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  1. Thanks for the response. I wrote about TJ because of what I heard L Rees-Zammit say a few months ago, LRZ said he was trying to bring his glutes into action more, and trying to push behind him more, so obviously to propel the body forwards, instead of striding out as much.
  2. I wonder if its to do with his running style? Maybe he strides out too much, maybe he needs to cut his stride length down and push behind him more, more like Papenhuyzen.
  3. I sent a letter to Maurice Lindsay about 15 years ago thanking him for what he did and tried to do to help RL, he sent a letter back too. Thanks Maurice. Rest in Peace.
  4. Knights, Tigers, Dragons, Eels, Storm, Bunnies, Panthers, Sharks Points - 334 Poll - Knights H Wins - 5
  5. Isn't it easy, just run straight or straightish, and have 3 or 4 options when trying to attract or engage the defensive line?
  6. Tips - Sharks Panthers Bunnies Raiders Eels Dragons Storm Chooks A win - 5 Points - 320 Poll - Dragons
  7. Tips - Sharks, Bunnies, Broncos, Cowboys, Eels, Panthers, Chooks, Storm Points - 301 H Wins - 5 Poll - Cowboyz
  8. Tips - Raiders, Panthers, Bunnies, Eagles, Storm, Chooks, Dragons, Eels A Wins - 0 Points -301 Poll - Bunnies
  9. Tips - Eagles, Cowboyz, Chooks, Storm, Bunnies, Eels, Sharks, Panthers Points - 300 H Winz - 2 Poll - Knights
  10. Gonna be quite a few high scorers this week, I guess. Poll - 1 team Tips - Titans, Sharks, Cowboys, Panthers, Bronx, Storm, Eels, Eagles A wins - 1 Points - 300
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