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  1. I tend to agree, but both models envisaged, first by the club/Dennett and Burnham and the other by IMG implies alot about the communitarian aspects imagined.
  2. £271,000 and 960 donations as we speak. A bid is being written to use this to claim further grants. Overall, it's a remarkable victory for the club, but especially the fans. We are the People!
  3. Yes it was an excellent game. I took another newbie today- a rugby union supporter- and just from that he already wants to get a season ticket!!! There is something familiar about FC. They are a city club whose fans-like Salfordians-ready anticipate being disappointed, but truly savour any successful. So along with Wakey, they are normally good natured occasions. I thought FC were unlucky. They worked hard, looked organized, have some good uns like Clifford. Rowleyball looked at times played on the huff, looks of glorious spontaneity and vigour, blended in with school boy defending and numerous dropped passes. Curious points. Dupree played well and was received. i think most Reds do not blame him, but those who have seemingly in my opinion who have tapped him up. I think the money will take over now. Whatever, SRD needs to boost up the frontline. Lets see what happens. Two truly awesome tries. First that kick from the scrum by Marc E Sneyd and then touch down by Brierley and the length of the pitch Sneyd. Class. That's why we are the true entertainers. The Rock n' Roll saviours of RL. Bad stuff. Like a conjoined twin, is it always necessary to play when MUFC are so. Given Salford is he very epicentre of the Unitedverse, then surely someone in the RFL fixture dept must realize they cant compete, nor should clash.
  4. First credit for the club officials for being up front with their supporters. Castleford lies in one of the richest veins of Rugby League, in terms of passion, participation and supporters. I have admired how perhaps cheekily they prioritized the on rather than off field. Fearless props as opposed to fearful pissoirs. But IMG and a wreck of a ground opens an immediate challenge. I wish RL could collectively act to support facility renovation. Have a grand fund for clubs to call on. If anything Cas fans deserve a better ground, if not running water. Have faith. Form is temporary.
  5. £200,000 raised so far this afternoon. Almost 800 co-owners. Possibly an extra £750,000 could be in coming from various grants due to the nature of the crowd funder, following from Tuesday's meeting between club officials and co-owners.
  6. There's no loyalty in sport, and a rugby league career is a short one. Tyler's agent is just trying to get the best deal possible for himself, and the recent England call up will have increased Tyler's worth significantly.
  7. Yeah sorry for hijacking this thread, but there are too much of RL that isn't wholly transparent. Central funding, salaries, who is or isn't on the quota, RFL meetings, academy dispensations, attendances, sponsorship, etc. Some of the above is covered by business confidentiality, but if in other sports such information is available, then why not RL? Nevertheless good Keighley wish to keep their support onside.
  8. Gosh slight playful sarcastic, but not angry. Ah well the written world and it's possible liberality can be taken differently without the other communication indicators like tone of voice or body language. Aside from that, I agree with your post. Hence the" like. "
  9. It's £184 with a fortnight to go. £14k came in today alone. Plus what can arise from applying to various charitable/grants that this community thang opens up. No choice. When the Reds start receiving a share of gameday food and drink revenue, then my gaggle of fellow matchday goers will be obliged to have a pasty, whether they want to. No choice. And then whatever fee Tyler's contract sale amasses. And don't mention how much Brodie will be after he leads us to a SRD trophy haul. Win Win. I am suspecting this is more about the "agency" of an embittered former hapless coach than anything.
  10. Well good luck to him as if he doesn't want to wear the maillot éscarlate any more and intends to leave Team A in the Big City-2 finals/2 semi finals recently for Team B on the trailer camp side of a large town-1 final/1 semi final/ 1 relegation also recently. Of course it might be more about tapping up more money whereever he ends up.. (Or even a "sinister" attempt to unsettle the Reds before that Cup tie?) it's a short career and it's a job not a calling after all. And who'd blame him. However there is a right and wrong way to go about it...... Maybe he wishes to emulate other recently departed Reds like Evalds, Griffith, (both of them) Biddy, Yates, Jones, Dudson, Lolohea, whose progress has "skyrocketed" since leaving. For every Theo there seems a dozen Daggers these days. Priorities- generational comfort for the fans or a couple of summers prop? £14k came in today for the Community Share offer. That's how it will be for the "Peoples Club." Salford rely on its supporters and the council, opposed to the typical meat factory merchants, financiers dealing with autocratic states, ambulance chasing solicitors, horse owners or construction bosses. That £3m liability is mostly to a former owner and having been owed for more a decade, I wonder how much urgency there is to pay it back. Probably as much as those industrial loans that various club owners generously oblige. I am sure £175k affords as good or better. Nationwide, John Lewis, Bayern Munich, CIS, Partick Thistle. Erm it is a wide stretch to call partial supporter ownership "Socialism." But hey ho.
  11. Leave it out Measty. It was only me who found Giants' collective professional methodical play as such. Maybe cos my brain had perhaps been overstimulated by mad, bad Rowley ball. Sort of getting used to the scatty pixie dream girls/bad boys and then waking up married to the wholesome girl/boy next door. So I'll reflect on Huddersfield first. I think yesterday showed that offensively, creatively and in terms of resilience, they seem competitive again. Yates and Hill are power houses. Fages, Connor and Pryce are quality. They'd be ill-advised to replace Watson, whose own business like manner is personified in the team.. Have faith. As for SRD. Interjections aplenty. Ugh, ah, oh, uck, feck, ugh............ I did not wholly enjoy that. (I might when I watch on the highlights today though.) Being a Salford, the ingrained thought is defeat is always round the corner, even if you are 20 points ahead with ten minutes to go. This may have deeply re-enforced this. Miaow, ugh, ah, boom, wham, crunch! Onomatopoeia fest. For every sparkling try there was a shambolic one conceded. So I don't know to make of that. I spend the majority from 20 minutes on expecting an empathetic collapse, addled with half a dozen cropped wounded. But they just carried on. Some day that team will get battered or batter some. FC is next erm. Sort of now expecting a trophy or relegation. Just extremes for the People' Club.. Got faith. Let's us have London away............
