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  1. Bear in mind there’s no NRL players in it. But to some extent I agree, McGillvary, Handley and Lyne are not international standard at the moment
  2. It did and that is the intensity required at the top level. Reminds me also of the World Cup Final - you only get a handful of opportunities in these games and you have to ice them. Unfortunately for Saints, they couldn't execute under immense pressure from Warrington. You want and need your top players playing in these games so they can learn how to execute in tight and high intensity games.
  3. Great game, best I’ve seen in some time. Shame the clowns on commentary couldn’t appreciate it and talked it down
  4. Who cares? It doesn't affect my enjoyment of Rugby League and it would be a bit weird if it did to any other fan
  5. I expect Hetherington will take on the role of contract negotiations in the interim basis. Key is who will replace Sinfield. I expect he will research diligently to get the right person in. Of course, he could look down the route of McGuire coming back. That said, there is a very fundamental difference between a Head of Rugby/Performance and CEO role and if they’re looking for the latter then McGuire is unlikely to be the person. The structure at the club and roles require some clarity. Leicester Tigers are clearly burning through all that CVC money on a defence coach
  6. No surprise but what is concerning is the number of players who are having to retire from concussion. Stevie Ward over here and Friend and Cordner there in the past couple of years. Tom Johnstone and Wade Graham having to take extended time out the game. Really worrying trend
  7. At this stage, it’s pretty immaterial as there’s a long way until the World Cup and lots can change. I’m comfortable that he’s made a decision based on standards that have been outlined (I expect it is off field) and those within the group know what’s expected and Farnworth knows why he’s fallen short. If he doesn’t make the World Cup squad and there’s still no explanation then I think fans have a right to ask the question why
  8. I’m a bit surprised by that, wouldn’t have thought the Warriors would want him to leave
  9. True, although he can’t be any worse defender than Tuala. Young Young showed up well in defence in the second half, bar a late missed tackle at the end of the game. Burgess had another pretty ordinary game though
  10. Young Young had a solid first half. Finished well for his try and should’ve had a second if Best hadn’t bombed a simple 2 on 1. Young also had that chance at the end, although there were covering defenders so it wasn’t a clear cut chance. He’s had some good hit ups, although has been exposed a couple of times on the outside but Souths couldn’t make it stick. Overall, promising game
  11. Best doesn’t make the same mistake twice, laying on a nice pass for Young to finish very well in the corner
  12. Shocking centre play by Best there, bombed a 2 on 1 which should’ve given Young an easy try
  13. And why have Hull KR only had an elite licence for 2 years?
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