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  1. I know it's quite unusual for a rugby league fan to say this of an expansion attempt, but I rather like the idea of having a professional RL team in Cornwall. I would be very happy to watch away games there, put it that way! (It may be a while before they get to Superleague though) I do hope the club succeeds, and takes the amateur club already established down there with it in its success.
  2. I do wonder why Saints keep trying to break into Liverpool. They are beating their heads against a brick wall IMO. Sure, you do hear scouse accents on the terraces at Saints - quite a few actually - but I would guess they are scousers living in St Helens rather than based in Liverpool although of course I could be wrong. I suppose Saints think since Liverpool is the nearest city they should try to take the game to the people there but I'm sure they could have more success in, say, Bognor Regis or Outer Mongolia.
  3. Well before the match I was gutted not to be able to go as planned tonight as I was contact to a covid case so thought it best to stay away just in case Im carrying the bug. However, Im glad I didnt go now (and someone else enjoyed my ticket) as Im not sure I could have coped with that tension without having a sofa to hide behind! I was of the view before the match that Saints winning was 50:50 and at no time during that match did that change for the better. In fact in the second half I thought Catalan dominated us. And then, just as we have done all season, when we seemed to be beaten and our ill discipline is driving me to distraction, we pull a try out of the bag. We also managed to defend our line a few times tonight which must be a first for this season! It was a brutal and engrossing game which I am very glad and very relieved to have won! I just hope there were lots of newbie speccies out there who enjoyed it too.
  4. Well I really enjoyed that match between nail chews. I thought we were going to give it away at the back end of the first half. Halftime came just on time for Saints. Gave us a chance to get our heads back together. Most fun try of the game was Percy's but the best was Dodd's. Glad to get what had become a monkey off our back anyway. Good to see a big turnout by Saints fans but Wire away is always a good event even if the results haven't been so good of late.
  5. Chris Chester has a point IMO. If a club gets an outbreak of at least 7 players as Hudds has done then there must surely be a question over the clubs diligence. Understandable to relax given how much has opened up in May but a shame really as we could do without the disruption of last season.
  6. I must admit that I didnt expect Cas to win today and I would never have thought they could have won so convincingly after their drubbing last week. Maybe last week was simply a crafty ploy to lull Wire into a false sense of security!
  7. You are assuming a wrong was done but it wasnt. Its not as if the injury was caused by a Saints player. Had it been then it could be argued that a wrong was there to be put right but he wasnt even tackled. What happened was very unfortunate and unfair but no wrong was done. Fages played to the whistle and as was pointed out by the commentary team if Saints had not picked up the ball or alternatively given Hull a try in return, what type of injury should this apply to? Where should the line be drawn? The ref had not blown the whistle, the ball was dropped so the ball was free to be picked up and the try was there to be scored.
  8. This season must be discouraging for Leigh fans. Not sure its doing the players much good either. Is there anywhere Leigh could get a win from?
  9. Well. That was enjoyable to watch! Wigan looked a bit rubbbish and the Dragons looked rather good. I thought the Dragons may win but I didnt think they would muller Wigan to nil. Yes, an enjoyable game all round!
  10. This match has just snuck in before the French ban us from visiting them without quarantine. I imagine Wigan will win.
  11. Im late to the thread but I have only just joined the site so I have a good excuse . I declare myself a Saints fan. St Toppy I agree with you about Woolf. After the wonderful attack we enjoyed under his predecessor it has been hard to watch us since Woolf arrived and the game against the Dragons was especially hard as we made so many mistakes. Catalan are playing well at the moment and being home in front of a lively crowd will have boosted them further so we just couldnt afford to make so many errors. Hopefully we will put in a better showing against Hull, another team looking good at present.
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