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  1. Factual. I agree, but num nut will always resort to past tense. Can’t wait to see his predictions.
  2. Stop justifying his posts. Anything positive posted around Leigh. He posts.. Always with the past.
  3. To play requires players.Simple. Who is signed up? The clock is ticking.
  4. What is your occupation? Marketing? Call center? What work did you perform behind the scenes?
  5. That’s an amazing prediction. Given the season hasn’t started yet.
  6. Not if you don’t have to. Then again IF you had to?
  7. We can have any quota amounts in Championship. Bring it on..
  8. Yes the old chestnut.. We can play League cos we have played Union..
  9. Langi for me carries the same characteristics. Above his weight but never uses it.
  10. Motivation to join from Lam. One would think?
  11. Maybe they will pay Premier Sports to show it. Oh wait a minute that won’t happen now.
  12. Not sure how you come to that conclusion. Who pays the travel expenses? A split gate so not 8k.
  13. He does have a point. Newcastle seem to be going in the right direction but failed as Gateshead. Without serious investment the future looks bleak outside the M62.
  14. Yes, very true. A provisional schedule. Should Leeds lose their first six matches, next best would step in.
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