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  1. At the forum last month Jon & Neil said its a credit card style ticket next year, but *IF* the first league game is at Bootham Crescent, a one-off paper ticket will be issued for that game.
  2. First thing I would do is get on to John Bastian and tell him to name his salary, then I'd task him with completing the player pathway from the under 8s in the community game right up to the York City Knights first team. The Knights have already started with their EXCEL ETP program, so the promising groundwork is already done. I would task him to get in touch with all the York born players currently in Super League academies and ask them to come to York and play for our newly formed Cat 1 academy - there are quite a few from Heworth and I'm sure more from York Acorn. I'd offer contracts to Greg Minikin, Alex Foster and Tom Lineham too. I would them employ at least 2 full time development officers to work with said academy, and continue the incredible work already carried out by the Knights Foundation, and branch that out right across North Yorkshire. It's no coincidence that the most successful clubs in Super League (Saints, Wigan & Leeds) are built off the back of the strongest academies! If we were talking Euromillions I would then buy a 50% stake in the brand new LNER stadium, hand James Ford a new long term contract, and offer all the existing 2020 squad a full time contract and run a hybrid squad for those that wanted a good crack One can dream...
  3. Apropos of nothing, but Jonathan Thurston was released by Canterbury early in his career...
  4. My mind could be playing tricks on me but I think I remember a team called New South Wales around 1996? Real interesting list that!
  5. I'd snap your hand off if it was XL... I still wear my Uncle's actual playing shirt from that year, though it has seen better days!
  6. Jimmy Keinhorst, Chris Clarkson and Danny Washbrook aren't upgrades?
  7. Exactly. York did a similar thing last year - running with an initial squad of 24 players - and went ok. Without a team in the reserve structure (yet) there's no point in the Knights running with a squad of 30-odd players.
  8. Thats not why we're dong it Deano and you know it.
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