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  1. Obviously took a bit of time to get the message on.
  2. Eeeeeeee...... It weren't like that in my day. We 'ad Yorkshire league for us, and Lancs league for them uns. FFS. Even people who are HALF serious about their sport can do 1 overnight trip per season.
  3. 100% mate. It's embarrassing listening to them. (Although you wouldn't leave Saturday night. You have to leave earlier in the day to get to the hotel at a reasonable hour. Small details though).
  4. Yep. Good point. Can't disagree with you at all there. Fingers crossed he works out well.
  5. Springer is confirmed by TO XIII. Not quite sure what to make of that one.
  6. I think you are right - Wigan will be next. Mainly because the "moaners" overwhelmingly seem to support Yorkshire clubs.
  7. Fair enough. Maybe I jumped the gun. I just re-read his whole paragraph and I still see zero relevance to Rugby League in 2022. Basically he went to a county rugby union match, over 30 years ago, and there was a lot of people from Cornwall there (30 years ago) and only a few from Yorkshire. And somehow this is meant to tell us that Cornwall could be the launchpad for Toronto Wolfpack 2.0??? WTF?
  8. There is actually a bit of a pathway into "professional wrestling" from Rugby League. The WWE have been actively recruiting former pro athletes, and Rugby League, due to its collisions and body contact... Is one of the sports that they targeted.
  9. How do you get work permits for full time Australian players in League 1? I thought that was what caused the undoing of Celtic Crusaders a few years ago. They had to have guys on holiday visas as they couldn't get work permits? To me, it doesn't sound viable at all.
  10. I'll tell you what is "ridiculous" son: you dribbling on about an incident from 1893, as if it has any relevance at all to a bunch of racist rugby league fans in 2021. Put yourself in the shoes of the French people they were racially abusing and see if you still try to excuse their behaviour. It was horrendous.
  11. What has that got to do with a Rugby League club allegedly launching in 2022?
  12. It really doesn't. That is complete fantasy. They will not "just go over to league and have TV coverage". Dream on.
  13. Nah. Not really. A good few of them are absolutely horrendous. Pure racists. You're entitled to your opinion of course, but I don't agree with you.
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