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  1. In all probability the one thing you can guarantee is that he has received a very tidy salary increase for what is, essentially, the same job.
  2. Good to see St Gaudens again doing well after a few years of going through the wringer!
  3. Not quite. There is an incentive for those in the Pacific Islands, and it's the ticket to go to Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland etc, should they prove good enough. For a young Scot the appeal of a ticket to Leigh or Batley is less inviting.
  4. Supposed is the word! I've been a few times to Carcassonne to watch rugby and imo unless someone told you, you'd not know that RL is played in the city. ASC has no city centre presence like a shop/ticket office, no-one is wearing the colours around town and precious few bars and businesses display match posters or have memorabilia on show. Even the FFR13 offices are stuck away down a side street! You see more XV related stuff.
  5. ... and I said to her, as we curled up in bed together, that she was being a hypocrite.
  6. You're so wrong! The investor exclusive polo shirts are in planning as we speak!
  7. I know very little about either club, however, good luck to all involved. But, imo, mergers nearly always result in fewer players and fewer teams.
  8. I'd have 4 x 4 groups A - Pool 1 (best four teams) B - Pool 2a (four of middle eight seeded) C - Pool 2b (four of middle eight seeded) D - Pool 3 (weakest four teams) QF qualifiers A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1, C2 & repecharge winners Repechage for QF - A4 v D1.
  9. What are your thoughts on where the Youth WC should be played? I reckon having the smaller RL clubs host games would be ideal, and the local communities would pull out all the stops; so places such as Realmont, Lescure, Ille, Salses, Tonneins, Salon etc etc.
  10. Is this thread the TRL forum's equivalent of the menstrual cycle... every bl@@dy month "where in France would you like to see yadda, yadda, yadda"
  11. My God. This thread is like two bald men fighting over a comb. That said, RL Geek does even know he's hairless!
  12. This is simply just another example of the RFL being utterly clueless about what to do with the grassroots away from the M62. And we've had twenty-five years of this incompetence. First, in 1998, a standards driven RLC, then a huge expansion, then NL3 and RLC Regional Premiers and leagues, then each area became autonomous, then Southern Conference Regions... now... this. And I'm sure I've missed a step or two out. Stop Effing around with the format and maybe they'll see real growth.
  13. But the best way to gauge interest in a club in each nation in Elite 1/2 is probably to have WC games in Barca/Girona/Tarragona and Milan/Turin.
  14. Sure, in some years. But to be authentically RL the system will need to change often
  15. One of the purposes is to represent England when it's not appropriate to field the full England team. Such as the Euros. That you're not sure of the purpose is because your one-eye disagrees. Simples
  16. All it needs is superten to have a few Super Accas come in!
  17. Two points to make... Strip out England and France and the other six nations can barely muster fifty grassroots clubs between them. They're all still in an elementary state of development (except, possibly, Wales). It's reasonable that England's approach to the competition is cut accordingly. So, notwithstanding the international 'purists' foot-stamping the Knights should represent England. Regards WC qualification... England in one group and France the other. Three aspirants make up each of the groups. Issue two sets of tables for each group, one with all four for the participants for the Euros, and another for the WC but only including the games between the three sides. All pretty simple for anyone with a three figure IQ.
  18. I think that Spain will be a bit stronger than some people expect. I suspect that from 1 to 17 they could name a team of heritage players from the French Elite 1. And maybe throw in an Aussie or two (if anyone qualifies!). I reckon they'd show up well against Wales and Scotland. Serbia are something else entirely! As a minimum they need every SH heritage player to travel over.
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