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  1. I think it's a good suggestion, I like having a separate forum for this. However, it relies on posters putting topics in here, and not the general forum which acts as a place to go. I also think interaction on the forum has dropped in recent years so questionable how frequently it will be used
  2. The RFL sure know how to specialise in budget internationals. No commentary and the clock 4 minutes different than the refs. Very enjoyable and feisty game nonetheless. Hopefully standards off the field can improve for future. A 3 match series would be good
  3. Nor with Rhys who looked a cut above at youth level
  4. Nice to see he views the international game as the bookend of the season. If there’s anything that encapsulates the general malaise for the international scene, he’s summarised it there.
  5. Good read. Hard to see anything else than the Tigers, Bulldogs and St George fighting it out for the wooden spoon again this year though. The Bulldogs should have a good left edge with Burton, Kikau, Crichton and Addo Carr but they look too weak elsewhere and lack quality in depth. Be interesting to see how Bronson Xerri goes on his return
  6. No my original quote was commenting that the Hurricanes have a genuine chance of really making a success of it.............until the money runs out. I'm not even sure why there is so much conjecture to that point. It's significantly harder for a fledgling new club to develop sustainable roots in a new area than it is for a more established one
  7. Correct but new clubs out of the heartland are more susceptible to it
  8. You will have seen Lam more than me, but I've always thought he had a decent kicking game? Moylan has an excellent short kicking game, I can't say his long kicking game is particularly memorable - Hynes and Trindall typically do the bulk of that at the Sharks
  9. Can we keep this thread to TRANSFERS please............if you wish to discuss your clubs communication, please address elsewhere. Moylan is an excellent signing, really impressive. Even more so than Milford. He's such a classy half back, similar to Lam in some ways, but he should complement well with being on the opposite side. I really like seeing Moylan play, he's a natural footy player, an old school half who hasn't been over coached. The only criticism of him can be that he fades out of games sometimes and doesn't take it by the scruff of the neck. However, with Lam leading the side around the pitch, he should slot in perfectly. There's every chance that Leigh will do even better next season, and that's some feat
  10. Nice article about the former England international https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/reece-lyne-doncaster-wakefield-trinity-31469579?int_source=amp_continue_reading&int_medium=amp&int_campaign=continue_reading_button#amp-readmore-target
  11. Watching Australia getting humiliated and nilled by the Kiwis, followed by Penrith getting turned over in the WCC
  12. Things are really heating up at the top of the game. Eboni Partington signed for York. Saints are really being challenged now, particularly with Wigan and Huddersfield making statements of intent. Great to see standards being raised
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