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  1. As the title suggests, what are everyone's expectations for the season ahead? I'll start. With the calibre of signings we've made we have to be aiming for the play offs. Gale, Crooks, Walker, Adebiyi are all coming from SL and Ioane, Robson, Doyle, Roby are all established Championship players (Doyle is ripping it up in training and is SL quality by all accounts). Then there's Tomlinson who adds some depth in the back row and Storey has come from League one but looked good in the friendly. Adding these to players who already have extensive Championship experience such as Chizzy, Everett and Trout, I really think we should be well equipped to go well. That said there are players such as Miller, Young, Roebuck, Parker, Graham, Levy and Agoro who looked great last season but will have to step up. Can't wait for the rugby to actually start now!
  2. I would have just liked a bit more exposure on what we are doing and the new signings like you mentioned. But it is what it is. The social media output looks to be picking up a little with some videos and interviews, which is nice to see, but there's more needed. Truth be told I'm not expecting a win against Fev, they look really really solid across the park and have strength in depth, I can see them winning the league quite easily. Saying that, we have to play everyone twice so why not get them out of the way and hope we can catch them a little cold. Stranger things have happened! Heard nothing on the skipper. Presume Jack is the club captain still but of course if he's not in the 17 that could mean someone else week to week on the field? I think the player group get a vote on the captain, so that might be yet to happen, but I'm guessing.
  3. Neither club have even announced that it's happening so I'm not expecting to hear or see anything in terms of a result or highlights package.
  4. Yep I've heard we play them tomorrow in a friendly behind closed doors. Shame we can't watch but as long as it's productive that's the main thing. It's the Aussie way not to have too many pre season games, so I guess Rhys will be fairly happy. Fev probably had to have more pre season games to give Long as much chance to assess his squad as possible. They've got such a strong squad I don't think it'll matter too much who he decides to put out
  5. Not surprised by the news tbh, couldn't see him playing unless we got quite a few injuries. Stellar career and I hope Sunday is packed out for him. Looking forward to it
  6. Said he's wrapping them up for the super league, which I guess is fair enough considering the issues they had in the halves last season. I've heard a rumour that's Ben Stead will be playing in the halves. Played for them against Fev as part of the Midlands/Cas link up.
  7. Radford has said no Widdup, Evalds, Miller but other than those it will be a big squad with plenty getting game time. Should see some decent players on show
  8. Yes I'd have Charlie as left winger and Crooks left centre. I'm big fan of Charlie's. So you think Cas will bring a decent first team squad?
  9. Very strong squad with lots of options on various positions, will certainly be interesting to see how it goes. We still have Doyle, Walker and Roby to add back into the squad as well. I hope Cas but at least a half strong team out. Will be exciting to see some top players at Cougar Park squad likely to be announced towards the end of this week.
  10. What penalties did Parker keep giving away? I can't seem to remember any from Saturday. He probably played the most minutes as well so not sure fitness is an issue. Yep Jack and Lewis do seem to have a good understanding so it'll be interesting to see if Jack plays Sunday. I'd like to see Charlie Graham and Ben Crooks form a formidably partnership on the left, I really think Charlie has what it takes to be at least a top champ player, even maybe better.
  11. I think it'll be something like the below. Brad Walker isn't available due to injury. I would start Kesik at 9 but Rhys likes Gaylor there. Interesting you've left Roebuck and Levy out too. My choice is harsh on Jack but I think it's what Rhys will go with. Young Mo Roebuck Crooks Charlie Gale Chizzy Parker Gaylor Trout Levy Robson Adebiyi Subs Everett Santi Story Ioane
  12. Keighley fan here. Thought it was a good competitive game and for some parts of the game you played some decent rugby. Will be interesting to see how you progress as the season goes on.
  13. Yes Gale is available this weekend against Cas, so presuming he gets at least some game time. Agree RE Chizzy, not ideal conditions if carrying a slight niggle. Yeah Billy looked good in the halves, it surprised me to be honest. He's steady away, not sure what his best position is but an important member of the squad none the less.
  14. I thought we defended very well. The tries Newcastle scored came off the back of us giving 6 agains and penalties back to back and compounding our own errors. I'm hopeful our discipline will be better come game one, it'll need to be. Interesting you mention Chizzy on the left edge and Jack on the right. We certainly didn't threaten in the first half and looked much more potent in the second half with Jack on left and Billy Gaylor on the right (surprised me too!) I'm very interested in how Rhys will select his halves, first of all personnel wise and then tactically too. Maybe the next friendly when Gale is available gives us more of an idea. I don't think anyone had a poor game really. Even thought we looked clunky in the first half Chizzy still had moments where he took the line on and beat a few. All the debutants looked to fit in nicely to me. Ioane, Crooks, Adebiyi, Tomlinson looked good but Storey was an obvious stand out for, that's before you take his tries into consideration. Such a strong runner of good lines. He looks an astute signing. Overall I think we looked OK without being brilliant but for a first hit out, in those conditions with lots of changes of personnel and positions, I'll absolutely take it. Always nice to win!
  15. Not the best weather for driving up but giving myself plenty of time Not sure the conditions will be conducive to free flowing rugby but looking forward to it nevertheless.
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