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  1. That link takes me to this years squad!
  2. Fair enough! If you were responsible for recruitment this year I would suggest that we are all pleased with the squad this season and things look very positive, so without trying to sound patronising, well done on that. Can't wait for the Oldham game.
  3. I don't think anyone is being unduly critical, and it seems to me that everyone is positive about the season, on here and on other social media platforms. I do think that people on here are desperate to help the club in any way they can, and that includes visiting the website, as it has been said that the number of website visits is important. Is it true that the RFL take website visits into account in some way?
  4. Bottom of the page, meet the players 2021. Next match has also been updated and team stats are on too.
  5. So are you saying that if crowds were back, it would somehow imperil their coach?
  6. Bottom of the Home page, meet the players, 2021! the one in the drop down menu needs updating!
  7. Squad has been updated (yesterday I think) but generally the website needs updating fully with recent scores added and fixtures somewhere!
  8. I am not sure what you are getting at.
  9. Ha, way too clever for me, all this word play stuff!
  10. Incorrect - Robin always spells it 'cocker'
  11. Quite a few Bradford supporters complaining about how their wage bill has been used on their forum.
  12. Agree! All wild speculation and no form to go by at the moment. Not sure London will be that high and Batley already beat Halifax in the cup. I think there are a decent number of teams will be challenging for those 3-6 positions.
  13. You were too fast for my edit!!
  14. I'll volunteer. I don't sweat! (That's a reference to the brilliant film Twelve Angry Men, not Prince Andrew!)
  15. Early days, anything can happen! Just out of interest, will you be posting something similar after each round. I would find it highly amusing if you did.
  16. ! remember the one on the right as . Am guessing that must be 40+ years old?
  17. See what happens when this government give the punctuation police more powers!
  18. Potentially, but as you quite rightly say, injuries. Too early to say for us but I think as the season progresses, yesterday's result might not look too bad. I am interested to see just how well other teams do against you. I think currently Toulouse look a bit thin with the loss of a couple of players.
  19. I think the tactic of letting them catch the ball and then tackling them is ok if... 1. When you let them catch the ball you hit them straight away 2. You cover the ball so they can't get it out. 3. You have a team mate to cover for missing any of the above. I think Broughton was a bit late making the initial tackle once the ball was caught, then needed help to stop the ball getting out. I just think it needs a bit of communication. Broughton will be fine. His asset is his speed and he hasn't had much chance to show it against Fev. He'll be fine. He just needs to be th
  20. White - outstanding tonight, and a great level offload for Logan's try. Gilmore - Looks the best signing since Brambani. Walshaw - Really makes his size count. Thought Brown and Ward made a difference too and Logan really beginning to look the part.
  21. Not sure about that. They were defensively better this time round, and really proud of how tough we looked in the second half. but, like you, would have accepted that result, certainly at half time!
  22. I think that there were positives, especially the way we stick in. We do look dangerous in the backs too. Disappointed we didn't win at least one of the games but as I said previously, it was the hardest start to the season that any team will have. Fev do have that X factor, that something extra that will turn games for them when they are in trouble. I doubt we will come up against any faster, bigger team this season. Sadly though, we will all have to put up with Halifax supporters (we all know which ones) coming on here claiming they have found their mojo and will have a magnificent seas
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