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  1. Its accountant led. Rimmer and Johnson spoke about a consolidation of talent. That the two clubs demoted will release their "talent" to the lucky ten. If this is an ambition, then we might as well employ licensing and just one, not two elite divisions. Whilst a complete dilution of "talent" would be counter productive, if promotion/relegation is to occur, you really need the clubs being promoted to be near SL standard squads or else it will be a revolving door. Higher quality of games. Leeds playing Wigan for maybe the seventh time in the same season pits the best players against each other. In reality, tactical attrition born from over familiarity will arise for players, supporters and the media. Crown the King of Dullarity is that ascends to the throne. I am sure the Super Ten ticks off a number of KPIs which the RFL senior management can carry to their next yearly job evaluation and pay negotiation. Take average attendances. Currently it is 8,500 for the SL. Take out the 11th and 12th and the average rises by a 1,000. Take out all but Leeds and the SL has an average of 14-15,000. "Guys does that mean we have doubled?" Trebles all round chaps and bonuses aplenty. Reality the League of Ten means more loop fixtures or just less games. Each in the long run will equal lower gates. For certain the two relegated will also see less at the turnstiles. Whilst the stats say increase, the reality is the opposite. And there is the money. Yup whatever the sums, this being RFL logic, then a league of ten will still receive the same as the league of the dozen received. It guarantees the Big Boys financial consistency and it means that everyone does not need to conjourn up any challenging innovative schemes to raise cash. The reality is that we are edging towards crisis. The Big Boys need to share a little or a lot of the opposition will vanish. We need consolidation of costs and innovation of revenues than just a match ticket and a Sky subscription.
  2. No. Match ticket revenue remains the biggest single stream. That depends of how many games are played and how many turn up. A league of ten means either a robin round of less games than now or further loop games to compensate. Loop fixtures means the same teams playing each other. Add this may happen again in the Cup and Finals. Time and time again this repetition is loathed by fans and given as a reason for supporter fatigue and malaise. To compensate Rimmer et all are suggesting Groups in the earlier stages of the Challenge Cup and an expanded World Club Championships. The former is a recipe for depressed attendances and apathy, more loop fixtures. Whilst the latter will just compound the games structural imbalance in providing exclusive extra revenue for the leading clubs and none for any one else. Keep SL at 12 and the second tier at say 8 and expand it when extra monies are raised. I would argue if this was a series of businesses, then you would be looking at consolidating costs and creating new revenue streams. Consolidating would mean, central contracts, regional rather than club academies, joint merchandise, sponsorship, marketing and equipment deals. Streams would mean Levies of match game revenue, non federation wages, Nines, FTA TV deal and so on. So no.
  3. Stadium debt? It is the Stadium company, owned by Salford Council and Peel Holdings that has a debt. Salford rugby collapsed their old debt in the CVA. That was to the Council, a former owner and others. SRD have a deal in which they do not earn any revenues from being at AJ Bell, except for match tickets. SRD are a community club, lack any uber rich bankers and their revenues are modest in comparison to their rivals.. The Company that owns/runs the stadium is prepared to sell to Sale Sharks and Salford football. The much quoted price is £15m. It is a handy time, given they are almost at the point of re-negotiating a source of commercial contracts at the ground. Once sold, the new owners intend to charge SRD the full rent, which the club can afford, but at the expense of the playing budget. Hence Salford council and Salford City, with the support of Sale have proposed SRD move to Moor Lane. The land at Moor Lane is owned by Salford Council and the stands by Salford football. Talks are on going about this. If and when SRD move to Moor Lane, then the terms will needed to be agreed. The assumption is that SRD reap the benefit of match day revenues, plus. The ground has numerous issues which need to be physically addressed. There is enough land, but it is about what the locals feel, balance with housing, roads, school, car parking and of course who pays for any renovation.
  4. Fair does to Cas and Wakey. They accidentally , perhaps with some deliberation gamed the system and it so far has worked. Danny Richardson fee or a working women's toilet? Own your own pile, get all the matchday revenue, do not share unless you are the dominant partner seems to be the key advantage. Eventually they will both need to re-develop their grounds, but it will be heavy with the knowledge of various failed ventures amidst RL clubland. Wakey especially dodged the bullet in avoiding an out of town venue like the AJ Bell. Salford, Wakey and Cas are all united in this. We all have grounds that are on the same size of land - 18/19,000 square metres. All have the potential to challenge the Big Six. Had RL and especially the RFL better organized its finances, then there would be a cash reserve from where the likes of Cas and Wakey could have cheaply loaned or have investment for new facilities. Would have collective bargaining powers to contractors and access to expertise to design the best. Clearly better to pay half million on redundancy packages though.
  5. Capitalism in crisis obviously. - profits missed last year, get the sales in early or Brexit in crisis obviously - profits missed as the labour shortages and goods blockage and the red tape explosion, get the sales in early or Covid 19 in crisis obviously - profits missed as the next Wuhan military grade viro bomb on its way with the NHS in Tory crisis, get the sales in early
  6. As a Red, it is despairing to see Jackson diminish so much. Gone is the wild free spirit that got us to the Grand Final two years ago. What has Wigan done to him and poor Biddy? And I swear over success has melted the average Wiganer. I mean 7,000 is light is it not? Some of my Big United fans used to say when they were winning everything, they started only to feel emotional when they lost. They said that it was a shock, then a liberation to be ###### under Moyes et al and now they really appreciate a modicum of success under Ole. Maybe Wigan need a renovation like this. Hastings needs to be in Aus now. Wigan will just re group and will be back.
