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  1. 2 minutes ago, Bull Mania said:

    Am I missing something? Anyone who even has afleeting interest in RL knew the TV deal would be considerably less. Surely they weren't planning for next year on a figure discussed 3 years a go!! 

    If we believe what is said then SL clubs asked the RFL how much they would be allocated from the new TV deal and budgeted on that. Unfortunately what they were told was wrong and £190k less. Hence the discomfort.

    So if the TV deal is £20m per year and each SL clubs gets £1.3m, then where is the remaining £4.8m?

    Certainly not yer Championship/League 1 clubs nor BARLA.

    Just to recall.......



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  2. 37 minutes ago, DemonUK said:

    Looking at the numbers, I can't see how they would be in a quandry.  OK they have 'lost' 300k' but they raised over 350k from lots of new owners plus the extra on the food etc.  Or are they going to admit that they were in deep and they needed the 350k to stay afloat last season yet award massive contracts.  If Paul King has stated he mortgaged his house then I would suggest my intuition won't be far away from the truth.  Looks like the 'Owners' might get asked for some more money this season and it wasn't a one off after all.  I of course hope this doesn't happen but it seems Salfords idea of transparency is a bit different to everyone elses.

    Couple of points there. The debate about transparency is real and alive among Salford supporters. Its really salad days in working out how a community run senior RL club should operate and the debate is hot on what info should and shouldn't be released. 

    The shortfall is for all clubs. A certain £190K from Sky TV monies (that needs an examination by the RFL) and a possible £100K reduction from the RFL events. 

    If it is the former only, yes I can see SRD management running another crowd funder to make the different.

    To digress, most supporter owned clubs, have permanent fund raising/development funds/annual membership fees. SRD should be no different. Leeds knocks on one owner called Caddick, Salford tap on numerous co-owners.

    Plus the club has a contract to receive a pct of all match day food and drink profits sold for next season, I read. Any idea how much that would be off 5,500 gates?

    And although local Toryscum machinations have delayed Salford council's acquisition of the Stadium, thus passing on the application for Govt grants till the next financial year. The reality is that millions could come to support the club off field and RL in general in the Salford/Manchester urbanity.

    Personally the quandary is whether the club chooses or is forced to sell to make up what I see as a temporary seasonal cash flow problem. Last year, SRD management took an industrial loan. Maybe they can do again. 

    I would be disappointed if Croft was sold. Both from a rugby point of view, but also from an operationally perspective.

  3. It's seems they are more so p!shed about the timing and as well claiming the RFL took them to expect £1.5m rather than £1.31m. 

    Sure as a co-owner I've got plenty to query, but not on here. However selling your kingpin to a rival cos of a seasonal temporary shortfall would be the start for me.

    Anyway. Has Owen Trout moved? 

  4. This needs its own thread. Sort of around-

    1. How, why is TV money being reduced when the deal hasnt been approved?

    2. Why did the RFL took 8 months to inform clubs?

    3. Why does it take a supporters email to confirm the above?

    4. Will anyone at the RFL takes responsibility?

    Seems SRD are in a quandary thanks to the RFL again. Whilst others clubs might choose to further indebt themselves, I'm not sure SRD want to this winter. 

    It needs some some steel to work through as at least Solly can look forward to revenues increased. 

    Anyway back to the transfer rumours. 


  5. 3 hours ago, Chrispmartha said:

    Leeds have offered a big transfer fee for Brodie Croft. 

    Source? Jenna again?

    3 hours ago, Thunder Road said:

    Yes just read that about Croft.Salford must have serious financial issues if they are happy to sell their prized asset.



    Yup. The club whose crowds have increased, who received a silly but welcomed fee for Dupree, raised £1/3m from the fans, is applying for associated grants up to £1m plus due to the community club status and will receive 1/5th of food and drink revenues from next year.

    King said last month that Salford intend to increase Operational costs by £350k next year. 

    Crisis?! Hardly the multi million indebted financial doping elsewhere.

    2 hours ago, Chrispmartha said:

    Difference here is Salford are not denying this one. 

    Paul King wouldn't have much time left if he had to respond to every piece of clickbait.

    2 hours ago, M j M said:

    Ieeds will outbid anyone else, the question is what does the player want. And what NRL get out clauses will be needed.

    How much are Leeds in debt now? Why is Newman off and can anyone be sure Rohan will be there come next season?

    Anyway Jai Whitbread is off to KR. The agents of Tarif Simms and Rhys Kennedy is being touted round NW clubs and if Thompson does arrive at Wigan, which of their props will be loaned out?


