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  1. Up to now the City's have benefitted - Manchester certainly has - it seems the surrounding Towns are next and our new Tory MP will certainly help the RLWC and Leigh of that I am certain. They have something to lose now
  2. Reet lads for the Bowtun test get the'selves up Leyth its £2 a pint, £2.70 fort Guiness and imported Lagers
  3. I am sure someone regularly ridiculed me about Jarrad Hayne almost signing for Leigh https://www.totalrl.com/the-world-class-players-who-almost-came-to-super-league/
  4. A realignment to current reality via 2x 10 would mean clubs invited into the set up for the good of the sport and the opportunities before it as a result of TW
  5. Andy must be off his trolley. He doesn't have the wealth of a Beaumont and supports Leigh. At least Swinton had a huge family tie with his Uncle Bill. Positives - Rochdale play in Rochdale and have Mayfield to work with.
  6. Try a bloke called Daniel at not just travel https://danieldobranski.notjusttravel.com/ He sets up trips to suit fans, from extended tours taking in Niagra falls etc to 3 day RL trips. Very experienced and a great bloke who I am sure would visit your club and listen to what fans want then tailor the package
  7. Vancouver is a balmy 12C that time of year, should be growing/promoting in Canada
  8. Leaving Lang Park after the WCF we had Cons saying how the best team lost, how the game was much Higher standard than SOO and they couldn't wait for a tour, nothing like seizing the moment.
  9. Never known an Ince lad who said he wasn't a Wigginner, it would be like divvying Leigh up into Westleigh, Pennington and Bedford and saying Leigh has zero population
  10. I would like to see them move to Albi, fantastic ground that drew 6k for TO v Leigh in 2018
  11. The North Upper is the area a huge last 24hr media push across the North West will give away, making the game THE one talk about.
  12. one of the major reasons to support a 2 division FT SL with P&R plus licensing, unless we do Ottawa/NY will take up a SL spot soon leaving 10 UK clubs and 1 French - a few years further down and an American league is set up, we end up fighting g to find enough teams to have a comp.
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