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  1. ­čÄčTickets for the #RetroRound clash between 4th and 5th are available now! FREE entry for ex York & @FevRovers players! bit.ly/KnightsFev19 #WeAreYork
  2. ­čÄčTickets for the #RetroRound clash between 4th and 5th are available now, where victory would see the Knights confirm their place in the Betfred Championship play-offs for the first ever time! FREE entry for ex York & @FevRovers players! bit.ly/KnightsFev19 #WeAreYork
  3. It used to just be the York Coat of Arms before the Ryedale era I believe mate. And the kit was always amber & black hoops. Some decent photos here
  4. Yep Simon Hall hooked me up too. I love mine!
  5. The thing that pleases me most about this game is that finally the incomplete league table will no longer make me twitchy!
  6. Why because it isn't happening. It's completely fabricated. Who is Jon Flatman. He's apparently supposed to be leading this venture and it's the first he's heard of it.
  7. Well he currently knows more than me...!
  8. It's not beyond the realms of possibility.
  9. I believe so mate, although not as big a difference as it was in the Super 8s
  10. Aye, he only got out of hospital this morning so there's a chance he might miss Barrow away. Thankfully he has two weeks to recover. This was what the doctor was first greeted with. A HIA in this situation is not that shocking. I'm not sure what Bradford fans think we would gain by bringing off a centre with 100+ SL games to his name and playing a hooker at centre for the last five minutes instead. The timekeeper was independent and selected by the RFL.
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