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  1. Agreed....l was surprised to see whatca bunch of whinger the Eagles were. Disputing every decision ... sour grapes? Only followed The Rams this season so don't understand the friction between the two sides
  2. Just watched the game on youtube and the first thing to say is Sheffield need a new cameraman. Joking aside it was clear the team played for each other. Finn roled back the years and clearly ran the show. Thackerey played a bit part in comparison. I felt sorry for Dean with his injury but he is only 19 and will bulk up which hopefully will prevent further issues. Smith came on (not selected friday, 18th man on saturday and on the bench sunday) and scored within 30 seconds. potentially could have scored 3 with a bit of luck. Great to see Knowles talking to the young forwards throughout the game. Rhe will learn so much from him. All round a team performance and well deserved. Controversial question time....Would Sykes have improved that performance? My opinion.....No.
  3. Where is it online please?
  4. This being broadcast anywhere? Can't find it on bbc radio
  5. I know this is a Dewsbury forum. l was just looking at things from a different perspective.
  6. My comments are all related tobthis game. That is a different debate ...
  7. The result does tell a story you are correct. Poor first half performance by the Rams saw us 25-4 down at half time. 2nd half showed a much improved performance losing 18-22. my point is simply that Newcastle should be concerned at the points conceded.
  8. They have been full time since 1st June.
  9. i dont understand the comment about us not turning pressure into points. Clearly we did in the second half. The 18-22 scoreline clearlt shows that.
  10. you seem to be intent on focussing on demeaning the Dewsbury performance where as l am focussed on the improvements we are seeing each week. l simply stated that to concede 43 points was not great but to score 22 points, 18 of them in one half against a full time outfit is a good improvement. Dewsbury worked hard second half and deserve credit for that. It was too many mistakes first half that was the issue
  11. lf l was paying my squad full time salaries and they conceded 18 points in one half against a low in confidence part time team l wouldnt be impressed.
  12. It was pretty clear yesterday the difference full time training gives. I wouldn’t say conceding 43 points against a full time team is woeful although it not what we want. I would be more concerned if l was a Newcastle fan the way they conceded 18 points to a part time side in 40 minutes. look, we all want to see improvement in the team but that will only happen gradually. Recruitment and retention along with retirements will enable a restructuring of the squad for next year. I do agree that we need to see some signings news sooner rather than later as that presents many more marketing opportunities and opportunities maybe for some of the ‘new’ players to engage with fans at a forum or something similar where the player/fan relationship can be built early and interaction can be encouraged. I noticed at featherstone that they had the junior clubs playing as a curtain raiser. This engages kids with the club from a young age and additionally brings in additional revenue to the club too as parents etc could have one free ticket then be charged as normal for any additional… let’s give the kids a reason to start coming to the games
  13. 3 months full time is the difference.
  14. So l have sat here tonight watching the comments barating players for such a woeful performance. REALITY CHECK... Newcastle, whilst not a great team, are full time and have been for some time now. whilst l agree that to go in at half time 25-4 down is not great, the performance in the second half was much more encouraging. 18-22 in the second half is far from woeful. ln fact it was encouraging. The issue us simple. We play such a structured game that Newcastle knew every move we called. when we started to open up and got more creative they couldnt handle it. Give the lads a break. Do you think they go out there to lose?? There was enough there today to suggest that improvements are being made. Recruitment is now the key. The point has already been made that Dewsbury have not announced any signings for next year. How do you think the players feel....??? Some have fanilies and need security, for some, they are on oay as you play deals but turn up for training 3 times a week with no guarentee of being selected. Very difficult if it your only source of income. Nobody revels in the current situation. There will be changes next year, that is inevitable. Lets not hang the current group out to dry in what has been an exhausting and demanding season. A bit if support goes a long way.
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