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  1. We cant afford to take money out of the game - I am sure we have numerous RL owned facilities available when we know the (probable) finalists
  2. Ryedale York era was bigged up until it blew up, then the Lee Crooks era and NYC sponsorship, the 'deal' to buy London from Virgin and the Wasps era until it failed to complete the season in 2002, yo-yo ever since. I really do wish you well but don't create a platform from which failure is easy to find and lose fans as a result, a weekend in York is the best UK weekender imo so build from good foundations
  3. Can’t wait to revisit this topic in 5 years, York have had more Phoenix moments than most but seem to be back to square one a few years later. hope this one lasts, crowds grow and potential is met
  4. It’s up to SL to deal with it, most will carry a 28-30 man squad so 11+ players will miss out every week. If they choose not to run reserves then imo they need to allow say 3 players up to 21 in the academy fixtures
  5. Average SL salary is about £50k possibly £60k. If you added in all the academy contracts you may get to £30k. Brierley was on a huge deal at TW But I was under the impression he had been paid off, so I suppose he may have missed the TW part of the deal
  6. I have no issues with 12 month loans without claw back clauses. I have issues with coaches working for two clubs
  7. I support a club, players/coaches/owners come and go. 17 Leigh players that won promotion played in SL. Dixon and Worthington had already signed for TW, and FuiFui tried to hang on for more money. One of the challenges facing the promoted club in October is lack of player availability, another being to recruit a team good enough to take you up will not be on one year deals, then the wiggle room in the cap is limited- TW found that out this year.
  8. You have either no regard for ambitious Championship clubs or are clueless to the differences between NSW/Queensland cup comps and the Championships in UK
  9. When you have a SL spot to play for DR should be binned.
  10. Keeble, that was it. They have both gone up from what I saw -must have converted some loans to shares or bought more. Obviously the debt is pretty big but did you notice the other company, HKR Events or something??
  11. The data I saw had him at 46%, Lowe at about 10% and another bloke who's name escapes me at 23%
  12. Very much so, and typical of a lot of 'RL fans' posting on here. Bloke puts heart and soul, plus plenty of his cash into the club he loves for - abuse at some point from Knuckle draggers.
  13. My spider senses tell me the bidding for the 12th team should TW be rejected (which will be down to funding distribution) will have the caveat of NO SL funding in 2021 - the question will then be was there a parachute agreed for 2020 relegation and will that club get the top Championship money. On that basis I can see Derek going for it as he will tip in the £1m with caveats due to limited time to recruit for SL eg non fed and cap for 2021.
  14. Its exactly what I said, your interpretation is the issue. My proposal is as stated - 2 FT SL divisions to expand the game into N America and allow France to grow again, whilst ensuring those who have either shown they can draw a gate previously or have the cash and ambition to do so are not held back to allow expansion. I am at a loss as to Leigh's calamity - it was simply trying to compete with TW, and playing them once more than anyone else prior to middle 8's - even you probably know that if TW results were removed from 2018 Leigh would have been top going into the qualifiers. Any club promoted in October that is PT is fekked in SL, so you must be FT if you have ambition to stay in SL, to be FT you need external support to top up - even you must understand that. TW wasted Millions playing pub teams in their quest for SL, that money would have been far better spent on growing the game in Toronto than paying for Hemel Stags to go play a game etc
  15. (The last one should have been London) Interesting take on numbers, even for your average toe counter on here. 26 clubs made up SL and Champ this year - so that leaves 6 but then Newcastle and Avignon are outside the 26. So that leaves 8 plus C1 clubs. Seems like 2 FT leagues plus a PT league to me
  16. Ottawa entering the Championships should not happen - they should be placed in an expanded SL with two divisions and P&R. Together with TO, Avignon, TW, Newcastle, Bradford, Leigh, Fev and Widnes plus 1 more
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