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  1. Times are hard but this group of people are Rams through and through and do so much for the club. They sponsored Alex for this year for which we are very grateful. Although Alex is no longer at the club l will be chipping in. Who is with me?
  2. But thats 6 months ago! Certainly not overweight now. Great to seethe lad enjoying his rugby again
  3. But thats 6 months ago! Certainly not overweight now. Great to seethe lad enjoying his rugby again
  4. Totally agree but the change in attitude needs to come from the top down. As Albert Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"!
  5. He certainly seemed fit enough yesterday. Worked hard in his stints on the field...chatting to him after the game he seemed very relaxed which was good to see
  6. Left it a day to comment asl didnt want it too seem like l was having a go. l watched this game with hope following the Rams recent upturn in performance but that was nothing short of disgraceful. The whole "l wom't be here next year so who cares" attitude was there for all to see. No team spirit or cohesion and no on field leadership. Today l went to watch North Wales and the difference was clear for all to see. Great seeing Aaron Hall playing well and enjoying his rugby too...
  7. Sadly its been the same all season. Every halfback that Sykes has partnered has been rendered redundant. lt was evident at the Widnes game that Gill with ball in hand was threatening and took the line on well. Starved of the ball he (or any of the other halves) cant do anything. As fir not taking pounts on offer, l find it bizarre that Finny said its down to the players to make that decision. Surely, when discussing the game plan with his on field leaders that should be paramount.
  8. So the issue as l see it is that Haven have Workington twice and the Rams only have them once. l think its as simple as that sadly
  9. Totally agree WR....its therefor the winning. Score early like last week and the belief will be there. Definitely backing the Rams for this one......dependant on player availability of course
  10. Cheers Graham. He us still training but at the moment hasnt signed for anyone. Looking for something a little more local l think
  11. Just to clarify, Alex requested release from his contract due to a new job which means he couldnt get to training on a regular basis. Alex was will to fight for his place but it was becoming impossible as his new job means he could be anyware in the country on a given day. As Alex did l want to thank everyone for the support Alex has been given by both the fans and the club. l will continue to follow the Rams and wish everyone the best
  12. Absolutely no doubting the effort put in yesterday at all. Definitely an improvement recent times. Widnes should have been 18-0 up at one stage but their errors kept us in the game. Once the lads started to believe it was clear to see the performance lift across the team. Confidence has been at very low point across the squad but under Finny may well be on the up. Lets see what happens against Leigh. First half at their place we were definitely in the game. Realistically not expecting a win but the scoreline should serve as a benchmark as to our improvement
  13. A couple of points. The Rams did a reasonable job but they were up against a Vikings side that created far more chances. Fitness levels are what they are...Widnes were quicker, stronger and faster than us. Not taking anything away from the boys but by no means did todays performance show anything special
  14. Widnes were poor we were ok...sums it up
  15. Credit to th Rams boys ...plenty of heart but too often taking the ball stood still near the line...overall better than expected
  16. Rams in again 10-16....kick hits the upright
  17. First blood to widnes...10-12 conversion missed
  18. Brad Graham makes it 6-10 Sykes adds the extras 6-12
  19. by all accounts widnes should be 18,-0 up but agreat individual try from Bailey Gill makes it 6-6
  20. Even startbut widnes go 6-0 up
  21. I think the wide pitch and the speed of the game will see a comprehensive defeat unfortunately. l hope l am wrong but l dont think so. l will be there though so will keep an update thread going
  22. At this stage of our season where relegation looks inevitable, is there really any point in bringing in players from other clubs when we need to start preparing for next year when those players wont be interested in playing in league 1? To my mind we need to give our squad a chance to play, make their mistakes, learn from them and be in a stronger position next year. lf we don't start playing these lads then we won't have the basis of a squad left and it will a case of scratching around for players to try and survive again and given the fact that some league 1 clubs are already preparing for next year we could see ourselves doomed to oblivion within a couple of seasons. Just a thought.
  23. Agreed but my point was more about those not getting game time wanting away to put themselves in the shop window...l guess time will tell
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