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  1. Jughead for the RFL to replace some of the ***heads? Being serious, I will join the majority who endorse this fine proposal. Can I additionally suggest if SL wanted a good thematic round, then one devoted to the community game would be a good thing. Maybe a couple of BARLA games paraded before the SL match?
  2. Would it asking too much to desire that they keep the Finals structure and number of clubs in the SL the same for the next decade? Sadly the game is rigged. It is rigged for the SL over the rest and it is massively so for the Big clubs in a self-perpetuating way that keeps them dominant. Until this is addressed, changing the structure is to use the cliche, merely re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Like it or not, but the Grand Final is the Big RL event now. Get rid of it might seem fair to some, but it will diminish the game. As for ###### crowds. When SRD made their occasional furore into the Play Offs, normally sensible and skeptical middle aged Salfordians suddenly became uncustomingly giddily sanguine. Maybe had this become a regular event (please) then some of the thrill would diminish and the enthusiasm would wilt. I contend some Saints, Pies and Leeds fans give an impression of if not bored with success, at least underwhelmed with the annual same old. Thus the paper thin crowds. Remedy. Well our Canadian cousins say there CFL clubs add the cost of play offs into their season ticket, whether they reach it or not and the difference is handed back. Better solution. Organize the game so it stops being the same old each October.
  3. Indeed like I said, whatever way you look at this it's good.
  4. Diplomat school is missing you SIr! I was looking for some more precise details. Live can mean a feed of the game with top rate commentators, etc, or a blog with the score of that odd thang they have in Italy when they stream the crowd in the background and have two blokes "bantering" on about the game. Most important even if free on You Tube - where does any ad revenue go in the RL family?. Uncle Fred, cousins Gary, Tory Davy and Ian or the players?
  5. Right I recall Rimmer heralding a fans survey last year and then completed one posted on here, with the assumption it was Ralph's creation. So where, what is this then? What is its purpose? A link please. If it's role is to gauge opinion, then surely it would ask relevant questions and as freely available as possible. Maybe agree with clubs to send it to members/STH?
  6. Three posts Shropshire? That's restrained. When I saw the title of this thread I feared the "Sportsman"" was an ironic hipster revival of a pub in Pudsey or Batley which had last been seen in really stone aged sexist 70's TV where Selwyn Froggatt saves the Sunday midday session by digging the strippers out of a pot hole. Let's move on. This seems to be Fred Done's communication based on Cross Street in Manchester and Birchwood, Warrington.. Other than that I am sure someone can fill us in about what it will broadcast, how much it costs and if it will give anything back to RL. Good news whatever way you look at it.
  7. Erm I will let fantasy fanciers fondle the thought that MCFC might adopt RL. I like the notion of the Grey Mare Lane centre. The game is starkly obvious in its lack of a national centre of excellence and this could be the first moves in that direction. For those not familiar to the site, its about ten minutes walking south of the MCFC stadium. About two/three Ks from what was once Belle Vue Pleasure Gardens. The same from the city centre.
  8. And meanwhile in the 80s, my first job was on the wool stall at Grey Mare Lane market. Why you may ask. Did I have a hidden talent for weaving mohair into Dennis the Menace jumpers? No simply because it was next to the record stall and working next door gave me first pick on all the rarities and imports. Nevertheless a generation more, the market is gone and the RL are moving. More concrete details kids. It looks good. Well done RFL. https://projectscot.com/2022/01/holmes-miller-submit-plans-for-transformational-rugby-project/ "Land off Grey Mare Lane in the Beswick area of the city is the proposed site for a facility that will be shared between Rugby League athletes, community players, coaches and match officials, and young people and adults from the local area. The plans include a two-storey building and adjacent grass pitch, along with a small pitch-facing stand attached to the main building which would serve as an education and training base."
  9. How many actual incidents were there of clubs being unable to field a side in the last two years? I know SRD were fined for not playing Warrington. Did not Leeds declined to visit Perpignan? Anyone want to test drive how efficient a penalty system would be to the table, by applying to retro calculate this for 20 and 21? Apply to all the teams that cried off due to covid, refused to travel to France and those who had not enough players to fit in a mini? Does it make any difference?
