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  1. CW was much higher per ticket than if able to buy tickets for all events, we had 4 Gold - fantastic views etc but didn't renew. You cant sell a ticket twice so attendance on day and sales will always be different
  2. What a great pre season 16 team comp, leaving just the semis before the big day - must be pre main event in future.
  3. The owners of Salford City, bar one, all have links to RL to varying degrees.
  4. Riddy is playing injured. Like most clubs we have fans who feel every player should have all the attributes to take 30 hit ups, make. 50 tackles, run 100m in 10 secs, step of either foot, pass equally well to either side, kick goals from all distance and angles, plus at least 6 40/20s per game. Otherwise they’re
  5. You may well be looking at both Leigh/TO and TW in SL2020 Harry.
  6. When they sign and when they are announced are two very different things
  7. We are going to TW to win, we will then play TO at home, go to TW again and win comfortably, before going there again and putting the final nail in the dream. Dexy has got a new air miles card
  8. Maybe a deal was done with one of those that allowed them to acclimatize to the UK this season???
  9. I still feel Saints have a chance
  10. just 2 more signed on Friday to announce who fly in this week
  11. Saints have lost 3 games, 2 of which have been with weakened teams against the bottom of the league. Third being Cats away. SL is shocking to watch this year, no quality and garbage officials. Name the WOW players at Wigan, Hull, Leeds, Wire etc - I can think of one in the lot. Get rid of the cap and go two tens
  12. removing Swinton from the name (keep the kit) and moving into the class of 92 stadium will open far more doors than playing out of that hole in Sale, especially when funding is removed
  13. 3rd gives you the elimination game at home, and if you throw the first game keeps the players fairly fresh.
  14. As a PT club its pretty obvious the players will not be allowed that much time off work, and I am sure the RFL welfare people will not allow that much travelling. So how would people react to the following. Send the fringe to TW for the last game, send the fringe to TO for the first game, thus meeting winners of 4v5 at home whilst TO travel to TW, then send full team to take on TO away to play TW in the final in the best physical state they could be with those fixtures.
  15. Deep down most Swinton fans know the Swinton name will be gone in a few weeks. The Manchester Lions will be playing out of the Salford City ground which is much closer to Swinton than Sale
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