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  1. Thrills, spills and bellyaches. One Well it was awful like a marriage petering out in a morose silence, glances of regret and the underwhelming sense of fatalism. So what started so well melted away. So Thrills Give us the first half of the season - The Real Entertainers of Rowley Ball. Popping tries aplenty. Wide expansive play. Sparkling performances. Key men being Brierley, Lafai, Dupree and Partington among others. But more so a heightened sense of resilience and a new born defensive strength. Everything seemed rosy on that warm north eastern afternoon.
  2. Really what this and ample other incidents (usually involving Solly sadly) proves is that RL needs to review and work together to support and improve referees. Refs Change
  3. Erm we haven't had a thread about re-structuring for a while have we now. As for a new club, my gut feeling is this is mere speculation. If in my opinion, there was some reality, then first up would be a new south of Wales club, part funded and run by the RFL and Rugby League Cymru as a pathway. Sort of asking for the rarity of there being the right people, right egos, right money, right facilities and the right RFL. Erm.
  4. I like this. Probably more realistic than Manchesterleicesterbristoldublinclevelanddubairockallontario
  5. This is weird. Success is probably going to be battered next week away at either Wigan, Perpignan or St Helens. And to achieve that Solly has to sneak a W against a vibrant Dracs who hammered a fading star last week. And hope Huddersfield does us a favour. So acres of potential disappointment, despair and disheartening emotions for tonight. The wonder of supporting Salford.........
  6. Fella i support a team that hasn't won a major honour in all my days, endured their only Challenge Cup final during lockdown. Personally I would still be dining on Salford winning a Hubcap for the rest of my life if they ever did it.
  7. Hurrah and so it should. With hopefully so much at stake then it should be an easy (coughs) angle to sell to the media or more importantly generates tension, ecstasy, agony and thrill that evening for us fans..
  8. At least you are being honest and your post vindicates mine in stating Cas - and others - precariously think they have to postpone an upgrade to balance staying in SL or having functioning facilities. Just to say Salford City FC managed to construct a wholly new modular 5k capacity stadium for £5m and for the same amount the 2000 members of FC United of Manchester drew together funds from their fan base and various grant as/loan to construct a completely brand novel ground. So if in the Shock City it can be done, then so it can be achieved in the beating heartland of RL,
  9. This thread should be a sticky mods. By the way I am massively impressed with that Wigan video. Big tick from me. The inclusive side that is, sort of imagined Mago at Solly, but hey ho.
  10. I once got all terse about the moribund state of Cas' and others grounds. Now I do not. To me, it is an equation that values SL survival on the pitch rather than off. Fair dos, snap Evalds and that Richardson (remember him?) off us Salfordians with bigger wages. Ah well. But ultimately it is the supporters that suffers. It is they who are being short changed, patronized and treated as third case citizens with ram shackled stands, crumbling terraces, medieval toilets and fairground level hospitality, whilst the latter day "Gerald Weavers" comfortably plumps his backside on the new padded seats. The sad matter is if you added up the cost of repairs over the decades it could have afforded brand new facilities in a host of RL stadiums. And surely these grounds break various modern Laws on accessibility, safety and hygiene. Come on kids, Cas aren't alone on this. Is it OK that the "disabled" section at Wakefield is a small wooden shed with dirty plastic chairs? Does a rotten Odsall tick all the necessary inclusive boxes? Now as I said, I sort dont blame the clubs entirely. Certainly not the fans. My finger points towards the cozy culpability of the RFL and perhaps IMG on not either imposing better standards and not directing additional resources so ye supporter can enjoy games in safe covered stands and retreat to a clean toilet? That finger extends to town councils and developers. Just get it built.
  11. Jolly Gee, Rugby Bloody League eh? It's a day plus and i'm still buzzing from it! Astonishing. Whilst yes some tired bodies struggled for quality and the humid atmosphere literally made it a High Noon of slippy hands and dropped balls, the error fest made it into an even more frantic occasion. Neither side nor fans gave up. To start with the Wire, there is something-albeit not much-missing. There's a need for a shake up, so I am not sure if qualifying for the Play offs would help or hinder. As for Solly to reach the last six requires a massive Herculean shift. Beat both KR and Le Dracs - erm. As this is Salford it's usually calamity after triumph, hope crushingly smothered. Let's see. Yet again the fate of SRD and KR rests on a field in east Hull. Who wants a dull or predictable life? All or nothing.
  12. Great fondness for the man. Just before my time but I recognize Watkins is a huge part of SRD's story and deserves his place in the Pantheon not just at Solly, or even in the city of Salford or Cymru but in the Sport too. A cherished memory from the past. Hopefully an inspiration for the future at Salford.
  13. I guess any forward planning amounts to being contracted out to IMG or considering what to do with the future resignation lump sum.
  14. Well just back from Wrexham and the second of hopefully three excellent days of watching the Tour of Britain. Tomorrow Notts. A well run tournament. Conversely back in RFL land, Friday went as expected for me. Have to say Wigan look marvellous. It was for me the best I have seen this season. Their defence was outstanding. Solly just added to the red mire with some woeful brainf@rts. I stopped Addy em up after half time. Surely the Title is for them now. Yup another Pies v Saints final kids. I know we can't discuss referees anymore, but truly mystified that The King was not shown Red for that utterly shocking lunge (it was not a tackle). It was ###### and dangerous. And how French escaped at least a sin bin for that tip tackle? I hear he has just received a fine, which on his wedge isn't actually a punishment. (to digress should fines be fixed or proportional to a players salary?) Seemingly also curiously at just at this exact time, the gremlins have flung bans at Partington and Watkins as well. Missed how -just as perhaps someone who can't be named did on the King and Bevan incidents. But it was well deserved win for Wigan. I will say this- the cheese pie was gorgeous unlike two nearby big clubs, the staff at Wigan are great and polite clearly success fatigue reigns at the DW as not a frisson of cheer was felt from the cherry red end on going top. We'd still be dining on that at Xmas if it was Salford. And can someone tell whoever the DJ Piemeister is that tacky 80/90s Eurobeat house faded along time ago. Next up the Wires. Truly big one of which apprehensive and comprehensive fatalism has took hold. Ah well onwards goes the People's Club.
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