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  1. Well let's hope the Barrow lads are ok. But Barrow were going to be missing a few players anyway going by there fans page so it's worked out better for Barrow not getting beat at Town
  2. Everyone looking forward to the Barrow ?
  3. Am sure Chris and the Board would have thought of this just to get game time and keep the team going
  4. Can't see that Carey making excuses
  5. Barrow well beat today 40 . 12
  6. Hopefully the match will go ahead. I think it will be hard match but if Town score first we are on the right track ,best team out again roll on Sunday
  7. What's everyone's thoughts on this weekends game
  8. How many young Town fans I wonder hahaha
  9. Yes we do need another prop to help out but Marwood backed up and scored a good try
  10. I know this is the Barrow site but my god come on. Barrow still had a good team out and both teams could have won but have a look in tomorrow's paper
  11. How can Paul Crarey twine about the match Barrow scored 14 points first with Town only having 12 men on the park . Everything was going Barrow's way the first half then Town was the better team the second half . Come on Paul just say how the match was a tail of two halves and stop twining. Both teams missed kicks that could've won them the game. Let's give credit where it's due.
  12. This is all parking your car what's crack about rugby
  13. Just got to play our own game and cheer the lads on
  14. What do we think about this week's away game at Coventry any thoughts
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