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  1. Why? Which would be the opening game of the double header?
  2. I watched only the last twenty minutes and was impressed by what I saw of the French team. Plenty with the potential to make it!
  3. Loved every minute of it. What a game! And Sky did themselves proud.
  4. And he'd choose them over Australia! The Lebanon coach has already conceded he may lose Moses to the Kangaroos.
  5. I wouldn't discount Mitch Moses as back up to DCE, particularly if the Eels prevail in the GF. And remember, Cleary was a poor second best in this year's Origin.
  6. KPP inside Young would be a great kick option!
  7. That's possibly a sensible approach particularly given RSA's relative isolation and the costs associated with international fixtures. But I guess the question is just how big an attraction to playing the game is the opportunity to represent your country at international level.
  8. I really hope that if the IRL get any kind of reasonable bounty from this coming WC that they invest in the future of MEA, where you'd get so much more bang for your buck! A target of establishing a dozen clubs, with juniors etc in each of six or so nations wouldn't, or shouldn't, be beyond achieving.
  9. I'm not sure a Cleary/Munster partnership would work. IMO, at their respective clubs they're both the 'lead' halfback, with the two Jaromes playing the foils, though both, also, stars in their own right. DCE, Munster, Hynes and Wighton could be the four.
  10. I love Vossy . He's a passionate evangelist for our sport. If only the BBC could nick Adam Hills to present!
  11. With DCE likely to partner Munster in the halves for the Kangaroos the choice of back up #7 in the WC squad appears to be a straight fight between Cleary and the new Dally M winner, the deserved Nico Haynes. I think Meninga will opt for the Sharks player given his history alongside Munster. Whatever, it'll be interesting and not without controversy!
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