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  1. 1 hour ago, The Future is League said:

    For the record Oldham who are win less and bottom of the 4th tier of English soccer drew a bigger crowd that the Leigh V Red Devils and Oldham played a team who are 237 miles away and until  Saturday they were win less as well

    I love this game:

    2019 London Broncos biggest gate was less than that at Leigh on Sunday, oh and no pandemic. (also totally irrelevant)

    The 2021 lowest attended fixture was Catalans v St Helens ( also completely irrelevant)


    This season has been a write off, will be interesting how some clubs commercially survive it 

  2. 29 minutes ago, Pete Grady said:

    I’m a season ticket holder at Salford to help support the club, but I live in Spain and to see a Salford game on TV is very welcome.  The Magic game against Cas is probably my next opportunity.

    I’ve watched Salford play on the tele in an Irish bar in Kiev, in a beach bar on Bondi Beach, listened to the play-off semi against Wigan on the radio in Helsinki a couple of years ago.

    They'll catch you soon Pete, Interpol always eventually get their man

  3. 21 minutes ago, GeordieSaint said:

    Your talking about a level of pragmatism, common sense and long term strategic thinking that is not prevalent in the game in England, especially in Yorkshire.

    I get it now, you keep all the existing teams and put them in their own comp that plays in Winter, you then have a number of regional teams that play in Summer. 

    I am all for that, have loads to do in Summer and less so in Winter.

  4. Imagine you are sitting down to write a strategy and business plan for your business, thats been around for over 125 years.

    You begin your S.W.O.T analysis -you realise 90% of your direct customers are based in the North which accounts for 15% of the population, yet within that 15% huge pockets contain virtually zero clients. You have an existing distribution centre in London but its reach is to a miniscule % of population despite many exiled RL folk being located here and traditionally a huge swell of descendants of Convicts sent from these shores in centuries past.

    As you are absorbing this, Jonny Newbuoy bursts through the door - fresh from his business/marketing degree at a former Poly now Uni - I have the solution he shouts loudly ''let's luvv off all our existing customers by closing their local branch, and open up a new one where richer people live, they'll still travel to the nearest branch because the have loved us for 125 years and know nothing else. We have a great product that all these Rich new customers dont use yet but I am sure they will buy into if we throw all the money we have saved from isolating our loyal clients into the hope of finding new ones''

    Company A  - they sack Mr Newbuoy, questioning the validity of his degree and notifying the local asylum of his last abode. Engage in a controlled expansion based upon a strategy of engaging and maximising their low hanging fruit whilst supporting the seed that has fallen further from the tree to create the opportunity for growth

    Company B - they promote Mr Newbuoy to CEO with a £300k basic and 2 year notice period, but the gain of new customers is dwarfed by the loss of existing who find alternate products to spend their hard earned on. Mr N decides that a more radical policy is needed and closes even more local branches to create the cash to fund the expansion into the new Gold laden areas which have so far not engaged in the dream - all of a sudden the company runs out of cash because it has no more loyal customers and Mr N takes his 2 year pay off whilst he can.


    WRU gets significantly more income than RL despite being a fraction of its size.


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  5. 13 hours ago, GUBRATS said:

    Both Batley and Fev have done very well , with next to nothing to spend , should CAS/Wakey have done ' something ' similar ? , Probably yes , in fact I do believe it would be in their own interests to do exactly that , if either was to end up in Leigh's position of no income from their facility , I do believe they will end up outside SL 

    Leigh get some income

  6. If we do franchising again it must be with a blank piece of paper and 12 spots available, with zero points awarded for Academy due to clubs denied the right to run one. The franchise must also be paid for, say £5m, and the money repaid on exit whilst using the investment to promote the sport eg £60m with any decent wealth management company would generate at least £6m pa

    If any ELITE club cant find £5m it is not an ELITE club

  7. On 10/08/2021 at 21:40, yipyee said:

    Just sticking to League, if clubs need funding to build a new stadium then why wait for the local council or any dodgy deals with developers.

    This seems like a bona fida way to raise capital. I once read that Catalan used to get 300 attendance and now they get over that in hospitality alone. Any expansion/development should lead to increased revenue from either match day or from a year round facility and therefore able to repay bonds. 

    I would imagine a bond issue is far better than begging buckets at the turnstyles.


    Look into how Exeter got the stadium they are in.

  8. So from what I gather nobody has a clue what 2023 will look like, making 2022 a complete farce.

    why would any championship club spend any more than the bare minimum if they can’t get promoted due to 2 x 10’s coming in, but no, not a vibrant comp with 10 FT clubs in it but an underfunded PT comp the winners of which have an even bigger mountain to climb and the relegated into it moving to PT unless you have a Davy to fund you for a season as the only FT club in a PT comp

    The sport as almost lost me over this last straw, wonder if TW fancy joining a new comp

  9. 32 minutes ago, audois said:


    RFL Chief Executive, Ralph Rimmer, says:

    “We are all – Super League Europe, clubs and the RFL – focused on the future. All of us involved in these discussions today want the very best for their clubs, players, fans and the whole game. 

    What a meaningless statement by the highest paid clerk in the world. If we are having 2 x 10 in 2023 clubs must know now so that they can budget according to ambition, ie Leigh would stay FT with P&R and build for SL 2023, which the recruitment has been so far but if 2023 will be the top 8 in the Championship plus the bottom 2 in SL then you dont stay FT and spend as little as you need to.

    Has anyone seen anything about 2023 season?


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