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  1. Whilst I think the Rabbitohs made a mistake not giving Reynolds a longer contract than a year, I would be wary about throwing money at Walker. He'll be 33 by the time the 2023 season starts and no guarantees he'll still be in the same sort of form. I would be looking at offering him a 1 year deal with a further year extension linked to performance
  2. Correct. You only need to look at the lack of community clubs to see there isn't a high level of interest in the city
  3. Done deal..........rumoured that Catalans made a late bid for him too, which seemed a bit strange
  4. Disagree. Toulouse has stronger foundations than you suggested here
  5. Is that because his culinary expertise extends further than putting a few shrimps on the barbie?
  6. Slight left field one this but Jonti Morshead-Feildel, son of celebrity French chef Manu Feildel, has been selected for the Roosters 2022 Harold Matthews Squad.
  7. Interesting signing. He was in the Knights setup not long ago and looked very promising but seems to have fallen away. I’m not sure what happened at the Giants as I’d have thought he would flourish there under Watson. Could be a fresh start is what he needs
  8. “it's also unclear whether Super League fixtures will take place on the designated international weekend drawn into the schedule. Guaranteed that will happen
  9. What’s happened to Matongo mate? He always looked a good prospect but nowhere to be seen last year. He injured?
  10. It’s not ball in hand that’s the issue with him, it’s his defence and work rate. Likely to be exposed less in championship as that’s more his level
  11. I’d be far less convinced about either of those signings, although they’re probably an improvement on what they have currently
  12. So Josh Eaves has signed. Good signing and Tommy Makinson was singing his praises which suggests he’s a good person to have on board
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