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  1. Those trips were fantastic and the memories will stay with us. Like you Brummie I used to like the odd half but unfortunately to get to the half I liked I had to sup the top half first. The things we do.
  2. So so sorry to hear that. Used to enjoy having the craic with you both in the bar. Sue sends her condolences too.
  3. Give us a clue. What did you read and where?
  4. Is that not the match Tony Mac refers to up the page?
  5. All I can say is it's a bloody good job Blind side johnny is not a player because NONE of the mentioned would stand a chance of beating him to being the ugliest.
  6. RIP Dennis, a true gent, a true Hornets gent.
  7. Wonder what would have happened had it been a lower league club?
  8. Just finished reading the above book and couldn't put it down. It tells the highs and lows of Danny Sculthorpes life playing Rugby League from his school days until his retirement. It then goes on to his struggle with life and how he came very close to suicide. He eventually got over this with the help of his family and went on to join State of Mind giving lectures on his struggles all over the country and how to get over them. Like I say a really fantastic read and well worth buying P.S. After all the clubs he played for, and that includes Wigan, Castleford etc guess with was his favourite, That's right HORNETS.
  9. Just how childish can you get
  10. Still at Spotland up to now
  11. I know some Welsh having lived in Swansea for 10 years but that was over 30 years ago. What does 'Yes Cymru' mean and why does it embarrass you please.
  12. Lets get as many Hornets fans over to Mayfield for their game on the 8th and visa versa for the Hornets game on the 9th.. A great weekend for the town of Rochdale
  13. DaveButt


    Great to see in todays Daily Mirror, page 22, an article on Spelly. He says he hasn't missed a game home or away for over 40 years, and that includes friendlies. He started watching them when he was 12 and has watched every game since including away to Toulouse and Toronto I have met him on many occasion and what he doesn't know about R.L. isn't worth knowing. And I can tell you he is a true gentleman. A privilege to know you pal.
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