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  1. Silverbacks hosted Chargers at 1st and 2nd team level with the visitors winning both games. Despite the losses the Silverbacks acquitted themselves really well.
  2. Video ref, "Have you got another angle on that Jizz. OK, hold it right there."
  3. From All Stars and Origin to Leigh in three years! How many ladders has he walked under?
  4. Back in '95 the Sky deal gave our sport a golden chance to be this... ... instead, the game's leaders have given us this...
  5. The game is poorer for his retirement. Some players are irreplaceable. Certainly the greatest player in my lifetime.
  6. A great opportunity to showcase RL as a demonstration sport? If so, is eleven years too short a period for our sport to get its act together?
  7. Surely Stanley Gene is still somewhere around!
  8. Burgess needs help to fight his demons. His adult life has been in and around the NRL. Now is not the time for the NRL to wash its hands of him.
  9. This thread has rapidly gone off the rails.
  10. As fans and stakeholders in the game I think his salary is very much our business. To put his and Elstone's salaries in perspective, their combined annual wages could keep the League 1 clubs afloat for a year.
  11. Is Rimmer the best the game can get for the amount of money he's paid? The answer is an emphatic NO! He is not even close. His appointment was an insider jobs-for-boys deal.
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