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  1. On youtube there is the full game of Hull vs Swinton on the 21st January 1988 - the Swintom team with the likes of Tommy Frodsham, Paul Topping, Derek Bate, Gary Ainsworth, Scott Ransom, et al stunned the Hull crowd with a tremendous win. I do think we were lucky to see so many young talented players at Swinton in the 80's - I agree with Lion heart's comments wholeheartedly.
  2. Well I think the last I saw Swinton win at Widnes was the Lancashire Cup semi final in 1969 - when we went on to beat Leigh in the final. Here's hoping we can at Widnes again :)
  3. Batley were the better side today as Mark said Batley played the conditions better we switched off in the last 15mins of the first half - had we gone in 14 points down we may have had a chance but not at 20. We should have taken penalty kicks at goal in the first half rather than the tap could have come away with 6 points instead of nothing. Nice to see Ben White having a good game for you although it was against us !
  4. I couldn't go to the match yesterday - but looked like many did :) What a great start to the season, hope there weren't any serious injuries looked like Oscar had injured his right arm / elbow / shoulder ? Well done to the team and coaching staff.
  5. Well I think its a big plus that the majority of the squad have been retained and I hope that some of the younger players signed in the close season prove as a success as Ashton was. The first match away at Whitehaven will be a stern test and if the team wins there then it would be a very promising start. I think as always our half backs are key and last season Fairclough and Hansen were really good together. I am sure the pack will again compete with any team in the division. I would like to see Lloyd in the 2nd row rather than centre and possibly Thomas at full back ? I too don't know what will happen with DR Roll on February that's what I say
  6. I would agree with Robthegasman's comment - it could be a very good move for Rochdale. Still in shock that the board (all but one) resigned on mass, but that is history now.
  7. wayne_r


    I would have thought the way PNG rolled over the full time, super league athletes, would have meant several Championship clubs would try to sign one or two if they could.
  8. No doubt the RFL will cancel the competition anyway - that's my prediction (however ridiculous it may sound)
  9. Seems like a pretty fair assessment to me - can't wait for the new season and I do hope Swinton survive what will now be a difficult season, good luck to all the teams really
  10. Oh yes we are still DR'd with Wigan as well
  11. I would like to see a couple of experienced centres in the squad as I prefer Lloyd in the pack. I didn't realise Oscar Thomas was on a two year deal - hopefully he can break into the team this year (maybe at full back). I also think Hansen and Fairclough had a good halfback partnership last season, so I hope that continues next season. Really pleased we have managed to retain so many players - has got be good for next season.
  12. Does anybody know how many players we have signed on for next season ?
  13. I hope its not anybody and just a rumour...……...
  14. wayne_r

    The Final

    Not me personally of course ( a bit for that these days) Swinton I meant
  15. wayne_r

    The Final

    Well done Oldham - look forward to playing you again next season .
  16. Well deserved as Matty has been fantastic - scored some brilliant tries. All credit to him, the Swinton team and coaches. Hope he does well at Warrington.
  17. Well done Oldham - best of luck for the final and hope to see you back in the Championship next season - although I am not sure where or who we will be next season (from a Swinton fan).
  18. Surprised to hear how bad Riley has been for you - its a good few years ago now when he played for us (Swinton) on DR from Warrington but he was always a real handful for the opposition...…….
  19. As a Swinton fan I hope Oldham win (sorry to Doncaster fans) but will be there on Sunday as I think it will be great match.
  20. That's very generous of the Board considering they have received threats !
  21. I agree it is a LTD company but you cannot compare a shop based business to a sports club where the allegiance of the fans is or should be an important factor in the success of the business. I agree its shameful for supporters to be issuing threats and as I said the police should be investigating these threats and we do not know how many people have been issuing threats - they cannot possibly be all the supporters unhappy with the name change. In the past when supporters have been unhappy they have stayed away as a many did when Swinton sold Station Road - and I don't know how many returned to watching the club, if any. So to me the sensible thing would have been to route out the people issuing threats and then continue the dialogue with the Trust and supporters to find a compromise. So the board having put so much time effort and money into the club have walked away which doesn't make commercial sense ? If the business was seen as not viable then the board would have wound the business up before now rather than plan for success in the future. As I said its a lose - lose scenario.
  22. I think its a terrible situation - no fan however unhappy should be sending threats of any nature - surely the threats can and should be investigated by the police. What is obvious is the consultation wasn't wide enough and I guess as with all consultations they rarely change the outcome. Personally a half way house rebrand could have been tried - but as it is everyone loses out the board and the supporters, a sad day indeed.
  23. I think every Swinton supporter understands the strategy of rebranding with the expected benefit of increased revenue and raised profile for the club. I also think the main reason for supporters (of an age to remember Station Road) are really unhappy is that the rebranding to Manchester Lions will ultimately mean that there will be no return to Swinton, even though Swinton is M27...……...
  24. gets my vote - but that counts for nothing - I think its the Championship as a whole that needs to take control of its future and do the rebranding at that level - sponsorship, media exposure and yes even a move away from summer rugby. As all Championship club supporters know - all the publicity is focussed on Super League - so how do Championship Clubs generate interest if people outside rugby league only know about Super League ? So its then just the local communities so straight away options are limited in terms of supporter base and sponsorship...…..the same situation exists in the lower divisions of the EFL and club then get acquired by dubious business men as has happened at Bury …………..so as a Swinton supporter (who lives in Manchester) I will still support the team regardless of the name change and wait and see what transpires...…….
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