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  1. Another x Town player going to Newcastle
  2. Haha got hotel booked for London
  3. Excellent again by our board and all who help this happen. Let's wait for the next signings.
  4. Any more signings this week ?
  5. Very very good start for Workington Town great start for our season ahead
  6. New signings for the upcoming season
  7. Well done Town and everyone who made this happen. Now let's get down to business and build the team for the forthcoming season . Up The Town
  8. What's anyone's thoughts on this weekend game at London
  9. Has something happened with the match was 3pm kick off now its 4.30pm .
  10. Has something happened today match was 3pm just looked again its 4.30pm kick off ?
  11. Good luck to the two lads they never really done anything for Workington with have better guys playing for us now and maybe we should be going about building a team for next season
  12. Think Chris has to stay he's a good coach and maybe we should have stayed in championship 1 for another year just to sort out players for the next season and build a team slowly for the championship.We should be learning this year as it does look like we are going down There has been weeks we've Town have looked like a team that could win a few games but a been unlucky things went against us the ball hitting our own players right into the opposition arms then them scoring all these things hasn't helped .
  13. Same at the Haven v Town match haven fans (not all by the way just young lads) throwing beer over Town fans and shouting abuse at players when they was very young Haven and Town fans near by
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