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  1. Typical defeatist RL fan, wish I could have heard your forefathers comment on the Spinning Jenny, Steam Engines, automobiles, planes, space travel, walking on the moon etc
  2. Typical corner shop RL mentality, you sell at 1k some may take 100, 5m is achievable, especially as you own the asset not the club, let’s say pay 2% dividend for 5 years which works out very cheap for the RL club and better than you get leaving cash in a savings account
  3. The RFL/SL have been more than supportive - last example was last season when 6 points were deducted for breaking the CVA in a season with no relegation. If Salford have got 5000 signatures then they have enough 'fans' to buy the ground at the discounted rate it is on offer at and take control of their own destiny - remember this is a club that completely overspends and bounces from one disaster to the next. Koukash rescued them, the council bailed them out and even those interventions didnt stop the CVA being broken First thing I would offer is share packages at £1000, £5m rais
  4. Woke up in a pool of urine in the Barclays doorway, its ok it was a dogs not mine, after having a vision of Leigh by 16. Now up to 93p
  5. Been selling my body over the past weekend on Deanesgate, all 87p is going on Leigh at 7/2 straight win
  6. Kenyon Junction first club house for the members arriving in from Leigh on train a mile from East Lancs today
  7. LSV will not have standing open due to virtual impossibility of policing SD. The seating plan is very cautious for the 17th and all season ticket holders have been pre allocated season tickets for the restricted games to ensure SD based upon address no bars or food with allocated entry times but open bottles and food can be brought in
  8. You must have wondered why LEIGH golf club has been in Culcheth for over a hundred years.
  9. Not any more £375k 3 bed 1950's type semi £425 4 bed, £600k+ old mill managers semi. We dont have the £750k plus volumes, that is true but those are in the old Leigh suburb of Culcheth
  10. So back on topic the rumour of Williams to Leigh next week then to Wire 2022 is doing the rounds
  11. Cheapish terraced are all over the North andMidlands, the dirt cheap ones tend to give a poor return due to non payment and/or getting smashed up. Pennington is now about the same price as Stockton Heath, Daresbury etc and your Latchfords similar to Higher Folds etc
  12. They got piggy backed a lot second half, 10/12 would have been first half
  13. A different HB pairing in every game hasn’t helped, but points mAke confidence
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