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  1. My club is more than capable of killing itself without any help from anyone.
  2. Correct, we can't expect to beat the likes of Barrow with the squad we have (and are likely to have next season) so why have the management moved us to a bigger stadium and set a target for 5,000 fans ? I think it is the management who are missing something (perhaps some marbles).
  3. Though you have to go back to the mid to late 80's Fulham side to see us so far down the RL hierarchy. Similar crowds then too.
  4. Basically, that's what we started this season with plus his new director role. I'm glad Eccles has been retained as he knows the club inside out and seems very open about where things stand. I don't expect much more than marginal improvement next season though. Makes a mockery of the stadium move and 5,000 fans target.
  5. He motivated the team enough to avoid relegation but it's been pretty average since that was secured.
  6. Seems more of an oversight and setting direction role. He will have 2 assistant coaches under him.
  7. 5k is a reasonable target to have. What makes it a fantasy is the way the management have gone about it.
  8. The CEO is clearly useless but Hughes is the one who appoints them.
  9. I think someone else could spend the same amount of money and produce much better outcomes.
  10. Charging £20 for this event is poor in my view. Should have been a thanks to the fans for putting up with the nonsense they have seen for much of this season. Especially for ST holders who probably have spent over the odds given the discounts offered.
  11. We could have stayed at Trailfinders to do that. Hughes wanted the shiny big stadium and to target 5,000 fans but went bargain basement on the squad. Go figure.
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