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  1. If that’s how you read it then it wasn’t as I thought it. If they need to penalise and bin for 10 mins to get through then please do so but be consistent. My pet hate is 6 again on tackle 1
  2. The players will be following instruction, officials are FT to be able to enforce the rules in all situations. Often team A are good boys but team B get away with it and take the points. Stop Team B don’t force team A to follow suite
  3. Short 10 and slow rucks ruined the game. Awful to watch and will not encourage non season ticket holders to part with another £30 on Friday v London. Was like a 70’s throwback with the underdog illegally bringing the favourite down to their level
  4. Your opinion? I differ! A coach will look at an oppositions strengths and try to negate them by going outside the law ie lay down a bit longer, keep your hand in the ruck, turn the player after hold called, work a short 10, have a quick push as the tackled player is about to ptb, side by side at marker, confrontation at the tackle and these days throw your arms up etc. if any ref enforces the rules in the first 10 then we get the best game possible
  5. Feral kids are a problem in the NS at Leigh - and I would like to see the section as a 12+ standing area personally. Good parents keep their kids close, bad ones let them run wild at the bottom. Now onto the officials - they dictate the spectacle, good ones create a fast open game that fans enjoy even in defeat, too many bad ones create a slow, stop start arm wrestle that does not encourage fans to spend £30 to watch live. Grant created the latter but he is not alone and imo the group need reminding of these often and especially as the last words before entering play
  6. We’ve done something this season to hack off officials- evens itself up in the end I am told
  7. Many folk don’t understand that abuse and opinion are very different these days. We have some shocking inconsistencies at present but without refs we have no game, hopefully they can be educated and developed behind closed doors like any other business.In the mean time folk stepping over the line need to be brought before the courts
  8. Both have a good case and each is neither right or wrong
  9. Targeting weakness is a basic coaching action, asking a player to take someone out illegally stopped about 30 years ago
  10. Are contracts commencing Nov 2024 classes as 2024 or 2025 for the purpose of posting on correct thread
  11. Hull are offering Leigh fans an away season ticket for west of Pennines fixtures. I think that’s a great idea
  12. Done a job at Leigh, won’t knock him but we had to pay over the odds to get him and this will free up a lot of cash to replace with better centres
  13. It’s the two Yanks tipping in these days
  14. NRL media rate him higher than other FB's who came over and named French, Field and Dufty when making that statement. We lack pace and have just found a hell of a lot in a young man with the best in front of him. We will be announcing a strike back row and a centre next
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