  12. Correct, better use of technology and training would you'd imagine reduce the inconsistencies. If Proctor is off, then what about the Purcell incident and Lees' off the ball mangle with Wright and the crack on Atkins' neck?
  13. Paddying? Tsk tsk tsk. Bernard Manning wouldn't even such antiquated language.
  14. Hard not to feel annoyed to be honest. It was a repeat of last year's Semi final in four chapters.. A. The dark arts. It seems this era will be remembered as an epoch when schiesse housery ensured victory - Messi's World Cup winners, Putin, Trump, Owen Farrell and now Saints. For the naive, John Ashdown in the Guardian states- https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jul/05/what-is-shithousery-and-why-its-the-world-cups-biggest-problem Last year, this year. Chicken wings, mounted head shots, rabbit prods to the neck, holding down on the neck, tackles off the ball. Same old same. Rugby League at its best is a tough, honest, technical game. I can not say I've seen that today. B. Saints win. Last year, this year. Some astonishing play. The utter power of Walmsley try, everything about Roby. In this regard when or maybe if Saints play RL they are class. No need you'd think for A. The difference between mere winners and wonders? C. Salford lose. I am most of all annoyed at Solly's shabby second half shocker. "Same old same Salford." You can't compete if you disrespect the ball, can't complete sets, throw child like suicide passes under the sticks, miss tackles or waste the few chances you have. Sorry that was dreadful. However it is made all the worse by the wounded. Bad enough to lose. Even worse to leave with players cropped. See A. And D. Lose, lose. C. Kendal When I saw he was the official, I chalked this off as a Big L. This time, hard to rationalize the decisions on Matty Lees off the ball tackle which has led to a mangled ankle or Atkins being Green card'd after being cracked on the neck, thus forcing the Reds to defend with one less. I feel our refs just are not supported enough. Whilst I am annoyed at the inconsistencies, the ambiguous reckless lack of protection of players welfare. I wonder why and wish those refs could be made better. Until then it will relentlessly roll on in its chosen moribund fashion..... Any way stuff this. It's warm, it's fresh in the Big Shock City. Eurovision is soon on, the snacks, the refreshments and erm tunes erm. On wards to the Cup and Saturday erm night Rugby erm. And will he Watto or will he not Watto return? .
  15. Just ignore. It's boosterism. Football "only" started in 1993 when the Premier League started for most of the media. Or 2009 if you support them petro-fascistic fueled powder blues.
  16. What currency? Actually it doesn't matter. Still alot. Funny that Nobler was advising at both. And sad that on both DA and MK's part that investment in lesser headline/immediate matters like say Academies would have been more long lasting.
  17. Well decency tells me to wish all concerned a speedy resolution. A fair appraisal of his time in RL is mixed to say the least. The overwhelming feeling is gratitude. He was thankfully place to stabilize SRD after the previous owners left the club in a right pickle. Happy he generated a buzz about the place which arguably has led to the current modest belief and success. However this appreciation is mixed with cringe. The seemingly wine fuelled tweets, the salary cap breaches, the numerous never fulfilled ambitions-water park, NRL club, name change, the shocking errors like ditching the Academy and the plethora of has and never been players. Plus corralling the likes of Chase, Hock and Smith might have looked good on paper, but in reality, ah well....... I accidentally met yet man a number of times, once when we both had the same Barbour jacket, another time when he was with his then wife snapping up cheap bargains at M and S Outlet. The conclusion being was he really wealthy as suggested or a very convincing up market barker? Irrespective whether he was or not, his legacy does make you consider how the Game embraces new investors. There is this distinctive reactionary fishwifery against the new whether they are made high-like Marwan or lowly like the community shares. It rankles. The small town narrow mindedness that gave us Boris or Brexit, brought to sport. But part of me thinks collectively the Game needs to , foster new shoots. Manage their egos, direct their monies better. Argyle and Koukash may have invested £10m, but really is anything there to show for it? Certainly navigate them away from the likes of Noble or Harris, who in my opinion gave some startling ruinous advice. We move on.
  18. We do. There is only 4 other Salfordian threads active here at the moment. Interesting stuff about sponsorship in France.
  19. Seems that the NRL see expansion is a gradual incremental process, building on already strong foundations. Redcliffe, perhaps Ipswich next. Indeed I might contend that whilst it might take spells in the NSW/QLD cups first, I could envisage clubs being born in Adelaide and Perth to make a truly national League.
  20. Clearly what this forum is lacking is some threads about Salford........
  21. Curious to see how flying sliding knees count as a 8 point try in Warrington and how flying sliding knees don't count as a 8 point try in Leeds when the same ref is officiating. Watching the clanging limbs of the former partner of a well known TV presenter, makes me wonder if "our Jack" was blinded by fading minor celebrity fame or just makes up as he goes along? Just asking eh?
  22. Well so far yes, but I am minded to imagine first there will be some fee to remain a stakeholder and that there will be concurrent fund raisers. If you re-read my post, I was speculating on a RFL supporters Bond.
  23. And as the sun falls on this Saturday, the total is £131,000 from 470 supporters. 1/10 of average attendance. Like an extra game. Or an extra 5,000 fans on the gate. That and the unique benefits of the democratization of the club and the Game. Thought is imagine if the RFL had established such a similar supporters Bond from day one. Each year 1/10 of the 110,000 total support of SL clubs, investing £100 per season over 25 plus years. Are we talking the millions that would make the difference?
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