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  1. Thanks, Cardiff are a curious one as I keep hearing good noises coming out there, including setting up a women’s team but there doesn’t seem the commitment when union season starts. I’d like to see Devon in there, although realise the distance is a challenge. Where do Brixton play out of? What league do Skolars u20s play in? Do you think Medway have a chance of stepping up or is it too early?
  2. Thanks, I would agree that Eastern has been a success, Western less so. What do you think could/should be done better next season? Do you think the same clubs will be involved?
  3. Your point on Radford may or may not be correct but the point remains that the Hull clubs (particularly KR) have been pay lip service to junior development for years and the decline in the game in Hull is symptomatic of that
  4. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/czech-republic-to-face-serbia-and-poland-in-historic-double-header/ An historic double header will take place in Vrchlabi, Czech Republic on Saturday, August 24. A full international Test match will take place between Czech Republic and Serbia, which will be preceded by their Under-18s facing Poland Under-20s in a first-ever encounter between the nations. Czech Under-18s coach David Lahr said: “Two new junior teams joined the Czech competition in 2019 and they are both full of talented players.
  5. I keep a close eye on the Academy results and it’s generally the usual suspects up there but it was only when I looked at the history of winners that I noticed how closely it correlated to those with successful Men’s first teams. It seems without doubt that teams with strong and successful youth and academy setups carry that on to the senior level. So should clubs be concentrating and investing greater in developing this, in their areas? For me, there is no doubt. Clubs can’t buy/chase success, they need to invest in the whole setup, particularly youth, to achieve success. 2019 Table 1 Wigan Warriors Under 19 18 17 1 0 768 230 538 34 2 St Helens Under 19 20 17 3 0 800 346 454 34 3 Leeds Rhinos Under 19 20 15 4 1 730 364 366 31 4 Warrington Wolves Under 19 20 12 8 0 586 552 34 24 5 Huddersfield Giants Under 19 20 10 9 1 563 500 63 21 6 Wakefield Trinity Under 19 20 10 10 0 512 536 -24 20 7 London Broncos Under 19 19 10 9 0 542 618 -76 20 8 Widnes Vikings Under 19 19 7 12 0 432 606 -174 14 9 Bradford Bulls Under 19 19 6 12 1 382 528 -146 13 10 City of Hull Academy Under 19 20 6 14 0 430 735 -305 12 11 Castleford Tigers Under 19 20 3 15 2 378 638 -260 8 12 Newcastle Thunder Under 19 19 1 17 1 288 758 -470 3 Season Champions Runners-up 2013 Wigan Warriors U19 Leeds Rhinos U19 2014 Warrington Wolves U19 St Helens U19 2015 St Helens U19 Wigan Warriors U19 2016 St Helens U19 Wigan Warriors U19 2017 Wigan Warriors U19 Castleford Tigers U19 2018 Wigan Warriors U19 St Helens U19
  6. Sadly that’s what he’s become. He’s always been a grub but there was a 5-6 year period around his first Catalans stint where he was one of the best second rowers in the world and his skill often overshadowed his grubby nature. Unfortunately he’s now well past his best and all you notice is him being a grub. I for one will not miss him when he retires at the end of the season
  7. That’s still my thoughts, that it’s brinkmanship
  8. Do you think, with the talent coming through, that England stand a genuine chance of winning the World Cup in 2021 or are they too far behind Australia and NZ? The women’s game in England has concentrated on introducing new teams on the back of existing men’s team - expanding the top flight. Do you think this is the right approach or do you think that talent is being spread too thin and the standard suffers and we’d be better following a more concentrated elite model as in Australia/NZ?
  9. I hope Prince Harry isn’t sat near George Flanagan, as we know how much he likes to get his hands on the Crown Jewels
  10. Where will they go? Just looks like bluster to me to force some action. Can’t see them going anywhere. I think Bradford (Chambers) are gonna have to put some skin in the game (in terms of £ contribution) if they want to get a new facility
  11. Yeah I agree. They seem to hand out long suspensions for specific people/incidents such as Hock, Acton etc but it doesn’t seem there is any consistency in some of the longer ones. Any precedence doesn’t seem to be applied
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