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  1. We need to involve Bernard. Can't we rest the silverware for a year and instead have Harry present Bernard to the winning captain. Dilemma resolved.
  2. Twenty aside at Blackheath. Leather ball and sharpened studs.
  3. I went to Alt Park in 1982 when Carlisle visited. Stepping off the supporters' bus was a real 'Neil Armstrong moment'.
  4. How could I forget? My mate Scoob making the drive from Croydon. The queue to get in. The atmosphere. Being treated like a guru by those alongside because I knew the rules. Can someone start a top ten match theead.
  5. 1981 - Cardiff v Carlisle at Ninian Park 1994 - GB v Australia at Wembley and that JD try 1997 - London v Canberra in the WCC 2006 - South London Storm v East Lancs in the HJ final 2013 - France v NZ in Avignon
  6. Started my 'career' in the very early 80s with the advent of the Carlisle league. Played for the Pioneers, so-called because we were the first amateur club in the city for 30 years and formed by me and an old school mate nicknamed Puddy. Moved to London and dropped out for a few years before joining the London Civil Service RLC and East London RL. Then helped form South London for whom I played until 2014 at the age of 52. Then a season with Croydon Hurricanes, before retiring to the occasional game of Masters with the Silverbacks. I was never anything other than an ordinary player, with only a meagre haul of gongs from 35 years of Open Age, but I really do miss playing and training. I have so many happy memories from the game, and a real pride in what I achieved off the pitch in setting up and running clubs. If there is reincarnation please let me come back somewhere that plays Rugby league.
  7. I hate to say it, but the OP could have merit at grassroots level where too many players in the dummy half position close to the line get White Line Fever. But overall, it's a big and beautiful NO to the suggestion.
  8. Sadly, a career defined by October 2013.
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