  6. Thank you everyone who has chipped in. The hope is to give clarity to all of us, not just myself.

    Now I am not sure I am pleased to be reminded in this way, but I also wanted to ask if the profits from Big Events like Magic, etc were shared out to the clubs.

    Well, if this is true, then the answer is Yes, or erm perhaps No.


  7. May I ask for some answers from the collective knowledge of the forum, please?

    A number of questions have arose after persuading, selling and convincing friends and colleagues to attend Salford rugby league games.

    To blow my own horn, I have gone from attending alone (since I returned in 2008) to getting seven newbies (four adults, three kids) and one returnee and another who'd been my occasional match going accompany, becoming full time home and away. All have season tickets now if you are reading Mr King at Solly.

    This spurt of enthusiasm has found me struggling to answer some questions about Super League. Whilst the Laws are OKish to answer (despite the machinations of officialdom), queries about structure and finances elude me.

    So for the benefit of them, me and maybe wider RL "fandom" may I ask the following-

    1. What is the current amount of Sky TV money and is it paid incrementally or not?

    2. Do clubs get a separate fee for individual Sky TV appearance and if so how much?

    3. What amounts do clubs get from the BBC/Channel Four screening games?

    4. What is the current SL salary cap?

    5. And what are the SL salary caps and exemptions? I believe Marquee players is capped at £150K, club raised marquee is £100K and academy raised players at £50K. Is that correct?

    6. Is there still an additional RFL payment for English internationals to encourage them to stay in SL?

    7. Is there still a relegation parachute payment from SL?

    Now I work in a very evidence based research based job so I am used to "digging" my own knowledge, but the apparent lack of transparency in RL means I would be eager for the forum to help out, please.

  8. And finally Bellyaches.

    To miss out on the play offs is a stomach gripe. Lessons to learn? For me don't abandon Rowley ball but the squad needs a shake. Less lads in their end of their RL, carrying injuries. More fellas in their 20s with season lasting quality. 

    Does the winger duo and the Brodie/ Marc couplet need freshening? Certainly the Middles need new thoughts and need legs. 

    However the big gut churning experiences were positive. The Warrington game will long be remembered by us Reds. 

    Meanwhile the Club seems to a forceful advantageous place.

    😁Income is up.

    😁Expenditure in the team side will be increased bya third of a million.

    😁Attendances have risen to over 5000.

    😁A record crowd of over 7,00 was achieved.

    😁Fans ownership moved a step closer.

    😁Just short of £400 k was raised by a fans crowd raiser.

    😁Total council of the Stadium almost complete, thus opening further access of revenue streams-F+D, ground naming, etc

    Roll on 2024.

  9. 2 hours ago, Derwent Parker said:

    correct was a typo - thanks - Just edited it.

    the reason i suggested the middle league being 8 - if they dont merge and split into E & W divisions - was because you referred to you the big scores 

    8 similarly "strong" teams of similar ability playing each other should make them stronger and more ready for SL



    Surely the IMG review will give an opinion on

    A. Which clubs are now SL quality,

    B. Which have the aspiration and

    C. Which aren't. 

    I'd suggest B would be the Championship or SL2.

    C would be League One in a shadow intermediate structure.

    So Senior structure - SL 1 and SL2 and Challenge Cup

    Intermediate-League One and 1895 Cup.

  10. Nah plenty of clubs move from their base and retain their name. Partick Thistle and Millwall come to mind.

    Adding Manchester makes sense, but practically as noted it would be counter productive..Better to uptick the "Lions" tag. 

    As for that Etihad athletic ground.It is exactly that, good for running, barren for RL. What happened to that centre of excellence off Grey Mare Lane?

  11. Thrills, spills and bellyaches Two.

    And the spills. Literally lots of spills, offsides, high shoots and back chat.

    Salford did win a "trophy" the victory of being the team which committed the highest penalties.

    An astonishing 195, roughly one every ten minutes!! Even more so is a sixth of that emerged from Vuniyayawa.

    A king in name and deed.🙆

    Discipline has been an obvious fail for this season. For all the dark comedy of various diverse interpretations of the Laws by our fabled men in black, continuous unforced errors, missed tackles, dropped balls and numerous penalties do not help.

    Plenty on show here. 

    Definitely need for new props. Rumour has it that Byrne could return, others think Jai Whitbread is on the way. 2R McMeeken and Romanous also mentioned.

    Will Rowley persist with the Croft-Sneyd partnership? Is it time for Hastings to return?


