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  1. I like the way that the NRL respects it's retiring players by parading them prior to their GF. Does SL do this? If not, maybe it should be introduced for SL's GF.
  2. We have an International team? That's news to me!
  3. https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/08/04/crofts-expected-exit-has-broncos-back-in-halves-market/Story Can't see him getting an NRL spot. Replacement for Austin?
  4. Got myself an allotment, and I wish I'd got one years ago. I'm absolutely loving it. I know next to nothing about horticulture but I'm learning FAST! When I took it on in March it was totally covered in 6ft brambles. I cleared them and dug and dug to extract the roots. It was backbreaking, yet hugely rewarding. Frustratingly, the boogers still come through so I need to stay on top of it. As for planting and crops, I've had some successes: spuds, sweetcorn, courgettes, strawberries, shallots, carrots and garlic. I brew beer so I've planted three hops - Centennial, Chinook and Galena - and they're going great. I have two grape varieties, Pinot and Boskoop, that are coming along well. Also, I inherited an apple tree, which is laden, so I may give cider a try. Finally, I have a damson tree, so a winter damson porter is screaming to me. Not so good are my tomatoes and aubergines, but hey ho! Next year. Next week I'm building a DIY greenhouse from pallets and UV sheets I 'found'. Lovin' it and highly recommend it.
  5. Sack him. He should never be involved in RL again. His wife should divorce him and his family and friends disown him.
  6. Wally Youngman, crowd favourite at Carlisle back in the day.
  7. I don't know which is the biggest basket case... SL for admitting Leigh at short notice and for half the cash, or Leigh for sacking Duffy who tried his utmost with nearly every card stacked against him. I truly despair of RL in this country.
  8. This outrage really should end in the public execution of the person responsible.
  9. The Panthers were nigh on unbeatable last year yet lost to Storm in GF. As has been mentioned Melbourne are looking impressive despite their numerous absentees, including an entire spine. The Panthers have been incredibly fortunate with injuries but will that luck hold for the last four months of the season?
  10. Why the Hell did Brisbane let him go? He's miles ahead of Gamble, Dearden, Milford and Croft.
  11. FFS, you Muppet. We're just coming out of the Covid scare and your biggest gripe is a cheese butty. IDIOT.
  12. Silverbacks hosted Chargers at 1st and 2nd team level with the visitors winning both games. Despite the losses the Silverbacks acquitted themselves really well.
  13. Video ref, "Have you got another angle on that Jizz. OK, hold it right there."
  14. From All Stars and Origin to Leigh in three years! How many ladders has he walked under?
  15. Back in '95 the Sky deal gave our sport a golden chance to be this... ... instead, the game's leaders have given us this...
  16. The game is poorer for his retirement. Some players are irreplaceable. Certainly the greatest player in my lifetime.
  17. A great opportunity to showcase RL as a demonstration sport? If so, is eleven years too short a period for our sport to get its act together?
  18. Surely Stanley Gene is still somewhere around!
  19. Burgess needs help to fight his demons. His adult life has been in and around the NRL. Now is not the time for the NRL to wash its hands of him.
  20. This thread has rapidly gone off the rails.
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