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  1. I think we missed a boxing day one due to covid. The first one last season was at ours but behind closed doors, so we missed the opportunity to raise some money celebrate the festive season at ours!
  2. Hey Ho everyone! Just a day late (sorry). Time to begin collecting the money for the shirt sponsorship. The amount is £25 each. I accept all forms of payment, including cash (English pounds), bank transfer, paypal, cheque! If anyone needs my details, just get in touch! Thanks in advance.
  3. Indeed, winter rugby would have been fun this afternoon.
  4. Excellent. Gives us an opportunity to put them in their place before the season starts.
  5. Excellent and all examples of how good we could be and what a season it was.
  6. Just a bump up if anyone else is interested. I will start collecting money on 1st Dec either way!
  7. Exciting - surprising additions? More than 1 then!
  8. I don't know what those two things have in common. In hindsight, it was daft to suggest they might go unbeaten - setting the team up to fail. And yes, it was great of him to invite Batley supporters to the Leigh game for free. It doesn't make TPH wrong!
  9. Now that was a satisfying win. Under the cosh for much of the second half but great determination at the end.
  10. So did my dad! The supporters club were very active and influential then but were the only source of funding more or less at the time. Much more difficult for the Supporters club to find a niche now.
  11. The pedant strikes again, but of course you are right.
  12. I seemed to spend half of my childhood on those coaches. Those Cumbrian trips were epics!
  13. I always liked the green kit, and enjoyed it as a second kit when used more recently! My albeit distant memory of us during the 70's was that we always seemed to be in a perpetual mini league with Huyton, Doncaster and Blackpool. Dewsbury had that magnificent team at the time too.
  14. Was the link to the present club Steve Lingard?
  15. Just a polite request to stay on thread. Anyway, for us young uns, more clues needed!
  16. Calm down! Watch that blood pressure! The old gits I am referring to know who they are and will take it in the spirit intended! And while we are being critical of other people's spelling, get your own house in order with some correct use of punctuation!
  17. Can the old gits on here stick to the thread time span and not go off into remeniscing about the Northern Union days!
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