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  1. I'm sorry I don't mean to criticise but the ref today was absolute pathetic. When he sent the player off for a high tackle he should have awarded a penalty try. Hope we don't get him in any league game.
  2. What was the final score against Crusaders please.
  3. Barroooww, How could you include Bobbie Goulding in your list is beyond me
  4. Remember years ago when me and my wife came back from shopping and was unloading the car JW's were knocking on our neighbours next door. My wife said to me, "Come on hurry up we have to give blood in an hour" Funny thing is they didn't knock on our door, how upsetting
  5. Well deserved both of them but won't get an upgrade why?, coz they play Rugby League.
  6. Thanx very much moorside, its good to have the craic with you all. Yea can't wait for the start although got used to not seeing the PROPER RUGBY having lived down here in Cornwall for the last 5 years. All they have down here is that kick n run ######. HAPPY NEW YEAR (SEASON)
  7. Don't know why they don't just have a separate league for the Super League clubs altogether. It's obvious the rest of Rugby League clubs just don't count for anything.
  8. Like to wish a Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year to all R.L. fans, even those Howdumbers
  9. Those trips were fantastic and the memories will stay with us. Like you Brummie I used to like the odd half but unfortunately to get to the half I liked I had to sup the top half first. The things we do.
  10. So so sorry to hear that. Used to enjoy having the craic with you both in the bar. Sue sends her condolences too.
  11. Give us a clue. What did you read and where?
  12. Is that not the match Tony Mac refers to up the page?
  13. All I can say is it's a bloody good job Blind side johnny is not a player because NONE of the mentioned would stand a chance of beating him to being the ugliest.
  14. RIP Dennis, a true gent, a true Hornets gent.
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