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  1. I've been thumbing my way through copies of the late lamented Rothmans RL Yearbook and I came across a reference to an old rule that I'd never heard of before.

    In 1958 the RFL introduced a rule whereby if the play-the-ball acting half-back was tackled in possession a scrum was conceded. This was a new one to me, though nowadays it's a Masters RL rule.

    I wasn't even a twinkle in the late 50s so it was well before my time, but does anyone have any recollection of this rule and how long was it in place

  2. 6 minutes ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    Good to see some realism (Not knocking ideas as they are always welcome to see) however Europe is a pretty big place local leagues and Internationals are the way to go 

    Agreed. The national federations, supported by RLEF should be focusing on developing and embedding stable domestic leagues and youth programmes with a competitive and vibrant international scene as the pinnacle. 

    Continent-wide leagues would do little more than fill seats for Wizzair and beds for Ibis. 

    No a sensible use of limited resources. 

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  3. Now I've never been a big TV watcher, usually only the occasional film, some sport, and, of course, Rugby League. But, because of this self-isolation nonsense, I now all too often find myself channel-hopping in a (usually) futile attempt to find something that passes for entertainment. I'm pretty much watching more TV than for decades, and in my opinion, and without equivocation, I can say I find just about every single advert unremittingly awful. Where's the humour? Where's the inventiveness? Where's the subtlety? The same ads over and over again... it's like being banged up in Gitmo with Metallica being blasted into your cell 24/7.

    Flamin' meercats, fat opera singers, Go Compare freebies, funerals, click clack Persil, philandering peanut centred candy, Lidl on interest Lidl on price... and dozens more.

    I lose the will to live!

    Rant over.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Celt said:

    almost like a local derby you mean?

    How fortunate that all yorkshire teams drew yorkshire opposition, no fans have to travel to Newcastle, and Catalans got a home draw, negating the potential problems around flying into france.  All North West teams coincidentally will play their games in the north west too.

    Essentially no fans have to travel at all.  Such a lucky coincidence given the challenges we currently face.

    A bit of everything: Derby games, attractive home draws for York and Thunder, a potential banana skin for coachless Hull.

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  5. 18 hours ago, Yakstorm said:

    The Kangaroos are likely to have played two matches prior to the first Ashes game with NZ locked in and the likes of Jamaica being looked at.

    Whether France is an appropriate opponent, I don't know, but they'd be better having a run against anyone versus no one.

    If Australia deem that Jamaica are a credible and worthwhile opponent (and they are), then France is more than okay for England. 

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  6. I'm not sure that France's issues are due to a lack of decent players, it's more organisational and finance issues amongst others. 

    Regarding Canadian development, I've never been quite sure what TWP intentions are with this. They need to take the lead working alongside Ottawa and the national body. 

    I see no reason why they can't produce a competitive squad by 2029 if the collective will is there. 

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  7. Jack Bird's torn ACL, done in training and which puts him out for the season means that Herbie Farnworth is promoted to the bench for tomorrow's game against NQC. 

    Bird's misfortune looks like giving the young Englishman plenty of game time in 2020.

    Rotten luck again for Bird. He is quality but can he come back from a second ACL tear? 

  8. Round 1 squad announcements are a mixed bag for the Brits. 

    Williams starts at #7 for the Raiders, alongside Hodgson and Whitehead. Bateman (injured) and Sutton (suspended) miss out. 

    Watkins named starting centre for Holbrook's Titans. 

    Props Graham and Thomas Burgess start for Dragons and Rabbitohs respectively. 

    Farnworth makes Broncos extended match day squad whilst at Roosters Ryan Hall misses out on even that. 

  9. England should lock-in a mid-season test in France for the next three years minimum. Years 4 & 5 should expand to home and away, mid and post season. 

    Fans should be encouraged to travel. Bring a wall of white. Create a positive vibe around the games. 

    The need is fourfold :

    - give France a clear pathway to improvement. To encourage the game in France to pull in the same direction. 

    - a France team at, or close to, its strongest against England minus its NRL contingent has the potential to be really competitive. 

    - travelling and playing is an experience that cannot be simulated in a training camp sited a couple of dozen miles from a player's House! 

    - International footie is the way forward. It can give a sport the traction that the club game cannot. 



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