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  1. Clubs will be using donate for any season tickets that don’t want a refund, you retain the full amount by doing so ie no vat, so if a club pays back 10% it is 10% better off
  2. The beauty of the mid 8’s was that promoted team simply had to be better than those wishing to take its place on that day
  3. https://leighrl.co.uk/wp/v2/blog/2020/08/07/7th-august-2020-statement-from-owner-derek-beaumont-and-the-operational-board-on-behalf-of-leigh-centurions/?fbclid=IwAR3nri2Hh2fvSiTIHLh21DugKiCcTOqbhAvsQg9lYIjmuYM4hqC1D4nx8z0 Well under 10% and very prompt in returning it
  4. There is more than one deal on the table to take the TW licence if they fold, one I am familiar with guarantees full cap spend in 2021 without the extra SL money.
  5. Widnes had buckets a cash, or do you mean TW??
  6. Why? Would they not be obliged to settle or pay in full.
  7. In 2018 many clubs outside the middle 8's struggled to raise a full 17 due to the transfer window being closed very early.
  8. Often the cultural variances in nations can be small, often not so. The 'Newer' countries lack the history to have genuine rivalry between towns/city's that have been around for hundreds of years.
  9. You take your plan to the table and get buy in from those who want to be a part of the journey - here we seem to want the sport to sit at the table with look we aint got a clue what we are doing, where we want to be and what we can do for you - but can we have some money please, go on pretty please.
  10. Saracens are the UK club, it will allow ‘marquee’ RU signings to be registered at TW then loaned to Saracens at cheap rates to avoid further salary cap infringements for them
  11. Is there anyone on here who has a clue about planning in a position that if you fail you lose everything, so far it reads like red book 1 basic business for council employees. first thing you do is understand where you want to be in 5 years, in today’s climate that must be how many SL clubs, and what expectations are below it - at present it seems we haven’t got a clue, no vision then you break down the components of how you are going to get there, this will include expansion, tv deals, tv audiences, sponsorship, p&r, gates, financial stability of clubs, stadiums etc you deliver a broad mission statement, set your annual goals ie route, allocate ownership of goals and manage accordingly - communicating openly to your stakeholders as you go and dealing with failure via process, re routing when necessary- RL must understand that ownership and meeting goals are not dirty words RL must become commercial results orientated,
  12. That figure is a big ask, not that it shouldnt be aimed for but working within current money, is it £40m pa? SL1 £2m per club x 9 Catalans to source French TV deal = £18m SL 2 £1.2m per club ie 2 SL clubs plus Fev, Widnes, Bradford, Leigh, TO, Avignon, London and Newcastle with TO and TW sourcing own TV deal = £9.6m. SL1 T5 play off, with 12th relegated and 11th in play off. SL 2 Winner promoted 2-4 in play off with SL1 11th Min salary spends SL1 £3m, SL2 £2m. No cap but accounts must balance at end of season 3 year Franchise application, objective 2 x 12. Elite academy's at Leeds, Hull, Wigan, Saints, Catalans, TO, Warrington, London and Newcastle. Regional Elite Academies at Leigh - Widnes, Leigh, Salford. Yorkshire - Hudds, Cas, wakey, Fev plus Cumbria. 12 team League structure with GF Central funding £300k per academy. £3.6m
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