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  1. He has that much enthusiasm I could imagine him being the fire engine. I thought he had a plumbing business?
  2. Hard match to judge whether Saints are getting back to there because unfortunately Huddersfield have been very poor. That pass from Lolohea summed it all up.
  3. Watching this thinking that Leeds look more on the verge of being a champion team than they have for a long time. To produce that performance with injuries like that and a bench short is just incredible. Daylight robbery there. Sangare was sensational and tonight made me realise how good a pro Ash Handley is.
  4. No I didn’t at all mate, was a joke, I don’t approve of stuff like that. Apologies.
  5. This is entertaining, it does look a little like two teams scrapping for a play off spot rather than two Grand Finalists in the making. Leeds can be forgiven that given the injuries.
  6. Wow! Nearly a 12 point turnaround there! Saints should have been in and the Leeds looked like they could be . Dang are has been sensational
  7. Not everyone’s favourite at Saints but that all came of the back of a very good Lussick kick
  8. Some of Leeds best performances over the last few years have been when their backs are against the wall but in this heat it will be tough.
  9. Heard that he was moving clubs, could well be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.
  10. Shame for Newman, always sorry to see a player go off like that. Wonder if that will be his last game for Leeds?
  11. As a Saints fan I would be very happy for us to rename the stadium! I’d even take the Gray Viane Stadium over Totally Wicked.
  12. We have been figured out, good coaches and teams know how to play us. Not too bothered about this particular match as we don’t have a great record against Catalans…not a big fan of travelling on the day and not sure how the stats back that up…so I wasn’t expecting too much and with the weight of possession and territory Catalans deserved the win. I expect Saints to be in the mix come the end of the season and it’s anyone’s game from there as Leeds have proved in the past.
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