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  1. I like the sound of this suggestion......... A potential cancellation of the Ashes series could open the door for the Super League Grand Final to be relocated and played later in the year, with media reports suggesting plans have been drawn up for the Challenge Cup Final to be held at Old Trafford in October, the regular home of the Grand Final, with Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium, due to host the third Ashes Test, hosting the Grand Final instead in November.
  2. This thread isn’t about head coaches though
  3. Only 37 jobs in the professional game? Where did you get that figure from? Most clubs have a number of coaches in their ranks
  4. Agreed but your point about Mourinho was inaccurate. He did play football in the Portuguese leagues, albeit to no great acclaim
  5. There was an academy at u18’s level though wasn’t there? Not sure the WRL are in a position to fund it though are they?
  6. A bit much to call him a saviour but good to see the game come together in a united form in both hemispheres
  7. As much as it would hurt us, could you imagine Jason Taumalolo lining up in a Maroons jumper?" Fittler asked. Where's Tonga? That's in Queensland. Fittler is an idiot, he’s so ignorant it’s beyond belief. Almost as bad as Schofield
  8. Thanks mate. Good to see a few are still there but would’ve hoped more would be. Do you know if any of the next crop also signed, are still at SL clubs? https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/remarkable-welsh-revolution-sees-17-13615294.amp
  9. Whilst we're on the topic, what happened to the players of the Wales u16 side who defeated England in 2017? https://rugbyleague.wales/rl-match-report?atkn=QkU3RUVDRjAtMzYzNi00Q0M3LTk0Q0EtMEE4MUI2QkJGMjM4&mid=MjQ4OTIx&tid=MTA1NTU4&optid=MTA1Mjc0 Quite a large number of them got snapped up by SL academies. Are they still there? I think Hull FC picked up 5 from memory, including the Badham brothers
  10. Robbie Ward? Hooker.........tidy enough player, but didn't really have the physical attributes to make it at the top level. Been playing the Championship for a few teams i think (Fev/Dewsbury?)
  11. Haha love the moralistic stance. Think we need to find a bigger horse for you though
  12. No contest for me.............Slater is the best i've seen. Lockyer very good, but I thought he was a better 6
  13. Richard Owen is another...........think he was playing at Donny last? Looked a great prospect breaking through at Cas. I know he had a bad injury, not sure if there were some off field issues too
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