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  1. Jammer's gone back to Saints for a 6 month swansong to finish his career at his schoolboy club. He's on a modest wage and helps his old club out short term while they look to replace Luke Thompson. He's off back to Australia at the end of the year. Everybody wins. Also, I think people will be surprised by James Graham when he returns. Playing in one of the best teams in a comp as opposed to one of the worst will take a lot of pressure off him. He won't have to carry Saints like he did the Dragons - he isn't done yet!
  2. Well, some of the clubs like Bradford and York are different entities altogether.
  3. Hopefully we'll still see some live rugby this year! But this is a real heartening thread to see. Knights fans are ace. I'll make sure that Jon & Neil see it when/if the club needs to make a decision. Although if the Championship is voided for 2020 the Knights will happily be keeping my season ticket money in return for a beer ?
  4. Former Knight Craig Forsyth is doing it too! CLICKY
  5. Just to clarify for the avoidance of doubt - all players are receiving all of their contract money. There isn’t an issue so please stop making one up that isn’t there.
  6. It’s a private matter and not one for discussion on a public forum. Find someone else to wind up.
  7. I've explained this three times on Facebook too... ?
  8. Just caught up on the last 8 pages or so of this thread. There are some incredibly talented design guys on these here boards! ?
  9. This bit was the bit I took exception to. It was unnecessary.
  10. What a weird take. Some of their outgoings could be well beyond £2500 a month based on their regular wage (mortgage, kids, car etc.). The pandemic is not their fault.
  11. I stream from iPhone to my Apple TV box and it hasn't dropped out once all season. Would definitely recommend investing - especially if you subscribe to the WatchNRL app too!
  12. Thats in the neighbouring Vangard shopping centre next door. The stadium itself has 400 parking spaces that will be available to buy online for £5 per game, no time restriction. (Bootham Crescent has 19 spaces) If we're selling out 400 parking spaces every home game, we'll be doing better than I thought!
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