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  1. Yes the system is rigged. It works for the same three who dominate the Game. And it enhances that dominance. Only a minority of youngsters can play rugby. Same with cycling, swimming. Its a niche sport. The paucity of the possible, is reduced even more when you calculate who can develop into SL quality players. This minute gaggle is monopolised by the Three. And the circle rolls on. Irrespective of whether KR, Salford or Huddersfield developed the very best facilities, bought in the finest coaches, the numbers of kids are not there. I believe the system needs to be collective, rational and pioneering. Currently it is a stitch up to enhance a minority of clubs.
  2. I would say even if every club had the very best facilities possible, there still remains the reality that there is only a certain number of elite SL quality young players and coaches. For me it seems a lot of resources are expanded on a very few in a system that is rigged for a few clubs.
  3. I am back in Ireland and there was a mention about the beef in some culchie counties between GAA and "soccer" It was reported all codes-GAA, soccer and rugby-do not allow tackling in u-13s. Back in England my young nephews do not head the ball when they play soccer or football as its called down there. Neither play overtly competitive games. It's about trying yer best, being with yer mates (social skills development) and learning core Game skills. I think we should all expect RL to be the same.
  4. Well that is an inglorious finale for our esteemed leader. Even if he tried to paint it as some post modernist ironic jape, I doubt he will be able to brush it off. As often it has been the case, instead of leadership we get comedy. But it is a dark bitter humour that no one finds funny.
  5. Aside from the obvious historical ignorance, such a statement is fine. Standards should also be looked at being improved. However the finer detail is revenues. Unless there is a realistic plan to increase revenue for the supposed "B" clubs, then these plans will mean nothing. Would for instances, the likes of St Helens be prepared to take a decade long reduced in central/TV funds or a tax on match day revenue that would be transferred to the likes of Castleford to improve their facilities or to develop regional academies?
  6. Well it does seem in the first instance, a plan for a couple of "Big" clubs, a briefer thought about the other dozen senior one and not much else really. But I want to see the finer details before commenting. I want to see if this is about the RL family acting together to level up, rather than hoping for a trickle down from the elite. As that never works. I want to see this take RL forward in Europe, not just a few small towns beside the Pennines. However I can not remove a haunting gut feeling this is about protecting and rigging the system even more. Please convince me otherwise forumistas.
  7. No. Really poor idea. Really misunderstands what the cup is and takes the match going fan for granted. If your team gets thrashed in the first leg away, why would you bother to shell out yer cash for the return game (as it won't be on your season ticket) to see basically a friendly? Less levelling up, more trickle down. It wouldn't work.
  8. I couldn't agree more. The current system rigs the Game competitively and is one of the reasons why each seasons sees the same names triumph. With reduced finances, working together is fiscally sensible, but would raise standards.
  9. For me Batley are a classic example of all the strengths and weaknesses of RL. Strengths in that they seem the epitome of a well run club, rooted in the community, built on all the positives our Game historically has flourished on. On the other hand, they also appear to have some basic facilities and may not have the finances to compete at the top level. It is a dilemma. But I wish them all the best as I suspect plenty in RL will be conspiring against
  10. To be successful there is a need to have the talent. Sadly so much of the world is rigged by power elites that restrict the opportunities for that talent to be fulfilled. RL in the most part does allow talent to flourish. Even so to exploit it you have to have the psychology of intensity and discipline once you get that chance.. Thus it should be understandable that to maintain that intensity is often time limited. i have heard many an artist friend talk of ten years being the golden spell where someone breaks their best work. (Think the Beatles, etc) Second RL is a competitive game. You might be the best in season one, but there will be a eleven other coaches developing, innovating and progressing against you. Ready to knock you down.
  11. He is a star. Truth being that it would have been Brodie's head, arm, eyes or rectum being professionally "manipulated" by the "Saints" had he been playing last Saturday. Would he survive for the final?
  12. Yeah they did, but there are plenty of Wiganers to tell that story. I think Croft demonstrates that Hastings was not a one off. Erm the minerals must be right inside the club, It is a shame this year's GF was not Wigan v SRD. Playing the Game like it should be.
  13. Is he though. Chaos like this is what some people want and is ripe to be exploited. Some on here do not blame Saints. Same here, but they are an active agent in this. It could be argued there is a moral dimension that should have deterred them from exploiting the confusion and incompetence of the RFL. However, judging by actions on the day and afterwards, it could be argued winning by any means, even if that injuries players, is more important than the integrity of the Game for some..
  14. It reads like it came from Ken Loach or David Peace. Establishment brat attacks a young peasant girl. The establishment tries to cover it up and manipulate the Law to get brat off. We go away feeling outraged, but depressed that justice was so elusive. Chinatown or Wolf on Wall Street? Really poor.
  15. Phew I am glad people are being adult for this then. There is nothing wrong with the aspirational plan for this. The problem is the excessive hype from the club and its obvious media facilitators. Such a venue would not be a massive economic game changer for Bradford, it would costs far more if as depicted. The funding streams suggested are not as flexible as maintained. It would be significant in a smaller sense though. Such roofed venues are littered all across Germany, mostly for handball. They work well when attached or working in conjunction with health or fitness. But I think a new Odsal would find RL to be only a part of a schedule that would embrace, pop concerts, melas, trade shows, etc. Best of luck
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