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  1. Is this the RL Live survey? If so i can’t say that I am a fan.

    A ‘Big Rugby League Survey’ shouldn’t ask only which Super League team you support. I’m sure fans of lower division clubs are used to this level of ignorance but that doesn’t make it right.

    The question on whether SL clubs spend enough on their academies really depends on the individual club, you can give a broad answer but clearly some clubs devote a lot more to this than others.

    Also the question in respect of promotion or licensing has strange options IMHO. ‘Do you prefer’? …

    ‘Promotion, Relegation or Licensing?’

    Surely that should be Promotion and Relegation or Licensing? Other than adjusting team numbers, you can’t really have promotion without relegation and vice versa.

    The rest of the questions are ok but if they are going to ask a question like ‘are you happy for your club to sign an unvaccinated player?’ then surely they could be asking something about the awarding of a 48-0 loss in the event of cancellation of games.

    Not sure who the survey has been produced for and how it will be used but I just feel there is a bit of a missed opportunity. 

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  2. 34 minutes ago, Harry Stottle said:

    Don't miss out Barry Johnson from that era, great ball playing prop.

    I have to confess that I don’t remember him. I had to look him up tbh, not sure if it’s just before my time although clearly part of his career coincided with Crooks playing days. Anyway looks like a great servant to Cas and I am sure he was as good as you say. 

  3. On 10/01/2022 at 20:28, Newcastle Thunder said:

    Let’s put a few minds at rest…..


    We moved into the west stand last season due to the east stand being totally closed to the public and make a red zone due to covid restrictions

    Its not a case of downsizing at all, we have just under 400 seats standing of areas of 800 and then a 2,400 standing south stand terrace behind the sticks. And if we need it we will just open up the west stand….

    It was about listening to fan feedback, they love the east stand and the club house, so that’s what we have give them

    Regarding Mick, whilst it’s sad to see him go, mick has a number of projects and worked limited hours (and he will still be around to help, and is a massive fan of the club) the day to day running of the club will carry on as normal by the same people.

    we are super excited to see what we can do on our first season back Full Time.

    And for information we hope to build on our home crowds which since 2014 has grown from 250 to just 1,100…. Let’s see what we can do this year in the championship 


    I hope this elevates any “worries” 




    General Manager 

    Great post. For future reference it’s alleviates, I am not normally so pedantic but the last thing this forum needs is for worries to be elevated! 
    Keep up the great work, nice to see Thunder progressing so well.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    I think, for those reasons listed, I still perversely enjoy Cas and Wakefield away, if just to reminisce about days gone by. 


    Have to agree with that. Of the away matches I went to most recently, pre covid, these were easily the best atmosphere. 
    We even managed to have great banter with David Fafita! 

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  5. This will sound odd but I miss Knowsley Road. Some of that is just down to the time in my life and missing going the match with my Dad but it’s also the difference in atmosphere. There was something about the old grounds though, being huddled together in the winter, banter with plenty of away fans who were better mixed in, getting real close to the pitch. 
    I am proud that we have our own modern stadium and there’s a lot right with it, time moves on, but it’s not Knowsley Road 😂

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  6. 2 hours ago, ELBOWSEYE said:

    You can throw Adrian Morley into the mix, long career, top level in both hemispheres, opposition both respected and feared him. And could mix it with the best. 

    Yeah even as a Saints Fan I would go Morley, Burgess and then Graham. All greats and not as much between them as some are making out. Anyone who thinks that Graham was miles behind Burgess or that Burgess was in a different league to Graham is allowing bias to cloud their judgement. 

    oh and Kevin Ward was just incredible IMHO. Only played for my side for a short time but what an impact. I always like Ward, Sampson and Crooks at Cas, terrific props.

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  7. 5 hours ago, DG70 said:

    Salfords back line, Brierley, Sio, Watkins/Lafai, Sarginson, Burgess, Croft, Sneyd, looks incredibly impressive.

    Unless they have moved on, there is also Escare and Rhys Williams both capable of good things. They have also added Deon Cross from Widnes and still have Matty Costello. I can’t recall Salford having this much depth in the back line.

    I would be concerned with an injury in the halves but you could probably say that at a few other clubs. 

  8. 1 hour ago, EastLondonMike said:

    Theres an article on the Guardian celebrating one of their sports photographers, and a mix of some of his photos from various sporting events over the year.. You know where I'm going with this right?

