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  1. That's the spirit! For some people even the M62 is too long a strip of tarmac.
  2. Will the 'rugby' girls be there next year, what with the Olympics taking place.
  3. I really enjoyed today's GF, I thought it was an excellent game, particularly given the adverse conditions. Completion rates were high which is a testament to the standard these teams are at. If you haven't already watched it, then I recommend you do. A few thoughts... First, the England team are going to have the devil of a job to win next year's WC. Second, the 'rugby sevens' girls have been a huge addition to the teams. Third, it would be good to see the competition expanded by a couple of teams as these athletes deserve a longer season. All in all, a great 2020 for the women.
  4. For decades it had paid its players. Finally, belatedly, the taxman took an interest. In an increasingly technological and questioning age the 'old boys network' and 'shamateurism', by the early to mid 90s, was impossible to sustain.
  5. We most certainly need to have RL as a demonstration sport in 2022. Is LSV available that week?
  6. Tony Collins' latest Rugby Reloaded podcast is with Brian Carney and is about GAA and RL. Carney is excellent.
  7. Dislike Penrith. Dislike the Clearys. No logical reason. But... Go Storm.
  8. No, what I meant by 'turning the clock back' was back to the 80s and 90s when play continued whilst a player was receiving treatment on the pitch. His team played with only twelve men whilst the medic was on. No advantage to the injured player's team. Clearly, there is a need for strict protocols for serious injuries.
  9. So blatant when N A-S went down following a tackle. Next play he was chasing the kick! The game needs to turn the clock back to when players were attended to with the game continuing.
  10. Storm's early brilliance made for a slightly underwhelming last 70 minutes!! Who'd back against Melbourne next week?
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