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  1. Few former York City Knights players turned out for KR in that game, namely Dave Petersen, Jordan Cox, Zeus Silk and Nick Rawsthorne. I wonder if the first three are trying to play for a contract or just helping fill a team?
  2. That's lovely is that!
  3. Match details. Sunday 23rd February, 3pm. Tickets £15
  4. Knights charge disabled fans the concession price and they get a carer in for free if needed.
  5. Same... Plus the maroon & white 'farewell Bootham Crescent' shirt! (which now has the wrong date on it)
  6. It's really weird how precious you get whenever someone makes a passing comment about Fev. AB Knight was literally just making the point that pre-season performances mean absolutely nothing in the context of the season. Settle down.
  7. There was a lovely sunset.
  8. Well it works on me, it drastically reduces muscle spasms in my legs as a result of my spinal injury. It's not snake oil and I'm no mug.
  9. Or you could have just rang the hotel reception and asked to leave your bags there, like any hotel in the world allows you to?
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