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  1. Sam Scott hasn't been announced yet...
  2. I'm pretty sure Tim is retiring now (what a career!) Will Sharp is moving on (replaced by 26 year old Tyme Nikau) Jack Teanby is 24.
  3. The York City Knights heritage room will gladly take them off your hands if you need a new home for them Mr Goose...
  4. Over 100 new pictures now uploaded on the Knights facebook page! facebook.com/YorkCityKnights
  5. Over 100 new pictures now uploaded on the Knights facebook page! facebook.com/YorkCityKnights
  6. Nowt more rugby league than that
  7. Classy player. I've always rated him since he won League 1 POTY at York in 2014. He'll fit in well at TO.
  8. No problem mate The club have had an incredible early response - our supporters are the best in the land!
  9. There are so many different variations and options we could have put out there. We wanted to keep it simple whilst being fair to fans, regardless of personal circumstance, there really is no judgement on people’s choice. We are looking at offering various different exciting membership options for next season.
  10. Check your spam/junk folder if you don't already have it mate
  11. Proud to say I am now a fully fledged 2020 Knights Patron!
  12. I thought this was going to be a Mike Bassett style rousing rendition of Rudyard Kipling before we get going again this afternoon. Disappointed.
  13. They have away sections because they are forced to by the league they play in, they would have a 100% home crowd if they could - if anything it would cut down on stewarding and policing. There has been countless rows over ticket allocations in football cup comps over the last decade or so. If rugby league ever get into that position it'll be a nice headache to have tbf.
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