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  1. Who do you actually think you are? And who you think the Toronto fans are? If you're that concerned then email Toronto City Council. I'm sure they will get straight back to you, having never thought to consult a structural engineer themselves before. This forum is going mad.
  2. Probably. I've paid £50 for a year's worth of non-news too, thankfully.
  3. The beer garden at Batley is class on a sunny day too!
  4. Confirmed: It'll be at the ground of the highest ranked team, as agreed before the start of the season.
  5. Well yeah, but they were relegated after nine seasons in Super League...
  6. I'm sure you wouldn't be the only one mate!
  7. 3,223 against Whitehaven too (when we lifted the League 1 trophy)
  8. People still listen to Parky? Bloke's puddled.
  9. Friday 9th August mate.
  10. NEXT: They don't come much bigger than Bradford Bulls... Pre-match at Wagyu Restaurant: bit.ly/YCKWagyuBulls Season ticket holders can bring two friends FREE: bit.ly/YCKBringTheNoise Match tickets available online HERE: bit.ly/KnightsBulls19 #BringTheNoise #WeAreYork
  11. Correct, but that's the other way around obviously. And to be honest I'm not even sure if Cov have even used it!
  12. Donny Dragons played at Stainforth dog track when they reformed in 1996 aye.
  13. Well, the top three currently don't use a DR agreement, so they would probably be as they are.
  14. York aren't dual registered with anyone in 2019. They were dual registered with Hull KR in 2017 and 2018 though.
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