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  1. 43 minutes ago, phildog said:

    Ideally we'd be bringing in players who've had experience of SL but young enough to kick us on and a bit of older head or players who have stood out in other championship sides. But be quick! We get beaten to everything and we know about leavers, one's all over fb....

    Any names for example?

  2. 1 minute ago, BullyXL said:

    We've got bags of experience across the park. I would suggest new blood and youth is required so that we have some years of succession in all positions not just those pivotal/key ones.

    And pace.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Keep The Faith said:

    If we don’t have any experience we will struggle… it needs to be a mixture 

    Agree. I think over the past decade or so we have had a mix of experience and younger players.

  4. 14 minutes ago, 9' oller said:

    Controversial? Woods has been the problem with the majority of the luke warm attack this year.

    He is like for like. A 7 for a 7. Weaklink though 

    Disagree. Not all those who play in the same number play the same. During that run of tough close wins earlier in the season Woods was outstanding. 

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  5. I hope Leak and Burton get a chance to become our first time hooking pair. Also, just to be controversial, l hope Woods gets a chance to play his own game rather than be considered a like for like replacement for Gilmore, which he never was. 

    Also, some pace in the backs - especially on the wing. 

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  6. 11 hours ago, phildog said:


    Oh there's always someone else out there reading. 

    On the league, not sure how it can be resolved but if both divisions merge, l worry that it will mean that all teams do not play each other home and away. This means that the whole season is skewed. 

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  7. 39 minutes ago, Chris_T said:

    Young player of the year. Aiden Mcgowan

    Supporters player of year Aiden McGowan

    Coaches player of year Kieran Buchannan

    Players Player Josh Hodson

    Top try scorer Dale Morton

    Ever present Ben White and Buchanan

    Chairman's Award Sue Winner

    Hodson and Hooley to Cas. 

    That's about it. 

    Thank you.  Much appreciated. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, The scrim reaper said:

    Don't think the boys will be too bothered they looked shattered yesterday been a tough season for them always said swinton could beat fax they have pulled off some shocks this season but to lose out to York by I think a  13 point average difference is still a tough one to take! 

    I agree. The team yesterday was clear proof that our squad was decimated.  The play-offs might have been a step too far - though l would have liked to have reached them with a fit squad.

  9. 3 hours ago, phildog said:

    Came good in the 2nd half, 20-0 and with Bulldog tackling we'd normally have prevented at least 1 of their tries, but give Newc some praise they made it hard for us in both games. If improving our team means cherry-picking good players then I'd invite Boafo and have always been impressed with Ted Chappelhow.

    Was T the Chappelhow who was sinbinned?

  10. 15 minutes ago, bromleybulldog said:

    At 14-14 and a minute to go and we're setting up for a drop goal and the ref calls an incorrect ptb. The only 'incorrect' thing about it was that he played it with his foot as per the rules. Guess refs aren't used to seeing correct ptbs. Lost us the game, that call

    Is that what the call was? He didn't award a penalty so not sure it was, or did he just award the handover because it was incorrect on the last tackle?

  11. 2 hours ago, phildog said:

    I would have expected him to have been first choice to be honest. Playing replacement in division 1 doesn't equate to the same in the Championship which is where he really needs to be next year if not a starter.

    Depends what you mean by first choice. I would say Leak I'd still our number 1 hooker, but is nearly always a replacement. Perhaps Burton plays that role at Hunslet.

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  12. 38 minutes ago, phildog said:

    Big sponsor needed to rescue Luke from that shower....102-0 in 150 minutes....

    Leeds awful. No leadership on the field. Must be awful for a young lad to be trying to make a go of it at Leeds at the moment.

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