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  1. Sadly no, I will be doing my annual month of dog sitting in the Cayman Islands. I will of course find a way of following it somehow.
  2. 90 miles approximately, 1hr 30 mins down the A1 to watch Batley, and every minute of that journey is worth it. Saying that, I am delighted that we are playing Newcastle this weekend so the 15 minute drive will be a relief!
  3. It was a great day, with a decent attendance and a good competitive game. I would have liked many more thousands there but not to be. Glad you also enjoyed your victory too. Everyone wins.
  4. 1. White - lots of unseen work and leadership 2. Macgowan - solid all afternoon and probably made the most ground with ball in hand 3. Gledhill - long minutes, doing the hard stuff
  5. I think this is about right. You played the slope really well, but just lacked that little bit of creativity - and yes l know about your injuries. Ironically, l thought you were at your most dangerous when you were throwing the ball around off the cuff. Thanks for playing a part in a really good day.
  6. I like optimism Phil. I am a natural pessimist though. Tomorrow is going to be tough, and they aren't so far behind us that we can take anything for granted.....but l still think we will win in a close one.
  7. Impressive forward planning there!
  8. Walshaw White Kear But of course, could have been any of them. Have just watched the whole game again and wanted to mention Niall Flynn. Often overlooked in these lists but what effort he puts in every game, yesterday being no exception. Just a fantastic team player!
  9. When I click on the above, it takes me to the ourleague site, where I can find a list of highlights under 'video on demand' which doesn't include our game!
  10. Agree! Loads of grit and determination in this team. We just gradually wore them down and ended up dominating them. Not especially spectacular but effective. Some recovery from those HKR injuries by Flynn and Woods.
  11. Not so much in the second though! Third now!
  12. I agree that Flanagan's DG was exceptional. But... if it came down to it, I would prefer Woods on recent DG taking form.
  13. I am not sure that that is true, I seem to remember Ben White knocking on. On your first point, I think Toulouse played well for 5 minutes either side of half-time, but didn't look great generally. Though, when they did throw the ball about for those ten minutes, they looked impressive.
  14. I think what Friday evening showed was that we are nowhere near the top of SL. It had no bearing on our place in the Championship at all.
  15. Thanks. Woods looked similar to when he limped off at Sheffield and then missed the next few games. Let's hope it doesn't go down to drop goal territory!
  16. Buchanan - didn't look out of place at this level MacGowan - solid all evening Campbell - looked like he was playing to stay in the Championship and not to be loaned out to L1 Thought Reilly and White were OK too.
  17. Well, HKR were good! Despite missing a few players they still had a decent SL side out. They played at a pace beyond that which we are used to, and a physically dominated us like we dominate teams in the Championship. That said, we improved somewhat in the second half so there was something to clutch at as we left. The injuries were a worry though. I know they were mentioned by Phil above, but can anyone provide some details. The most worrying were Flynn and Woods it seemed.
  18. Agree with the above. Go to win (why not?) but get through it with no injuries. The SB game against Halifax is really important and we need to be at full strength.
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