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  1. No I don’t believe that to be the case, and I think those at Huddersfield, Widnes, Warrington and Bradford would test-amount to that
  2. You only won’t comment any further become you know you’re talking out your derrière (like usual) Having had dealings with academies, foundations and juniors, I am comfortable calling this out as nonsense. However, feel free to produce evidence of clubs having double the number of scholarships than RFL rules allow. No surprise it coming from a Leigh fan who don’t have an academy
  3. It's not about how much people are paid - it's the fact there isn't anyone with the skillset to generate and sustain sponsorship at that level, which is where he is looking for RLIF to help out with. Currently they don't have anyone in such a position, but it's something they should look at creating
  4. This is what Widnes were actually very good at, until they hit financial difficulties I don't agree with this crass statement. Yes there is an element of this, but this is a gross exaggeration and very lazy aspersion. The encouragement of players to certain clubs may have happened in the past, but clubs realised it was counter productive. It doesn't happen at club level anymore that's for sure. Looking at Leeds latest intake, 4 have come from Wetherby Bulldogs (hardly a super club). Interesting that a few go to Tadcaster Grammar too, not sure if they play league there too (certainly was always a union school). It's far from impossible to break the cycle. Warrington have shown tremendous strides in this area, as have Huddersfield. It would have been more apparent with Widnes/Bradford if it wasn't for their financial troubles and dropping out the top level, which will mean the top talent will leave as with anyone good, they will want to play at the top level. You reap what you sow and many clubs have sadly being doing not much more than the bare minimum and almost paying lip service to junior development in their regions
  5. Thanks for that, good listen as it always is with Robert. And kinda, as suspected, but hopefully this knee jerk reaction will be reversed when sense is seen. The interesting bit was about 5 minutes from the end when Robert talks about the help RLIF could provide, with professionals looking to setup sponsorship in each nation, instead of them having to ask for handouts from RLIF constantly, and because these emerging nation pioneers on the ground are not adept enough or have the time to engage, grow with and retain sponsors. I think that's an excellent idea, and the position(s) should be paid back handsomly by the returns so shouldn't be seen as a cost burden on RLIF
  6. Ireland's u16's are also playing Scotland u16's as a curtain raiser https://www.rli.ie/news-details/10054368/
  7. They had Highland Spring on their rep jerseys previously. Not sure of that deal but this one looks a pretty good deal considering how small rugby is up there
  8. http://www.scotlandrl.com/2019/08/15/mcewans-sponsorship/ Scotland Rugby League are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement with the iconic Scottish beer brand, McEwan’s, to sponsor their National League from 2020.
  9. Very much agree. Bizarre considering their neighbours Brazil have just set the pathway by gaining affiliate status. Perhaps there’s a hint of jealousy and frustration that they’ve got there first and so they’re throwing their toys out a pram. Very poor anyway, thought better of Carlos. As you say though, they’re going to be very lonely and find no love over there
  10. Thanks, Cardiff are a curious one as I keep hearing good noises coming out there, including setting up a women’s team but there doesn’t seem the commitment when union season starts. I’d like to see Devon in there, although realise the distance is a challenge. Where do Brixton play out of? What league do Skolars u20s play in? Do you think Medway have a chance of stepping up or is it too early?
  11. Thanks, I would agree that Eastern has been a success, Western less so. What do you think could/should be done better next season? Do you think the same clubs will be involved?
  12. Your point on Radford may or may not be correct but the point remains that the Hull clubs (particularly KR) have been pay lip service to junior development for years and the decline in the game in Hull is symptomatic of that
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