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  1. Hi Anita, I wasn't talking about the management of the club and yes it has had its fair share of financial controversies in the past with previous owners - I was actually thinking of how active the club is in Bury - certainly that's what I have been told by friends that live in Bury and have kids attending school there. I am not a football fan - but from your comments there is no love between Rochdale and Bury fans :(
  2. That's a point how many of the current band of Swinton faithful can remember Station Road - those of us of a certain age
  3. Well I can't remember the last time Swinton were in any of the daily papers - so that at least is something. Although I live in Manchester, I have always supported Swinton - because I went as a kid with my mate and his dad who used to follow Broughton Rangers and when they folded he went to Swinton. If the name change happens - as I guess it will it will be difficult to accept for a lot of supporters but I cannot imagine for one minute that the management board will have come to the decision lightly. Its over 25 years since Station Road was sold and sadly moving back to Swinton is difficult - had it been easy it would have happened by now. As every club outside Super League know - its all about survival and I guess Swinton will not be the only club with stark choices to make in the coming year or so. As Moorside Roughyed rightly said no sports club is immune from financial disaster as proven by Bury which had a long history (won the FA Cup twice) a real community club - but have gone to the wall never the less.
  4. If you sign him next season that would be great for your club - he is by far the best hooker I have seen in recent years and when he has played for Toronto against Swinton (my team) he has always run the show......I guess he is in his mid 30s but with a young team around I think it would be really good.
  5. Tony Pratt was my favourite player when he played for Swinton and I was a youngster...………...
  6. I agree we need to keep the current set of players and I hope that the club can resist the offer of transfer fees if other clubs come in for our rising star(s)……..in the past we have had to accept such offers on financial grounds...…….
  7. Oh no...……….my regret was never seeing Swinton win there
  8. I remember going to see Swinton play at Watersheddings when I was about 10 - so a good few years ago - from memory it was beginning of September, warm and sunny when we left our home in Manchester, so we had summer clothes - at half time it snowed and I was freezing - oh time gone by
  9. I think Marriott is an outstanding player looked really good against Swinton - I think he may well be a target for other clubs for next season - how many players remain depends not just on the money but the personal relationships between the coach and the squad and in that regard Calland has a lot of respect in the game.
  10. Couldn't go as I was away on holiday - saw the twitter feed - so close to getting a result, Ashton's tries looked great - even saw Leigh fans applauding, so that is itself is a testament to how Ashton and the team are playing, can't wait for next week's game at Featherstone should be a cracker.
  11. I also think it will be tight and as a Swinton supporter I think we are now capable of winning all of our three remaining home games , may even shock someone in our away fixtures and if Sheffield (our last home game) drift further down the table - they may not be that interested - although Sheffield have always been a bogey team for us ( I think). Its a shame that any of our clubs will end being relegated and for the neutrals the battle to stay up is more exciting that who gets into Super League.
  12. He had a good game for you as well yesterday
  13. I think its a must win for Swinton as well - looking forward to a good match on Sunday - always enjoy going to watch Swinton at Batley (although we haven't won there in a while) hope Batley fans feel the same about Heywood Road.
  14. Its interesting that its considered boring to see other teams being so easily beaten each week - boring isn't the adjective I would have used being a supporter of one of those other teams (Swinton). The issue is the league structure which has a mixture of full time and part time set ups which obviously results in mismatches when full time teams play part time teams. The Championship structure promotes this inequality with the funding mechanism which give more money to the teams in the top 4 places and little in comparison to the bottom 4 above the relegation zone. The fact that most clubs are dependant on the central funding to survive is in itself a disaster for the sport. So I too rarely watch Super League - it annoys me terribly that the only RL coverage in the UK is Super League and I actually think the brand of rugby played in the Championship is more enjoyable to watch. It also interesting that for some of us its about a fight to stay in the Championship and the others a fight to get out Whether the Wolfpack get into Super League will depend on winning the two play off matches at the end of the season and as happened last year - winning the league competition isn't a guarantee of winning promotion.
  15. Couldn't fault Mayfield's ground today - not that I would look for faults - perfectly adequate as I think there were 600 odd spectators, good pitch and on the day plenty of room to stand or sit. All the staff around the ground were helpful and polite, I think Rochdale missed a trick not charging for car parking though. A close match today with some good rugby played by both teams...……………..
  16. This is a Rochdale thread - so shouldn't really go on about Swinton's move from Sedgley Park, as I remember it Sedgley Park did not have enough seating capacity to meet Championship requirements, so planning permission was submitted to erect a temporary open stand - bleachers as Americans would say. Anyway the local residents objected so the planning was turned down. I hope Rochdale can resolve the problem and the game goes ahead.
  17. So is Mayfield "approved" by the RFL to host Championship matches ? and yes A J Bell would be more like a home match for Swinton.
  18. Impressive win for your boys tonight as York looked a really solid all round side and very hard to break down when they beat us (Swinton) last Sunday.
  19. I can't remember how much it cost Swinton to use the AJ Bell stadium but it wasn't cheap...……...I was looking forward to coming over to Rochdale - it will be a really intense game as both teams need to win and with the recent movement of players between our two clubs I am sure there will be plenty of passion. Lets hope it a good game.
  20. wayne_r

    york today

    I thought the whole team tried really hard today against a strong, big York side that tackled really well. We were unlucky not to score first in the second half which I think would have put a different complexion on the game. If we continue to play like that for the rest of the season we will definitely pick up more wins. Thought Scott Moore looked good and will be even better when he has played with the team longer, halfbacks ran the ball well and the forwards really got stuck in, best I have seen Jack Wells play. Thought Sammy Kibula was outstanding today. I think it will be a hard match next week at Rochdale - but if we play with commitment shown today we will certainly win.
  21. you have got a good player in Ben White - sorry he plumped to go to Halifax rather than come back to Swinton after his spell in Australia Liam Paisley has been really good for Swinton also - so am surprised you have managed to get him for the rest of the season
  22. I would be very surprised if any Rochdale supporter was unhappy with Kyle Shelford he has been a regular in the team and played last week in Toulouse, his try against Workington last season turned the match in Swinton's favour. He is a real grafter and has the mobility to play anywhere in the pack - to be honest I don't know why he has left Swinton. I can't remember whether Scott Moore had a good game against Swinton or not and I think the main motivation in doing the deal is to get an experience player into the Swinton team as they are a young side. I really hope Kyle does well for Rochdale - he will certainly give a 100% every match and tackle till he drops.
  23. So do you rate Scott Moore - the lad you are getting in the swap deal Kyle Shelford is a real grafter - never stops working, sorry to see him leave Swinton.
  24. Fantastic result, well done team and coaching staff...…………..buzzing for the York match now.
  25. Yes a great performance as a team but also some exceptional individual performances as well, for me jack Hansen had a truly great game. Our halfbacks worked really well and the forwards competed with a much bigger pack and more than held their own. I think had in not been for key decisions going against us it would have been an awful lot closer. One thing is for sure Toronto knew they had been in a match. Lets hope that level of intensity can become the norm for the team and we will finish well above the relegation zone.
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