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  1. Wasn’t selected clubs given the go head for academies?
  2. Have they got a squad? I’m not being negative but can’t really comment if they have a chance or not without players.
  3. Fax have had a good screw out of it. Just paid the bills..
  4. What do you mean by their own money? I stopped reading after that. Not being ignorant.
  5. I take It you took the offer up of £25 for the England shirt?
  6. Is there any need for them now? Or will it still play a part with scrums included next season?
  7. Plenty are saying you might be changing that name?
  8. These are the facilities offered. Can you match them?
  9. We are talking L1. No SBW’s required. All suffered from COVID not only what falls within your interest.
  10. It started from who they invested in. Some of the muppets remain. With the amount of personal investment from some chairman makes the likes of that comment comical.
  11. 300k a year to replace. Not that it is actually replaced just reseeded to bind with the plastic grass. 3G is a thing of the past. LSV training pitches are 5G.
  12. Hybrid pitches contain plastic. You can’t support other stadia uses just using grass.
  13. Yet not SL blooded. Elite 1 is yarns away from championship.
  14. So your knocking on the door theory is obsolete.
  15. They are starting off part time. SL won’t happen in 4 years. The current structure will change when the TV funding is renewed in 2024. Where does that leave them? I nor you know.
  16. 45 is better than none. They are Rugby League players, not just oval ball carriers. What would you like to see changed to improve that number? Or what could be changed?
  17. If it was Les Leigh they wouldn’t comment.
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