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  1. We have the most passionate fans in any sport imo, that passion is badly led when it should be what makes the sport great - do not waste it through division as we are too small to be divided
  2. SL never wanted them, they believed it wouldn't happen. It did and they didn't know what to do. The Championships should not have the burden of cashed up expansion teams in N America, nor should those teams waste millions against the lower league clubs -expand SL and put them straight in with caveats
  3. Without the Doc there would be no Salford, he carried on bailing them out after he 'went'.
  4. So if in the next few weeks Leigh/Fev buy TW's licence are they in SL?
  5. If a club is not allowed or funded to run a cat 1academy it can hardly be judged against one who is. if you selected a 12 now a few in wouldn’t be for much longer
  6. It would be subjective but my reasons are London need propping up far more due to gates, team is based on this years results and Fev battered London away. I do know Leigh spent full cap in SL and didn't need Dereks financial support to do so. You are correct on TO this season, but is it a one year move? Hope it's not and they can get more fans in
  7. Depends who the owners are. Upkeep could be an issue for older grounds, extra revenue streams a positive
  8. Its a fair way out of town, the viewing angles are not great, the toilets make Hilton Parks look good. I have advocated TO into 2 division SL structure for years btw and 3 French teams in that structure will be good for French RL in general - and therefore N Hemisphere RL
  9. Buys time, stops a replacement being found for TW this season and its what Rimmer wants to hear
  10. Reality. Widnes went teets up in 2019. Leigh have great sponsorship income and a backer willing to put £millions in, TO are a city but with little RL following at present and must move grounds. Players based on current league results. Bradford are a commercial mess but with huge fan potential. Stadium LSV is head and shoulders, Widnes plastic pitch gets it marked down for me. Fev have worked wonders but access and parking let it down. Crowd based on current levels plus recent actuals in SL Finance Commerce Stadium Crowd Players Score Toulouse 5 5 3 1 4 18 Widnes 1 3 3 4 1 13 Leigh 4 4 5 4 4 21 London 3 2 1 1 3 10 Bradford 2 2 1 5 2 12 Featherstone 3 3 3 3 4 16
  11. and that stops you sending an email saying thank you and stating it will be discussed on xxx date
  12. He does say he went through the correct channels regarding an offer to complete TW fixtures this year and to go back to the Championship next year should TW restart, but is yet to receive a reply (RFL to a tee in my experience).
  13. The Canadian winter is nothing new, and can't see grounds costing much if double headers over here. I always plan by knowing where I want to end up, then it's risks and opportunities that create the map of how to get there. SL never wanted TW imo, the bribe clinched it but they never had a plan
  14. I think it's a goodbye and Good riddance call, he's lost 2 family members recently and covid gives you plenty time to think. Another significant philanthropist lost to RL imo Hudgell and then this seems to rubbish the Visa reasons though
  15. I like the idea of a franchise D-Day lets say 2022. All owners wishing to participate in SL 2023 must pay a £4m licence fee, putting £50m into the business to grow the brand and TV deals - all central roles results based with a 6 month rolling contract after the first year. That would sort the men from the boys
  16. They don't think that far, joined up strategy is beyond them
  17. I believe last time he had to write a cheque he wasn't going to get back was 2016, he even wrote off £1m of his loans last year.
  18. It's not just about the current clubs with funds and fans who have outgrown the Championship, you must also look at the effect expansion will have on a 12 team SL. Forcing TW to play from C1 was at best stupid, and cost Argylle millions whilst stopping promotion for deserving clubs - going into an expanded SL would have meant better recruitment and a BIg Bang introduction of the sport to a Major Global City. Ottawa is strategic, New Jersey/New York is strategic, TO and Avignon are strategic - they expand the pro game and done correctly become the catalyst for FT comps in N America and France but until that happens they take up a SL spot leaving UK clubs with about 6 spots in the current structure at best - we all want to expand the game, dont we, we all want stand alone FT leagues in France and N America - dont we. Then you need to plan the journey, and the current journey is healthy for nobody. 2 x 10 is so obvious for anybody with vision but teams outside the UK must find their own TV deal - once successful and we have PT clubs who have hit better times or further expansion opportunities we go to 2 x 12 etc, Expansion clubs form domestic leagues or fail we go to a 14 club UK SL because we will have that many FT clubs.
  19. It provides a great opportunity for the RFL to name the clubs who wanted to play - I look forward to that.
  20. I may have to take back all I said regarding Batley and apologise to BSJ if this is true - absolutely shocked at Widnes and London though
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