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  1. Wonder if you would have had the same attitude towards the ref if Howdumb had won.
  2. Just can't understand why some people tend to turn violent after a few scoops. The more I drink the happier and friendlier I get. In fact the more I drink the more I get to like the mother-in-law, well maybe not.
  3. "If ya don't stop skriking I'll give ya sumat ta skrike for"
  4. Yea but without women men wouldn't be married OR WOULD THEY
  5. Yea typo error, the actual attendance was 2,731
  6. Does it really matter how many free tickets were given out, they could all have been free for me. What is more important is getting the people of Cornwall interested in the game and they will turn out more and more.
  7. Ah yes Printers. One of my favourite pubs of all time.
  8. A bloody good rag pudding followed by a plate of tripe with garlic mayonnaise . God my gobs watering at the thought.
  9. I think the question should be, how does a person who lives in Rochdale support Howdumb?
  10. DaveButt


    jroyals ask yourself how come the ref didn't have a bad first half but a shocker of a second. Could that be because you were winning at half time?
  11. DaveButt


    After we have given you a good thrashing you would have wished you had gone on a stroll in the park instead
  12. OK so they were well beaten on the day but you have to give their lads 100% for effort. They have signed a 2 year deal to play there so am sure they can and will only improve. Certainly enjoyed our day out.
  13. But remember it is a Bank Holiday weekend and this will add to the traffic.
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