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  1. We look forward (small taxi of hardcore fans) to the trip down. We don't expect a win but to see a near full strength thunder team that's been hindered by injuries for first half of the season and alot of dual reg / loan cop outs. A performance would be nice. For us to have any chance we need to have Halsall and Hanley in the side again. Very young thunder side we have that's preparing and in its first year of full time. Went full time on a basis of relocating players up here and housing them as the part time system wasn't working for heartland players. Learning curve for the club, will this continue.. Who knows in years to come. All about next year and getting in the super league B and trying to get more wins and grow the crowds that have been woeful this year with the low standards set on the pitch. The lads just like some banter and a few drinks and songs and watching the thunder we expect a loss but still follow
  2. We had alot of big pack players in the home game v yourselves. But if bulldogs play like did v worky and run at us with all that support around the ball you will be in for just as many tries. Boafos wing is a weak side for us and we leave gaps through the middle.
  3. We had a fans forum before Fev game. They basically saying its full time but not really full time. Used as a plan to get some players up here. Most are in accommodation in a flat in town. Dual reg from Wigan has been hit and miss,halsall being the exception. Lots of injuries occurred after a few games in but can't blame that now. Hallas minns and a loan for matty costello who played v york and then never to be seen again. Been alot of loans and just disrupting the flow. Have a look on thunder site you will see majority is aimed at the coaching
  4. Players lack any motivation. Unfit. Have twice failed to acknowledge travelling support. Same things happening where we go 20 to 30 down in first half and leave no chance of a fight back. Players making same mistakes. Just very boring one man in rugby. No support play. Rely on individual play to get tries. Has been a terrible season for 3rd highest spenders
  5. Yes we just scraped a win v rams. Always nice to beat the rams though with there no singing, drums or flags policy :)
  6. Won't be more than two geordies down, We've had enough of the utter garbage
  7. Great to finally have some players back for us this season. Fantastic result let's hope we came out of it injury free. I think day would of been happier with having tai and Foster back and playing with some big blokes with experience. Croft and adebiyi I hope can commit to a full length loan this year. Mullen, JJ, chapelhow, Dee, new 13 to come back. Keep croft until at least dee back but I'd keep him for the year and call time on Halsall if he's going to be near that wigan lineup I'm afraid. 100percent staying up but next year is the big one with the league changing the year after. Kurdi meant to be opening the chequebook by rumours. Disaster start with injuries this year Let's hope it kicks on and we have a nice summer watching a full team and not purely academy and 1 week loans.
  8. Yes the scheduling of the game was stupid. Thought adebiyi was a bit unfit and a few of our full timers were also flagging. Poor kicking game again booting it up through the middle when the guys chasing were at snails pace due to not being fit. Croft had good tries but his and gidz efforts to defend that edge was very very poor. Must win game v broncos to give the first teamers coming bcak any chance of getting that last play off place I believe. Lose broncos then I see a further 5 or 6 defeats ahead with the schedule
  9. Fax fans were great. Hope the lads enjoyed their stag. Big game v broncos next
  10. Might not even have the same coaching staff by then. Already pressure on from fans. Brad gallagher out now. Him and Mullen our best players this year of what's left. Need to play out wide and get Boafo more ball in space to stretch his legs. I think keeping the score to four or less tries will be an achievement. Time for some young lads to shine and get stuck in.
  11. Yeah if you can be in the centre then that's best option. You think of Newcastle thunder being Newcastle but it's in the sticks lol Newcastle United playing at home from lunchtime so will be busier. Gateshead also playing a massive game at 3pm so probs not going to be a decent crowd at thunder. Brad Gallagher out for us now although we've brought three players in on 2 week loans. 12347 11 13 out missing
  12. Couple more quick loans in to try and cover the Injuries. Might see the same thunder team twice this year haha No idea on the three but looks like croft could cover centre with dee, Foster, Halsall, costello out/recalled. Who knows what performance we gana get. Hopefully we start to throw the ball about like the second half of the Seagulls game and keep disciplined. Fax stronger on paper. https://www.thunderrugby.co.uk/article/343/newcastle-thunder-secure-trio-of-loan-signings
  13. Twin farms pub. About 12 mins walk from metro then another 10 from pub straight down to KP. Otherwise its not like your Newcastle centre haha. Houses and fields and local shopping centre. Go easy on us. We are expecting a battering Saturday and nothing less with injuries and way we have been recruiting youngsters to play. Not good times for us this year full time or not we've went the cheaper way with no experience Enjoy!
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