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  1. In the past week, he's also single handedly raised the profile of the sport to the wider global public more than any other person. You couldn't buy the level of publicity he's generated
  2. Welcome back DP, good to see you posting again
  3. Step away from the cliff Scubby. C’mon man, it’s not worth it, we’re all here for you, give us a hug
  4. Surprisingly good goalline defence by Catalans. Nice to see Morgue on
  5. Who's the Toulouse 24? He's got some wheels.............he should've taken the tackle though
  6. Jono Ford just made a tackle, and a proper one...............not something you see every day
  7. Gavin Marguerite looks to have filled out his frame in the off season with the Dragons................could be a very handy signing
  8. No idea how Toulouse scored because of the camera work but got in the corner. Good to see Lloyd White back in the northern hemisphere............he'll be a good addition to Toulouse this year if he can stay fit
  9. Where do you play and who owns the facility? Any plans for juniors?
  10. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-star-admits-being-alcoholic-17564557.amp
  11. Do you think having a double-barrelled name makes you sound posher? Do you think you’ll ever return to NZ or is England your home now? Who was the best player you played with and against? As a half, what one rule would you change to benefit the game? Do you think your brother sold his soul to the devil when he made the move to the dark side?
  12. I would go along with this. I’m still concerned about the back 3 who looked shaky at the weekend. Walker is a long way from the finished product and continually makes mistakes, whilst his linking up with the attacking line leaves a lot to be desired. Handley is ok but nothing more (a long way from international quality) and Newman still looks lost on the wing and will get targeted under the high ball. I hope Tom Briscoe comes back ASAP. The pack and halves look better and McLelland looked good with Lui, whilst Leeming will also add something and Ward will be a big plus if he can stay fit
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