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  1. Perhaps the difference in audience size between this year and last highlights the value to RL in TV contract negotiations of having big city clubs as opposed to small town teams.
  2. I suspect the winner will be the team with the most Quantas customers.
  3. Salford v Roosters at the AJ Bell! The four thousand empty seats would be an embarrassment for the game.
  4. Why was the original stadium booking cancelled? Does anyone know?
  5. The Flat Cap award for the dumbest post of the year. And there's been plenty of competition.
  6. Next week I'm off for a fortnight's travel around Uzbekistan, doing the Silk Road and going to Tashkent, Samarqand, Bukhara and Khiva. I have the guidebooks to... er... guide me, but I was wondering if any forum members have been and have any recommendations. Places, food, etc etc Ta
  7. That's Thethi in the Albanian Alps. I went there, the scenery is breathtaking. In fact, the hostel I stayed in is just to the left of where the photographer was standing. No room for a rugby pitch in that hamlet. Serie A is huge and plenty of bars show their colours. That said, RL could carve a niche.
  8. Earlier this year I spent a fortnight backpacking around Albania. It's a wonderful country, beautiful and full of contrasts, with friendly people, yet, by European standards, relatively poor. I often thought (and based on zero actual evidence!) that a bit of investment could go a long way towards establishing RL in Albania. With salaries as low as £250 p/m the cost of funding development work offers VFM. Would Albanians take to RL? Why not? Sporting opprtunities seem limited to soccer and basketball, and any peoples whose third favourite sport is weightlifting obviously like a bit of machismo.
  9. And so it goes on: France never get to field anything like their strongest 17. It's so, so frustrating.
  10. Warriors? Kearney playing mind games despite not being in the GF?
  11. What about watching with subtitles? Simply sit back and watch as the app attempts to decipher Tezza and Bazza.
  12. My Tanzanian born, Brexit supporting, Indian girlfriend said you are ignorant! Who am I to disagree?
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