  10. it gets a thumbs for the innovation alone. You refer to continental European clubs who run what we call "B" teams. These are whole divisions of the senior club. Thus Ajax Amsterdam run Ajax Jong (Nicknamed Ajax twee). It sits in their 2nd tier. Swaps from the 1st team club from twee used to be super relaxed, but now it's limited to longer swaps and only moved during the transfer window. The Dutch refer such entities as Beloften, which in English means "promising. That might in itself sum up what these clubs aspire to. If this is what you are considering, reality is Catalans and Toulouse already have this in Elite 1. In England, the big six could ata stretch run beloften clubs, added to the Championship. However I also think you are referring to feeder clubs. Separate entities, which have a very close and exclusive relationship with a senior club. Of course this is rare. I think ) correct if I am wrong) but doesnt ML Baseball run such a system. The "farm" teams in Australia/NZ is well known to us and its sort of a hybrid between independent clubs affiliated to a senior clubs and more substantial feeders, SRD proposed using Manchester Rangers as a hybrid reserve/feeder club in League 1. Seems the RFL rejected this for the dogs dinner of DR. You seem wisely to be joining others who wish these matters were run openly and consistently. The Leeds-Fev debacle has opened up worries that another aspect of the sport can be "gamed" and distorted. For a sport you need its roots to be as strong as its furthest branch. All and every needs to spread the benefit than to be solely for a handful of clubs, with declining support. Personally I can see the game being organized three ways. A senior full time professional leagues(s), an immediate semi professional tier(s) and amatuer BARLA. Then a clear and transparent pathway between all three for players/coaches. An equally open system of affiliations between clubs at different tiers. Direct, indirect. As long as it is honest and co-operative. And increase competitiveness and reduce costs) amalgamations of many aspects of the game from Academies to marketing.
  11. Oh course it's a swizz. Another element how the system is rigged. And why we never progress beyond the silos and the same old happens every season. Its decline of drip by drip moribundity. You can not blame people if the authorities can't/won't and the spirit of fairness and togetherness is seeping away. I don't blame Leeds or Fev. It is not illegal. Morally tired, but within the rules. This won't break the back. But it's another wee little incremental of irritation and I'll spirit. A mature system would have none of this adolescent self serving opportunism. We need the game run as it is mostly played with courage, honesty and integrity. Not some stereotypical modern millownery capricity. Eventually every Henry Horatio faces his Hobson Choice and our's might not be pretty. Keep smiling.
  12. Surely it's just the two gaming the rigged system. And if it's legal,who can blame them. For the Bonnie and Clyde of RLFC, its win win. Whether it is blooding players back from injury in the Championship than against a gaggle of BARLA boys on a damp field in Lancashire, Fev settling their pack with SL blow ins or maybe some curious acts of arithmetic in the Salary Cap of Fun? As this is RL, I expect lots of fudge, nudge and budge around this with its "fairness" being pushed as much as possible. I don't expect the RFL to have a clue regarding this or the means to either allow it or not. It does merit thought that if we have feeder teams, is this how it would be like?
  13. I thought Soccer AM was supposed to be a cultural cringe for football, liked by kids and "prawn sandwich eater" types of supporters? Maybe not if someone educates me. Saying that RL must have someone other than Adam Hill, who is articulate, funny, erudite and can readily use the definite article within a sentence, surely?
  14. Keep it positive kids. I doubt anyone would aspire RL to turn into the EPL. Can I add another hope that the Reserve league takes off. There is something old school watching a game Wednesday afternoon and home for tomato soup and cheese butties about it all.
  15. I had hoped my own first thread started - "Happy New Year Hopes for 2022" was a little positive nudge towards a mature, considered and maybe kinder forum. Internet forums are occupied by a certain dynamic that if you were to meet their participants in the flesh most would likely be mature, considered and kinder. So there really is no reason why here should not be so. This does not mean embracing a Disneyesque soporific boosterism for everything. There are oceans of the bad, dubious and inept that needs charting. Criticism should be welcomed. Like the game itself, we should aspire to be fair, courageous, honest,modern and robust. I don't know about you, but I am not scared by passion. But I am well aware that such emotions need to be focused and controlled. Happy New Year.
  16. Let us end the year on a cordiale and optimistic mood. First Happy New Year fellow rugby leaguers. My hopes for next year are: A successful World Cup, with everyone on board, England doing very well and it forcing itself into the public's consciousness for good reasons. For the Channel Four FTA games to be a triumph. A modern, contemporary feel to the presentation would be a desire. RL continues to celebrate its tradition of inclusiveness and diversity.That its trusted force for progressive values is enhanced in 2022. Perhaps a new name on the Grand Final trophy? For Salford to have a drama free season and enjoy some stability and maybe a nice cup run. That the move from the AL Bell stade is finalized well. Hoping that those big issues that could impact on the season, starting with B- and C-, are managed as well as possible. And lastly, a renewed spirit of co-operation and fairness grips the game, as opposed the decades of cliques, cronyism and favouritism we have endured.
  17. Fair points Boy. I used the measuring device on Google Earth and included only the land that could be used to build the stands and the pitch of course. In terms of developing the Stands, I purposely did not count the car parks/etc . We can both agree that each club will hopefully try and squeeze in what is needed and as long as its modern and safe., I am optimistic on this score. As for ownership, currently Salford council own the land at Moor Lane, Salford City FC own and run the facilities. A peppercorn rent is paid. The current discussions are to¬ Discuss the terms of the sale of the AJ Bell stadium owners Peel and Salford council to a new stadium company (owned by Sale Sharks and Salford City FC). Negotiate the transfer of the facilities at Moor Lane from Salford City to Salford council. Agree the ending of SRD contract at the AJ Bell. And set the terms of using Moor Lane. All options being considered. What is mainly cordial is SRD will run Moor Lane. The presumption is SRD will seek to expand the ground to 8000. Going off other examples that would be costed by revenue increases. Industrial loans, community shares and/or bonds, supporters fund.and government grants .
