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  1. I totally agree - sign Mike as head coach, bring in an assistant coach, employ someone like Neil Thurman to be reserves coach/assistant coach and get S&C coach too! Make proper financial offer for reserves players to play rather than using academy boys who are not ready and letting reserves play for skolars as they get paid!! Give both edges 2023 contracts so there is stability and they won’t have to start again from scratch and then recruit to bolster squad
  2. I went and was massively disappointed! Spent years listening to how expensive the food and beer is in London and then get charged £4.50 for a substandard pint and the same for chips and cheese!!!! Felt I’d been mugged. All pubs close to the ground closed by 11pm unless had music and you were in before a certain time which, having gone for food made it impossible as stayed to watch the Leigh show
  3. The personnel for RL and many other hangers on were too busy getting fed and watered at a posh hotel to worry about what was actually happening. It’s systematic of the culture in this country st present - look after yourself and if you are lucky enough to be at the top or inner circle, stay there, don’t make waves and keep taking the spoils! why organise for the club furthest away to play first agains one of the clubs closest to the ground! Shocking planning unless of course no one cares about London - oh that’s right - they don’t! the most sensible choice of opener would have been Fax v Bradford as both local and bring big numbers to get the stands going! Put London 2nd or 3rd! let’s have a open declaration of costs for the weekend and how much Leeds got/RL and how that was broken down! Bet expenses were a high cost factor
  4. Well said, get out of Wimbledon and over to Kent - train service good from north or south
  5. Why would you put the club out of its misery when they win? The best experience I have had at a ground do date! Everything was laid in and nothing was too much trouble - a permanent move would be a wise one as Wimbledon is too large and formal with no character to it
  6. London were good but why bother with Albert - 10/15 mins for a full game - marquee signing who has not matched his rep but paratta has excelled
  7. ? Not sure what the comment was but want to believe that everyone on this thread wants broncos to succeed otherwise why would you be bothered? It’s been clear from matches that we are in the mix and just wish they had gelled earlier and those who were not feeling it had walked away
  8. All those who walk off not giving a damn about the loss - in particular at Workington. I don’t need to name them as I trust Mike and believe the selection will speak for itself when players are fit again
  9. I said way back that there were no pre season matches that carried any weight, Coleman brought in mates and players he’d seen do well against him at skolars! He did a real number on the squad and then Hughes keeping him as long as he did has bee so detrimental! I honestly believe if they had gone before Newcastle the outcomes would now be showing but Mike has an uphill battle! Given the performance today though it is really encouraging and think we should be looking at how we continue to build further - first job is to lose all those players who are not interested as just dead wood!
  10. Need to look for another half - Tom Holmes went to Sheffield on loan but didn’t think they needed a half long term and he is not going to feature in the current Fev 21 so London need to do some deals
  11. So what now? Siti much better as centre and need another half! Tried Thomas - ex skolar who has been around but made some really poor decisions and kicks when he played, Ramsey was from west wales so surely not up to the job, one appearance as replacement hooker so not seen what he can do but given he was signed in pre season I assume he’s had his chances in training and reserves/skolars? Newcastle is definitely a winner if can get the selection right and the lads come out with the fight they showed last week but with continued momentum rather than dropping off in second half and an improvement in line speed
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