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  1. Gale is ahead of schedule and will be back in the first couple of rounds
  2. Interesting that there’s no sign of Birmingham Jaguars or Worcestershire Jaguars that were meant to play in Euro XIII
  3. Didn’t realise there was a club in Shrewsbury, good to hear The Midlands is really expanding far and wide, taking in Goole as well now!
  4. When did he last play a game of footy in either code? Hasn't he been a free agent a while? Appears a bit desperate
  5. I don’t think it’s V’landys, these incessant changes have been happening a long time before he came on the scene. The 20-40 seems pointless, as do a couple of other ones for this year such as the tap which doesn’t speed up the game and allows the defence to reset, whereas a scrum allowed greater opportunity for the attacking side
  6. Think Farnworth will be in the mix for for the World Cup, as he can cover both centre and wing. A lot depends on injuries, particularly with Manfredi and Johnstone being prone
  7. For me, if Wardle bulks up a bit, him and Newman are our best 2 centres. Although I do like King, he doesn't carry the same attacking threat (unless the ball is in the air). Gildart and Percival are good solid players but next level for me. It'll be interesting to see what Wane does, Wardle is the sort of player i'd think he'd like as he's got a bit of mongrel in him. But he has worked with Gildart in the past so may favour him
  8. No need to be petulant, if you going to spread such assertions, at least try and support your argument. Just because the 2 semi pro clubs are at a low ebb doesn’t mean there isn’t any interest in the game there. How do you think they’ve just got a statue sanctioned for 3 Welsh RL greats in Cardiff Bay if there’s no interest? Or Welsh schools continually performing well in the Champion Schools competition? It wasn’t long ago that York City Knights nearly went out of existence and there was little to no grassroots/junior development going on in York. Would you similarly say there’s no inter
  9. The few times I’ve watched him it’s been his defensive reads and positioning which I felt needed work on, so I’d be surprised if he started the season......... but it seems he’s on the right track and a lot of that comes with experience
  10. Has it waned? I seem to remember Wales u16 beating England u16 a few years ago. Strange that considering there’s no interest in the game down there
  11. In fairness, Mitchell didn't have much of a pass when he first came on the scene
  12. fi - let me attempt to answer, although i'm sure others are better qualified. Firstly, other foundations have done this successfully - I know of the work Leeds do which has seen a number of new junior clubs setup. Wakefield have also been supporting a number of the Midlands clubs (Bolsover, Immingham), whilst Saints have been supporting the efforts in Cornwall. Part of the funding comes through Sky Try, although Foundations are able to tap into many other sources of income through their charitable status. The question on whether Newcastle's development should be a blueprint is a good one,
  13. Just 30 more posts to go Barnaby, you’re making a good fist of it this time
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