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  1. His master plan was simple- get to the MPG, pray to all Gods in the run up and hope for Leigh to have a bad day at the office and get the run of the green all game.
  2. I would guess your playing budget is 3-4 x Batleys, it was rumoured to be well over £1m
  3. If Batley turn us over next week they will be in SL, with almost every player looking for a championship club to sign for- that’s the reality of running PT in the Champ
  4. We have 14 teams ready forSL imo leaving a semi pro comp beneath but you are proposing no promotion by that statement and a return to franchising
  5. 3-4 back to backs, so how do you get that many against a disciplined team?? and how do you get enough in a game to dent the under 2 try's conceded per game? Our only issue will be a poor ref who allows niggle to disrupt the game, slowing it down and creating a stop/start borefest. Thats McD's gameplan written for you
  6. You really have a problem - only questions answered and opinions made.
  7. OK cash reserves and equity very positive until the 2021 season dug into them - as I stated equity moved from a negative £1.9m to a positive £160k during this period. 2021 and this year will have the opposite effect. Wigans net worth is negative £5.9m in 2020 and I cant find 2021 results as a comparative
  8. Hasn’t he along with a bloke, often in Derek’s box, who recently sold his holiday parks for many many millions??
  9. Saints and Leeds don’t seem to be paying crazy money to imports, and seem more capable of keeping the kids From what I can see Leigh made a profit from season 2017-2020, I can’t see 2021 or 2022 being that way but we didn’t take the covid loan, indeed 2020 showed us with £500k cash in bank
  10. Bums off seats watching game and I assume puts Bums on seats selling tickets - the latter is easily quantifiable with stats.
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