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  1. SL17 Wot! Still no explanation from you about 'sustainable growth'. Allow me to answer for you. To you 'sustainable growth' is possibly little more than your small town team receiving a share of a pot of gold you imagine, in your complete ignorance, is being thrown at 'expansion' and 'expansion' clubs. And what if your small town team actually got a few extra quid would they really use it to pay off a Vat bill in a timely manner, or maybe to fund a schools programme? Nah! Your small town small time team, along with every other small town team, would put the money straight into players' pockets as they chase a place in Super Greed.
  2. 300 clubs? Really! What a load of drivel. What comps do these clubs play in? I doubt there's barely half that number.
  3. God, but you're as thick as mince. It was you who wrote, "But surely you can’t have expansion before sustainable growth?" It's your statement and I'm simply asking you to explain what you mean by 'sustainable growth'. All perfectly reasonable. What I like is not relevant.
  4. Why can't you have both? What do you mean by 'sustainable growth'? Is it just having a few more kids playing the game in your small and insignificant northern town?
  5. He could win the Dally M and still Shaun Wane wouldn't pick him!
  6. ... based on that then half the tattooed blokes in Britain are Polynesian.
  7. I don't follow the other code so the biggest surprise for me is finding out that he played union for England!
  8. Fantastic! For the past decade or so I've been researching (off and on!) NU/rugby in Cumberland prior to WW1 and it makes for a fascinating tale. I hope, one day, to get something published but I have plenty of stats I'm happy to share relating to senior and junior NU.
  9. To my shame I don't have any involvement nowadays in RL. Working nights and every other weekend has put paid to that. In the past I have done plenty... Player, coach, admin, ref, changing room sweeper, barman.... Etc
  10. Agreed. It's unclear and confusing. I have an interest in the late19th century history of 'football' in Cumberland and looking at surviving newspapers from the 1870s and 1880s it's often difficult to determine which code was being played. It wasn't until both codes started their cup competitions that things became clearer.
  11. Some interesting pre-1895 images relating to current RL clubs. http://www.hhtandn.org/gallery/420/1886-1897-the-great-schism
  12. Here's me thinking this thread was about Bernard Cribbins singing Abide With Me at Wembley.
  13. Dilemma!! Do I cancel Watch NRL? I watch and enjoy other stuff on it (including the Mattie John's Show... I know, I know!), so what to do?
  14. Was the Hartlepool link the docks and dock workers? The age stats are surprising also. Both teams have a youngish average.
  15. The 1909 Challenge Cup Final teams with some interesting birthplaces!
  16. Is this the official Chilean RL body or a bunch of chancers? Methinks the latter...
  17. I'm in two minds about the sense of having this competition so I'd like to know more about the proposed format and especially what it's objectives are. A full eight team home and away schedule seems out of the question given players' club commitments but pools and a final should be doable. My initial concern is that the FFR 13 and partners should be working to raise the profile of its Elite leagues and does this proposal detract from that?
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