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  1. TJ Stanley, Hollie Dodd, Grace Field & Liv White - England Ladies Bettie Lambert - Ireland Ladies Anais Fourcroy, Margot Canal, Leila Bessahli and Elisa Akpa - France Ladies
  2. Chicken Wing also reported that the stock car racing company want out of Odsal...
  3. Chicken Wing reporting that St Helens are keen on Tee Ritson
  4. I've got his playing shirt framed in my man cave!
  5. It might if they bring their facilities into this millennium for a start.
  6. There will be, it'll just actually be sustainable this time.
  7. I won't lose out on anything mate. I'm currently on the waiting list for 5 spots in the Premier Lounge!
  8. I literally just told you why.
  9. Because that section was sold out, so the club know that there's a demand for it and it was possibly underpriced. If they charge a bit more for the most popular area, they can spend more on the squad. Another way to look at it is, by not doing Early Bird, they're actually not increasing the Main Price in December either...
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