opinions of Leigh’s financial strength due to the disclosures of recent days?
  14. I understand the latest accounts yet to be posted are better still, Hela
  15. You generally compare against your peers, in this case 2019 plus 4 games
  16. TW would have been brilliant for the sports expansion, casting them adrift gives RU a clear run in a market responsive to RL
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