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  1. Well said. Good luck to your boys next season too
  2. As I've criticised the guy on here before gotta say enjoyed the Radio Cumbria commentary both last week and this. Well done John Gibson and knowledgeable summarisers Gary Thornton and Adie Gardener.
  3. So proud of all the boys today. Well done
  4. The RFL are treating two great clubs with contempt. Someone there should be resigning over this shambles.
  5. Heroic effort from the lads today. Another big effort required next week. Hoping we can have enough lads out on the park to give it a good go. Well done - you can do it.
  6. Okesene

    Good luck

    Fantastic atmosphere today and the best match I've seen for a long time. As a Town fan a bit disappointed to play so well and get beat. York unlike some the teams we've seen this season were a credit to RL as were their fans. A match that wouldn't have been out of place in the Championship. Well done to all concerned.
  7. Does Radio Cumbria 's summariser realise he's actually working for them. All he can do is talk about Coventry! Perhaps he can take an early bath - please
  8. Okesene


    If true - a shocking and disgraceful way to treat a loyal servant. This lad has got hammered week in week out for this club. The lad deserves some respect.
  9. Okesene

    Squad News

    It was pretty clear Gibson and his mate were willing a Coventry win. Disgusting
  10. First class response from Steve McCormack in the paper yesterday. A true supporter of West Cumbrian RL.
  11. Great to read that he can't wait to wear the badge again. Top man!
  12. As a Workington Town fan congratulations to the Hornets on a great win and on achieving promotion. To all the fans enjoy the ride!
  13. Well deserved. Congratulations and good luck.
  14. Absolutely crucial try against the Rams too. A big loss
  15. Also a super run by Jamie Doran from the kick-off after Rams edged ahead in the second half to get us back on the front foot right away. Thought that was critical at the time. For me both he and Karl Olstrum had there best games of the season. Pleased for all the lads. No doubt that on the day the best team won.
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