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  1. So he wants the loans to become non repayable grants as well. On the back of no promotion, comedy genius
  2. do we cancel the WC? or play it without England as same fixtures in shorter season equates to burned out squad
  3. Leeds probably generate £500k per home game, 3 less home games so who tops up the deficit when we are staring at a reduced TV deal of 280k per club - do we ask the players to take a cut, do we spend less on academies, do we become a NRL feeder country??? Typical RL fan, great on paper useless in reality
  4. The goal would be to get those 17 to a standard that they would want to apply, most could never do it but don’t stop them trying. The expansion of the 20 will more likely come from outside, ie France, N America
  5. When was that JD, I missed it unless you have dreamt something up about 2018
  6. They are the same clubs as always, let them keep their heads above water competing with likewise clubs
  7. RL wallows in mediocrity, it flourishes in its lack of ambition - it then wonders why it cant attract blue chip sponsors or the right tv deals. It had owners outside SL willing and able to fund ambition whilst it had owners in SL investing nothing in facilities with a goal of simply not being relegated, it makes TW wait 3 years to feed at the top table instead of fast tracking - what is the situation at Newcastle, they seem cashed up and in a decent stadium? - RFL rotten to the core with the top table overpaid and underworked
  8. Plan b, RFL take a loan from the 16m and use it to pay for testing
  9. Easy to distribute the £700k parachute - all clubs have contracts lodged with RFL, total them and redistribute to the ones paying the most, anything left goes to the pub teams
  10. This was set up after relegation http://www.tommysaleyouth.co.uk/content/ Relegation did scupper our Academy plans
  11. Scotchy's vision is based upon clubs having no hope, no future, no fans and no point
  12. CC, league, lancs cup, regal trophy, premiership premiership was always an afterthought and regal trophy played in the worst of the weather
  13. Leeds is the home of RL today, any deal with the club should be treated as a positive
  14. So when a player says'' look I know we only played a few games last year and you need to make cuts to recover shortfalls, but here is my contract you are obliged to pay and I expect you to pay it'' - what do you do
  15. The reality is only a few clubs target promotion, more target avoid relegation. Fans/sponsors need to see something worth playing for to attend in numbers. The reintroduction of P&R and my clubs vision led to huge increases in gates and sponsorship
  16. That’s RL mentality, turnover equals profit. Some great suppliers there BSJ giving you food and ale and utensils and merchandise for nothing. we should be constantly asking how we can do, poor little RL fans spend too much time thinking about the opposite
  17. What’s the margin after costs on food ale etc, it’s not great with poor crowds and no away support. Pubs are open next week, yet we can’t open grounds with controlled capacity? It won’t be long, let’s plan now. Championship can run to Xmas and start a month later
  18. What happens to an employee whose industry is working if they don’t want to go in
  19. The good news for Leigh is that it’s built at zero cost, and soon we will be out of Wigan council - Leyth Bent n Bongs is arising
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