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  1. On a superking sized bed? Life is far too short for that my man.
  2. The future of sports broadcasting is online streaming anyway. Hopefully SL sell a block of ten games to someone like Amazon Prime to test the waters, and keep investing in the excellent OurLeague app.
  3. Thanks for clearing up that your original claim was unsubstantiated nonsense.
  4. You clearly haven't been paying attention recently.
  5. MEN's RL coverage is run by Matt Shaw, formerly of this parish. It's legit.
  6. BBC are going to be showing up to ten Super League games.
  7. For all the grumblings about our attack - which are understandable - both Sheffield and York scored three tries each in that game. Jubb's should also have been given, Dixon came agonisingly close to a full lengther and BJB had the ball ripped out over the line. Our attack isn't a million miles away. Due to injuries we haven't yet played two consecutive games with the same half back combination. Losing Morgan Smith to a season ending ACL a week before the first game was a huge blow, after he and O'Hagan worked together for three months shaping our attack. Riley Dean, while talented, is onl
  8. Didn't we beat them 10-0 in their first stint in the Championship? 2012 maybe?
  9. I don't think anyone disagrees with that statement.
  10. I honestly don't think that would have made a blind bit of difference.
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