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  1. How many of those would qualify for the French National side though? As far as I’m aware, the Solomon Islands has no links at all with France, whilst Vanuatu play independently as a country
  2. Sharks have the ingredients of a good side but are just imbalanced. Their defence is also shocking. They probably suffer from too many big names/egos. Woods and Fifita are past it and Hunt and Brailey are ordinary. They need a shake up of their middles. They certainly miss Moylan, Xerri and Mulitalo too out the back. Townsend has been poor since the restart Felt sorry for Nene McDonald. He looked so rusty, and this is the problem with no reserve comp, which means any players come in not match fit and get exposed
  3. No, we know Huddersfield and Catalans are sorted. They were the first 2
  4. Sadly this doesn’t surprise me. Elstone needs to put his foot down. It’s ludicrous
  5. Can't believe NZ Warriors lost that, they should have been out of sight. They lacked control from the halves/hooker. Green had an unusually below par game Don't really rate Egan much, I'm surprised they went for him. You can see how much better Penrith are with Korosaiu instead of Egan
  6. Could be a long night for the Titans. 12-0 after 8. Harris-Tavita is some goalkicker. Nailed another from the touchline. Cleary, Flanagan and Harris-Tavita are outstanding goal kickers
  7. It's certainly funky. I like how they mix things up with their jerseys. RTS is just class. I wish Watkins was still there this season, as he was looking good and certainly better than some of the dross the Titans have. 6-0 to the Warriors after 5. I do worry about Gold Coast edges
  8. Sadly I can't say the same..........I still usually have 1 or 2 NRL games leftover from the weekend to watch at the start of the following week
  9. In fairness, I'm in the same boat. I'm in a real dilemma. Test cricket is back, there's the NRL, how am I meant to work from home?
  10. Maybe it was because your productivity was so poor with spending so much time on here?
  11. Be interesting to see which winger keeps their place, if B Morris is back next week. Robinson clearly likes a lot of things that Hall brings to the side but can you drop a winger who's just scored 5 tries, a couple of which were superbly finished?
  12. Did you really think the pay cut piece was one of your best? I suppose I appreciate the amount of investigative effort put in. However, from a reader’s perspective, whilst mildly interesting, I didn’t get overly bothered by it. This pandemic is affecting everyone and pay cuts are inevitable. There will be a lot of back and forth negotiations as is the nature of the fluid situation. I don’t think nitpicking between individual clubs proposals is particularly helpful. There are far more prominent stories in my opinion
  13. It is a joke now isn't it? I had to laugh...........totally demolishing NQ. Hall swaps wings to his favoured left wing and 5 tries get scored by the right winger. Couldn't make it up
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