  18. Rob I might agree. If I assume her a "west" Mancunian from Swinton, would you petition your club to refuse if a council the same as offered to SRD. The injustice is Swinton haven't.
  19. D boy thanks for the praise. Just to respond. The 2-3k figure comes from,a statement made by the club a year ago on BBC radio Manchester in response to the then prospect of attendances being restricted to 4000 (stop laughing at the back now) at the AJ Bell of Doom. The club maintained that after STH and hospitality, ettc, that would leave around 1000 tickets available. Most they presumed for away followers. It is known the stadium company only count literal attendees, not non attending STH. Under Koukash, up to 40% didn't roll up. Footprint. It surprises me, but they are roughly the same. As you can see Castleford trots out at 19,000 sq m Wakefield register as 20,000 sq m. And Moor Lane is down at 19,350 sq m. What the former have and Moor Lane doesn't, are car parks, which I can excuse any one for thinking these grounds lie on bigger footprints. BUT no club is likely to build on such easy access/ revenue boosting land are they If all three could be developed as modern 12-8k stadiums, run/owned by each respective club, then the whole game would be enhanced for sure. The jury is out whether the CVa write off was canny or not. The club and many others felt the Academy bid was excellent. The RFL had an agenda to restrict Academy for favoured sides, that to a degree was successfully challenged. SRD will be fine next time, albeit I hope common sense prevails and we go for regional academies. I hope this helps.
  20. That Tutu was a KR followers. Excellent. As an aside it may be worth briefly pointing out that although Tuto did not attend, he would have been directly influenced and impacted by the 5th Pan African Congress held at the Chorlton town hall building, now part of Manchester Met University off Cavendish Street in the city centre. That was in October 1945 and set the agenda for the decolonization of Africa, which of course Tutu has been a leading player. Curiously 72 years ndi, a mere drop ball kick away down the road, Cavendish FC, who became the modern day Salford RLFC. So loosely add it all up and perhaps no surprise.
  21. Haha not each game!!! I am half watching Its A Wonderful Life and even #### Potter couldn't contrive what you suggest. Mr MacManus reported Saints earn £100k from around 12000 specs per game from hospitality. SRD will get a fraction of that, but add naming rights, 4g pitch hire and all the other gubbins of running, if not owning her own. Certainly more than nothing as now..
  22. If I recall the context of King speaking about "1000 season holders" was in regards to the impact of the Pandemic and uncertainty of fans attending in 2022, as well as unfounded speculation about where SRD will play next season. Plus it was in October, barely out of the last season. Normally sale range from 2-3k. And as attendance numbers are not set by the club, unlike certain local big names, they do not register STH whether they attend or not. Don't let the truth get in the way. SRD are moving. The next ground will be cheaper to rent and will increase match day revenue possibly up to a £1m. It will be nearer the city centres. Easier to get to by bus. Sure local parking is ######, but it's a 5min Uber from Prestwich or Manchester city centre. Is the same land size as Cas, etc and can be expanded. The club is well run and is debt free. If it's Moor Lane, it will be on a historical old rugby ground. It will be in an multicultural area, which would allow the game to continue its historical tradition of inclusiveness. Too much of some aspects of RL seems to dwell in monocultural Tory/Brexit voting small town silos .Others the very opposite. Make it always the opposite. The RFL will find it hard to continue suppressing clubs like SRD, especially in regards to Academies. It will have a cracking atmosphere. It could be developed as a community hub for Kersal/Broughton/Prestwich. The camera views of the glistening megapolis of Manchester and Salford will look brilliant Modern, glamorous and progressive. Everything we want RL to be. It's walking distance from our house. If RL can not make a fist of it in Manchester/Salford I think it's more than SRD to blame. If RL wants to stem the decline, the RFL needs to stop being a lobby for four or so big hugely indebted clubs and go for leather in places like Manchester/Salford.
  23. Agreed. I am mortified to hear that and that the old decommissioned laptop from someone else now departed from a past work has that on it. I think I will reboot. delete,cleanse the machine asap. I did not realize that. I haven't even heard the expression till you pointed it out. I am glad you did. It's removed. Therefore can I express my apologies for my ignorance then. Its very much against my character and politics and as someone who has experienced discrimination it feels uneasy. I thank you for educating me on this and I would wholeheartedly encourage others to actively do so when they hear, see or read any discriminatory language. Let's move on.
  24. Erm, thanks for pointing that when i use the old laptop it converts Leeds to something else.
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