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  1. Dave Woods tweeted that it peaked at 1.6m and average at well over 1m for the 3.5 hours it was on and was the most watched programme on any channel throughout. Encouraging? Are these better than normal?
  2. Interesting make up and difficult to argue against most of those, but some are debatable. I can’t wait to see how Fox pundits react to the ‘Best player in the world’ not making the side
  3. I’m really surprised by the choice of Wighton. He’s been good this year but not as good as last year in my opinion, and he’s form has tailed off in recent weeks. Cleary has been stand out but Luai and Keary also excellent whilst Johnson too since the return. I think Williams has been as good as Wighton
  4. I was surprised the Roosters targeted him in the first place, as a replacement for Cronk. He didn’t look like a standout player for Cronulla, more like a young player who was making his way in the game. It seemed an awful lot to expect from him.
  5. That’s very sad to hear. He was playing some of the beat footy of his career last year
  6. Panthers will need to improve for next week. Will they get Kikau back? They bombed numerous chances which kept the dogged Souths in the game. They’ll need to be more ruthless against the Storm next week. Could be an interesting game
  7. Tom Burgess had a pretty disappointing game today, particularly in defence when the Panthers ripped them up the middle and blew numerous chances
  8. I’ve never been sold by him, but he’s a decent player and I can see why pundits thought he’d do well in SL. He’s got pace to burn and is quite off the cuff which would suit SL better than NRL. His defence isn’t great but it’s average for a half. The reason he hasn’t cut it in NRL is that he’s not an organiser and hasn’t been able to control a game or lead a team around the park. Think Richie Myler in his younger days. Combined with Smith, playing a controlling half and leading this kicking game, they could be a potent pairing
  9. Following the demolition of Canberra earlier, I was wondering if there was a better back 3 out there. Who would you have?
  10. Correct, it’s an important vehicle so England/GB can reassert their authority on the lesser nations we once owned
  11. This game is for all the idiots who say it’s a simple game and all you need to do is run hard and tackle hard
  12. Melbourne are playing a different game to Canberra
  13. I have no issue, they’re brilliantly executed tries combined with individual brilliance. Storms ball movement at pace is fantastic. When you see SL games with poorly directed passes, particularly from dummy half, it really is a pleasure to watch this. A masterclass from Melbourne
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