    Though it is the Guardian, so hardly surprising.

    There was an article on the BBC website of the greatest sporting photos of 2021. 

    There was a decent photo of an American Footballer taking to the air and yet I’m thinking what about Tommy Makinson, Tom Johnstone or Tom Davies scoring a spectacular aerial touch line try? If it’s not bias then why don’t we get a look in? 

  9. 1 minute ago, Exiled Wiganer said:

    I think a problem here is that Saints aren’t perceived as a big deal. While I am not casting particular doubt about whether or not they were worthy champions, they aren’t a Wigan and a Leeds when it comes to box office. The Roosters were indeed very classy in talking up their game in 2020, but having bizarrely found myself sharing a flight with them on their return, there was a sense that it was good, but it wasn’t like playing Wigan. 

    😂😂😂😂nice trolling. Merry Christmas.

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  10. 22 minutes ago, Charlie said:

    I’m quite optimistic about akauola, think he will go well for us. Wells looks bigger aswell and I reckon he will have a good year. Overall I know are squad isn’t the biggest and a lot of people have us at the bottom but I’m looking forward to next year, think we could shock a few.

    Got to admit, as a neutral, when I’ve looked at where I think teams will finish that I have Salford struggling. I certainly hope that’s not the case and that they can catch a few teams ‘cold.’ For them to do that, they will have to get the best out of the pack and hope that Croft and Sneyd can build on that momentum. The back line has as much if not more quality than most other Super League side IMHO. 

  11. 43 minutes ago, audois said:

    I can’t see any link there to the new main shirt sponsor. Who are Zodiac? Is this a good name to have on board? Obviously it’s better than Cash Converters but who are they? Are they well know in France. Until recently I have spent much time in the Pyrenees but I don’t recall this name…that said I hadn’t heard of Asus (Wakefield) so could be a huge company for all I know.

  12. 20 minutes ago, burnleywelsh said:

    It could’ve been done….



    This is an extract from the programme, Chorley Magpies v South Wales, July 1996. Div 2.

    It looks like the application for SL was successful. Passed by the RFL and endorsed by Maurice Lindsay.

    What went wrong? Another missed opportunity??


    Pretty sure that Clive Griffiths made mention of this in one of those excellent League Express interviews. They even had a major sponsor willing to plough money in, this money was lost when they ended up with a lower division side.

    I agree that Wales has been one big opportunity missed after another. I can only hope that one of the Welsh Clubs builds slowly and solidly into a side that can challenge, a little like Newcastle appear to have done, it looks like North Wales may now do this in Colwyn Bay.

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  13. 10 minutes ago, John Drake said:

    The link to buy the Yearbook digital edition from Pocketmags is below

    Here's a link to details on the Pocketmags website about which devices it can be viewed on

    Thanks John, I hope you and the team have a great Christmas 

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  14. 10 minutes ago, M j M said:

    Well there's this -


    Which is interesting right up until you see the website it was posted on and the source of the report.

    It wasn’t from there but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t both originate from the same place. Perhaps I was confused in any case, has O’Connor gone on loan? 

    Looking forward to Leeds challenging again this year. They have their best squad in years IMHO.

  15. 6 hours ago, Pablo Escobar said:

    100% Luke Cresswell will be up there with the best fullbacks in the League then add the flying pace of wingers Shane Toal & Tee Ritson 

    The Pack they have the experienced Forster & Stack ontop of the talent above already named & young local talents  Charlie Emslie & Tom Hopkins 

    The squad depth is very good also with Dec Hulme, Danny Morrow, Brad Crellin, Nathan Mossop, Jake Carter & Johnston 

    Don't forget the experienced Jaimie Dallimore unless he's moved on?????

    These lads stay fit & get going early they could be tough to beat

    Dallimore has stepped down. Not officially ‘retired’ but has personal circumstances that mean he won’t be able to commit to his contract. Very honourable of him and still working with the club. 
    Would love to see the Cumbrian sides go well.

  16. 15 minutes ago, Wakefield Ram said:

    At the level I ref, each team provides a touch judge, so not independent and anything near the line I try and get into a position where I don't have to rely on them. So no I can't trust them. 

    Even a junior level, you get middle aged men trying to cheat kids on the opposition. Pathetic really.

    Thanks for the explanation as sad as it is to read. 

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