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  1. The Black Friday deal is open to all. Get it now, if not your loss.
  2. It is and it isn’t. Premier Sports supporting their business not just RL.
  3. He was excellent at Workington. Proper playmaker. The step up left him in a not so comfortable zone. Excellent player.
  4. Shouldn’t it be BLACKFRIDAY22? Wow nice one.
  5. Excellent for the game. I can see some contractual rights being contested in the future.
  6. Without a doubt. Create competition, it won’t create itself.
  7. Yes, not always wise to step on toes. Quite clear from the outset all are separate ventures.
  8. We keep hearing they will go well in Championship. It’s getting old.
  9. Not sure on that one.. His ability is notably observed these days.
  10. The money should be given to youth development. End of. Why focus on stadia whilst the opportunity exists to support the sport?
  11. Leigh turning this thread in to less of a competition daily.
  12. Don’t they jump in with two feet in round ball game?
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