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  1. I’ve really enjoyed these interviews over the weeks and months. Interesting to read the thoughts of some true greats. I also have to say that it’s been brilliant reading about players or coaches who played for great rivals. It’s often easy to make snap judgements based on what you see out there or sadly (hands up here) on flimsy biased pretext. Your interviews give excellent insight into the true characters we are blessed to have had involved in our great game. I must remember that next time I am at the match
  2. True enough. Warrington maybe paying over the odds and Wigan might have a world beater lined up. My opinion of course but I would have let others go before him. As a fan of rival club, I always thought his performances stood out compared to most of the other more experienced Wigan forwards, but there may be others moving on too.
  3. No, not yet in fairness. Just rumoured. Would you let him go?
  4. That’s fair comment and I know it depends where others contracts are up to but personally I would have tried to keep him
  5. I wouldn’t say middle of the road myself, solid maybe but yes I would expect a coach like Powell to get the best from him. Reminds me a little of Paul Wood.
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.wigantoday.net/sport/rugby-league/will-joe-bullock-leave-wigan-warriors-to-join-warrington-wolves-3241565%3famp Surprised at this. Whenever my team faced Wigan, Bullock was the forward I really took notice of. I haven’t seen as much of him this season but I am surprised Wigan haven’t secured him long term. I know they have lots of quality young forwards developing but Wigan’s more experienced props like Clubb and Singleton look to bring carrying too much weight IMHO, I would have thought Bullock offered real middle ground. Good wire signing.
  7. The players showed last year that they were able to adapt admirably to many changes mid season. Why not scrap it now? Sure they would cope.
  8. Common sense view from Martin Sadler https://www.totalrl.com/fages-unfairly-picked-on/
  9. Hope you managed to get over your great sadness. I am thinking of setting a gofundme page for all the distraught wiganers on this thread, can I please use your quote.
  10. If that is honest then that is to your credit, no argument. Clearly not all fans are the same, but the Wigan fan whinging about fair play and misconduct is the same person that was advocating that Fages should be stretchered off. That there are fans of a club that has been (dis)graced by Flower, Clubb and Hardaker on here crying about fair play is ironic to say the least. As a Saints fan, what happened doesn’t sit right but is legal. I would have preferred for no score or for Saints to allow a walk in unopposed. Hull officials and players aren’t overreacting like som
  11. The reason particularly felt the need to mention the obvious bias and bitterness on this post before was that one of the Wigan posters who is posting away about misconduct and lack of sportsmanship is the same one who advocated that the best way for Hull to make a point was for them to ensure that Fages was stretchered off. No actual mention of foul play but the implication was obvious. You can’t cry like a baby over bad sportsmanship and then suggest things like that. Either man up or shut up.
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