  7. Comment one. £35K is around 20% of £175k. About two and a half months within a year. Comment two. How long was a certain CEO of a sports administration absent from the media this summer? Comment three Another potential shambles.
  8. Super News. And so it should as well. Whilst the Sky deal is done, the "Free to Air" agreement is pending and such figures will strengthen our hand. More viewers, more money, more publicity and so on. Plus if it continues, then come the next Sky/whoever deal and that should be increased hopefully. I will remind people that it is not healthy for RL to over rely on one revenue stream. New means need to be sourced. Whether that is Nines, Levies on non federation wages or gate money, internet coverage and broadcasting, community use of facilities, etc.
  9. Interesting, nah depressing in how rich men when seeking to build memorials to themselves, do the opposite, but usually someone else pays for it. As it has pointed out, back in the day, the big mistakes were made. 20,000 capacity, 8,000 to break even, property development gone bust, based on a wasteland with minimal public transport, a really bad deal where virtually no match day revenue went to the club, but expected to pay a massive rent bill. There were public meetings by the clowns with the supporters who were very clear in pointing out it was in the wrong place, favouring either a renovated Willows or off the Crescent. Some just refused to go, further angered by the Council rescuing this and then Koukash. An exercise in how not to build a stadium, which I hope people have taken note. A tale that seemingly led to millions being spent. Which could probably paid for a new Willows and has ended up with rugby union owning it. All the jesters have moved on. From the Council to the Club. Thankfully. Lets get on and save the day, today. I hope the RL family can support Salford and ensure first class RL remains in the north's biggest conurbation.
  10. Couple of points- The sale of the Willows. Erm I have an opinion on this, that if I was say Martyn Sadler I would be speaking to my journal's legal representative before printing it, having already sought advice from property and financial experts. Which is probably why the mainstream RL media did not dwell on it. plus I would wonder how newsworthy it was back then for publications devoted to sport than business. If you are really curious, then the rebel rousing Salford Star's archives examined the complexity of that period. It is erm complex. Moving on I will say that the cost of building the Meccano stands at Moor Lane for the Nevilles et al was around £5m. The total cost for the AJ Bell was said to be £24m, albeit £8m was spent on clearing the land which would have happened anyway. I think in comparison that is pretty much the going rate. You get what you pay for. Basic or executive. To me and you, millions seems extraordinary. However bare in mind, Salford Council will be investing £17m in new sports facilities (Gym, 4g pitch, swimming pools plus) at Pendleton. Things, all things cost money.Basic or executive. (Which prompts me to question why aren't SCFC and SRD plus the Council not looking at that huge open space off Churchill Way, Pendleton to build a new ground, given its next to a new sports facility, a bus and shopping hub, the university, Salford Crescent train station and a proposed new tram line, but hey.) Last the pitch is exactly the same size as the one at Manchester United.
  11. Tabby I guess in one sense no, but I am sure some may be helped by running a loss making business to offset tax. But I am pretty sure the bonus of attaining soft power by being associated with a club, brand and having access to a variety of people is "profitable" in another sense. For example, during the GAA season in Ireland, the long standing joke is a sizeable amount of business gets done in the corporates of the Cusack stand. To paraphrase Padge, we need to think about numerous ways to bring money into the game, not just "Uncles" Garys and Marwans. Nines, levies, E sports, community shares, internationals, etc. As well as reduce costs, central contracting, collective media, sponsorship, merchandise, academies, etc.
  12. Well its already been explained that the club ditched any of the debt left by the pre Koukash ownership and were debt free in 2020. Also they made a £298,290 profit in 2019 according to Aaron Bower and Companies House. But not a mess, just skint in comparison to teams with wealthy benefactors. So be it. If they get relegated, it is a disaster for anyone whilst the 2nd tier is not adequately financed. Good posts from Tabby and Snowy.
  13. Yes hard sell on one hand. Easy sell in that there is so few English senior RL jobs going. If I was Marshall, I might be tempted to try and do a year in the NRL if any opportunities arose and if it suited his own life choices at home. He is an excellent coach, maybe not a leading coach as yet. He can learn, he can improve. Which I think he will. As for Rowley. This explains his role. https://www.salfordreddevils.net/paul-rowley-appointed-in-new-role/
  14. Cheers Damien. The survey does not give a good impression of fans satisfaction. I always think surveys/opinion polls are a shadow or reflection of what people really feel. Not precisely, but a glimpse. Spying this, might give us the idea that we aren't happy, I think a sense of dislocating alienation is not idea at any time for the sport. Even worse given there is an on coming alteration that will most likely isolate many of the RL family, if handled badly. RL is not a democracy, but it should embrace a sense of accountability and responsibility for without the fans, rugby league is nothing. I would hope for a better response from the clubs and the RFL. More so less talk and a bit more action.
  15. Was it Carl Rogers who argued the most important part of a conversation is listening? To be Continued and Angelic Cynic. I endorse your posts. Evidentially we all know that there is no rift. We know that extraordinary two rugby clubs of differing codes, a soccer club and the Council are working together to ensure all three stay in the same City. We know that the Council has long term supporters of the RL club to the point of being accused of bias. That whatever occurs at Moor Lane or elsewhere will seek consultation with the local residents and will be an opportunity to create community facilities, employment and revenue. An adult conversation might now continue as who should be next in line. Henderson, Ward, MacDermott, Briers, Rowley, Ford, Wane, Edwards, who knows? What qualities would they bring, who would they add, what would merit success. Are they the men to improve Salford?
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