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  1. Not but this board will go into meltdown. TW are in turmoil, Sexy Dexy smells the fear.
  2. I seriously believe TW are more vulnerable this year than last, you could have won home and away. We could have won at home with a rag tag and bobtail side out. The format will help them because unless they lose their first game they don't travel out of Toronto, we could end up going 3 times in a month or so if we finish second.
  3. Is this some childish prank where you don't quote the full sentence to emphasise your lack of understanding
  4. And Sau had a pretty good game against Warrington last week
  5. We'll see, your squad should be walking this league yet a lot of teams have pushed you very close and knock out RL wont see the best players not on the plane. McDermott is marmite, and that TW pack is very old. ps I want to see you in SL but not at our expense.
  6. Shocking advert for the sport, how have we let the game become so boring in SL
  7. Imploding. 2 dodgy calls in the 8's away from being established in SL whilst requiring no external input, so near etc. Do the maths, 1700 gates budgeted for cap used. 3200 actual and great sponsors/corporate means plenty still free to top up. TW look wobbly and it's rumoured the camp isn't a happy one, interesting to see what develops
  8. understand a bloke called Elijah Tayler has signed today also from NRL looking for a sl contract 2020
  9. We are recruiting now for 2020, instead of end of season panic, its just that TW look old in the pack and very beatable now they are doing some travelling - Dexy sniffs opportunity I feel
  10. I look forward to your posts, always make me smile as I mull over the question of great wind up or pure stupidity - keep up the good work
  11. http://www.leighsportsvillage.co.uk/blog/2019/07/16/autism-friendly-stadium-initiative-a-huge-success/
  12. Apparently the cash in bank as a result of fan and sponsor support is such that despite the recent run of away fixtures the war chest is full and to expect a marquee signing or two still to come, after all we have huge quota space
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