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  1. Hope they are more reliable than TW have been for the past years
  2. Dont be silly, who will go to Ottawa after whats happened at TW
  3. It’s at LSV, the 8 changing rooms, full HD floodlighting, brilliant media facilities and on site warm up facilities made it an easy choice when foc
  4. I hope Salford have the backing to start next season, it looks like a clear out of the higher paid is going on behind closed doors
  5. Soccer pitch in season so same issues as OT imo. Leeds, Warrington, Saints - one of them wont be in.
  6. Insular RL fan mentality - confidence is so important with a youngster so lets shatter it. RU wont play him for at least 3 years.
  7. We cant afford to take money out of the game - I am sure we have numerous RL owned facilities available when we know the (probable) finalists
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