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  1. So far the new kit bang on. Do like the away kit
  2. Wish list of of new players for the 2022 season ?
  3. Evs62


    Hahaha Doncaster
  4. Evs62


    Looking like Keighley by the way they are playing but have to wait till the full 80 gone
  5. Well we will see tomorrow afternoon Not bothered who we play let's get as many people down there next Sunday and give the lads all the support they need up the Town
  6. Well done town two weeks to get ready for the final
  7. Think all season ticket holders we just give the games that we missed back to the club. At the end of the day its the club we support and yes we all would have like to see the matches played but that was not the club or our faults but let's forget about this and just get down to the ground on Sunday and support Town
  8. Is Conor Fitzsimmons fit again ?
  9. Keighley will be a different machine this coming Sunday ,they will have watched our last few match as will Chris have watch Keighley so let's hope we can get the best team out and get Town the support that Town deserves
  10. To be fair Hunslet had there best and first team out today .To lose your one if our best props and there guy gets only 10mins we'll you can do that all day every day without getting penalised so that was a win ,win for Hunslet. We have two weeks to get the team back up and running so let's see what Chris can do .
  11. Thinking about weekend away hahaha
  12. What your thoughts on London away this Saturday
  13. What I was saying Doncaster were not doing anything different yes they did score after 5mins of a mistake but if you read what I was saying Doncaster knew how to handle town up the middle then kick and turn Town round and wait for the mistakes which they did .
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