  12. Looking in from outside, Swinton can seem a bit of a voodoo ghost club, alive but maybe without soul.

    Well they aren't devoid of character and from what I gather from the handful of Lions I know, they are quite happy to plod on in the Championship, attracting on average a thousand punters at their old school ground in Sale.

    I also sense they have a strategy to position themselves as the pro RL club for south Manchester. Fair Do's.

    I suppose they are like Batley, Workington or even Newcastle. Too small for Super League, too big to be in the Conference.

  13. Thrills, spills and bellyaches. One

    Well it was awful like a marriage petering out in a morose silence,  glances of regret and the underwhelming sense of fatalism.

    So what started so well melted away. 

    So Thrills

    Give us the first half of the season - The Real Entertainers of Rowley Ball. Popping tries aplenty. Wide expansive play.

    Sparkling performances. Key men being Brierley, Lafai, Dupree and Partington among others. 

    But more so a heightened sense of resilience and a new born defensive strength. 

    Everything seemed rosy on that warm north eastern afternoon.


  14. 2 hours ago, Cheadle Leyther said:

    I can’t see the feasibility of a 9 team league 1 unless they play each other 3 times.

    What might happen is a merging of the 2  lower divisions into East and West :-

    East being comprised of Bradford, Sheffield, York, Batley,Halifax, Keighley, Newcastle, Dewsbury, Hunslet, London, Doncaster, Fev or Toulouse, Wakefield.

    West:- Widnes, Swinton, Barrow, London, Whitehaven, Workington,  Oldham, North Wales Crusaders, Rochdale, Midlands Hurricanes, Cornwall, Toulouse (assuming Fev.win promotion)

    Each in their play the others in their division twice preserving all the local derbies plus as many loop fixtures required against teams in the other region. Simples!!

    Erm we haven't had a thread about re-structuring for a while have we now.

    As for a new club, my gut feeling is this is mere speculation.

    If in my opinion, there was some reality, then first up would be a new south of Wales club, part funded and run by the RFL and Rugby League Cymru as a pathway. 

    Sort of asking for the rarity of there being the right people, right egos, right money, right facilities and the right RFL.



  15. This is weird. Success is probably going to be battered next week away at either Wigan, Perpignan or St Helens.

    And to achieve that Solly has to sneak a W against a vibrant Dracs who hammered a fading star last week.

    And hope Huddersfield does us a favour.

    So acres of potential disappointment, despair and disheartening emotions for tonight.

    The wonder of supporting Salford.........🙋🙋🙋🙋🙆


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  16. On 14/09/2023 at 21:17, Gomersall said:

    Does it? It’s nice to get a trophy but the LLS isn’t as prestigious as maybe it could be. How many people, who aren’t fans of the respective teams, remember who won the LLS previously? Any games involving teams in a relegation battle should be kicking off at the same time and day IMO.

    Fella i support a team that hasn't won a major honour in all my days, endured their only Challenge Cup final during lockdown. Personally I would still be dining on Salford winning a Hubcap for the rest of my life if they ever did it.😆🙋

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  17. 2 hours ago, Taffy Tiger said:

    We were , but times have changed. Too many teams were going into heavy debt as a result of trying to meet new stadia requirements and so RFL changed the criteria . Cas no longer had to upgrade WR . We still don't have to upgrade WR , but if we don't then it will cost us a point , which when combined with the point we can't get for location , would leave us with only 18 achievable points out of the 20. With that in mind , we have no choice but to put into place Plan B, if Planning Permission isn't forthcoming (I still believe it will be though , hopefully) . IMG have set criteria for teams to get the extra point , and Cas , to their credit , have found a Plan B that can achieve this . 

    I fully take on board that this isn't perhaps what IMG were intending to happen with their new system , but this kind of thing will always happen in situations like this where points are awarded for specific attributes . You can't blame Cas , in fact you could say that we have been very resourceful in finding an alternative way around the stadium situation. Indeed , in moving seats to Princess Street stand , this will also reduce capacity of ground , hence more points (well fractions of a point) for utilisation of stadium.

    That said , Cas fans would love to see new stadium plans come to fruition , and I do agree that £2M would be much better spent in upgrading the ground , all Cas fans would agree , but needs must I'm afraid.


    At least you are being honest and your post vindicates mine in stating Cas - and others - precariously think they have to postpone an upgrade to balance staying in SL or having functioning facilities. 

    Just to say Salford City FC managed to construct a wholly new modular 5k capacity stadium for £5m and for the same amount the 2000 members of FC United of Manchester drew together funds from their fan base and various grant as/loan to construct a completely brand novel ground.

    So if in the Shock City it can be done, then so it can be achieved in the beating heartland of RL,

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