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  1. Shame he couldn't land himself a BARLA club...
  2. IMG don't make any decisions. They offer advice, which SL chooses to either heed or ignore.
  3. Entrance Tigers, *checks notes* a club based in the Central Coast region of New South Wales who compete in the Central Coast Division Rugby League and NSWRL Presidents Cup Northern Conference.
  4. For a one off game under lights with a big crowd it was fine (if very dated and cramped). For six games in two days it is a terrible choice for a wide variety of reasons.
  5. If done in conjunction with my royal rumble idea from a few years ago then my interest could be revived...
  6. I'm confused (which admittedly doesn't take much)... 27 x 4 = 108 18 x 2 = 36 108 + 36 = 144 No...?
  7. Old Trafford isn't safe to play Rugby League at.
  8. "During 1913-14 Huddersfield amassed a record 119-2 match score defeating junior side Swinton Park in a Challenge Cup first round game - twenty-seven tries were scored, seven of them by Rosenfeld, whilst Major Holland landed eighteen goals." - CLICKY Which would make it 144-2 in new money...
  9. 2001 was a vintage year for these kind of scores (hammerings but not nillings) for York. We lost... 90-6 Widnes (A) 12-84 Leigh (H) 78-8 Chorley (A) 6-70 Oldham (H) 82-4 Doncaster (A) 92-2 Fev (A) 11-66 Widnes (H) 84-1 Leigh (A) There were a few nillings too...
  10. Fev v Sheffield 2016ish finished 60-40 or something mad like that...
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