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  1. Are you joking - half backs were average at best! Jack not too bad but meadows was fire and if hasn’t got 40-20 there would be nothing! He missed tackle after tackle
  2. From the stats last seaso. Jack scored the same points as Oli Leyland who is still at Broncos and who did have the 6 shirt for 3 years although he scored more tries. Not sure of Meadows stats but wasn’t impressive against his old club when playing for Batley. Mike and London talk about looking after their home grown players and then announce numbers with no mention of those who scored the points to get them to the play offs . I agree a more experienced half and wing as well as a back rower are needed and I hope this Jack can step up but not much to go on and certainly not a Corey Norman!
  3. He was always leaving at the end of the season to go home, as was dean Whare who was apparently retiring. Think there is a chance Corey will be back when it gets a bit warmer and he’s has a rest as 32 now
  4. London have beaten Toulouse 3 times, Batley at their ground Gev at their ground, Sheffield twice at their ground… shall I go on? Early on in season there were many near misses including Halifax with a yellow card and penalty when Paratta was pulled back from a leyland kick under the sticks - defo try which should have been awarded so let’s just be happy with the outcome and know that when it came to it, London didn’t choke as other clubs did
  5. That’s sport - players who have worked hard for the team and got them to this point miss out and sometimes it’s just about the experience the players have that determine it! Oli Leyland missed out to Henry Raiwilui in the semi final as there is a 12 year age difference and Henry has played in a number of big stakes games back in Oz and for Fiji. He was mom at summer bash and scored length of pitch try in July but may well miss out again if Eccles/Lovegrove stick with same team. The teams will celebrate together and commiserate together too. I think the best outcome, having heard the Newcastle news, would be for the game to be played and then the decision to put both up to SL creating a 14 team league and then a 20 team tier one with some kind of in year comp or put Fev and Bradford up too creating 16 teams and then 18 team tier one! What cannot be allowed to happen is to leave league one in the state it is now and do nothing as everyone involved in the sport needs to give a bit to keep it alive
  6. I think London were great and put everything into the performance. From a London perspective it was a Shame not to see both Leyland boys out there as they are proper home grown, considering London have made so much of that aspect of the club. believe that either Leyland or Railuwai would have done the job against Fev with Norman and Whare beside them, it was more about heart and cohesion. going forward London have got to be offering more both developmental and financially, despite the journey Mike has been on he is not a coach and hasn’t play the game so many of the decisions appear to be coming from Norman and just hope London get another Norman next year or keep this one but probably at the expense of other players as the money won’t stretch. Player development relies entirely on the other players around them so getting experienced key positions in is the only way young players will develop in the current set up. Bill Leyland is a force but has had Paratta as his mentor. good luck to both teams next year but if London go up the infrastructure needs some serious revenue to sustain it
  7. It’s a four hour plus coach ride and ko is 6.30pm so to travel for anyone working Monday is not ok! No consideration for the length of journey in a Sunday night
  8. Hughes seems either unaware of decisions or maybe he is aware but the money isn’t there anymore? Why else would you not offer to keep your core group of players together. I get that they made 3/4 big spend signings this year with Whare Norman Albert Raiwilui and Waine and maybe this is the model that Mike wants to follow but is it cost effective when look at % of playing bersus injuries when go with older players. At this point I’d just be happy to hear some/any signings
  9. On that note I heard talk of them moving to the London Irish training ground as can then have the youth and seniors together?
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