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  1. I don't think any Swinton fan would support a name change to Manchester and certainly not a relocation, which history has shown doesn't work. It is however a great pity that the MR bid wasn't successful after all. albeit before my time there were three clubs in Greater Manchester - Swinton, Salford and Broughton Ranger (plus Oldham & Rochdale off course). Broughton Rangers moved to Belle Vue and only lasted a few seasons...........
  2. Yes and its live on Sky for you Wolfpack fans
  3. Some interesting signings for both our teams - losing Lawton is a surprise as he was starting to establish himself in team, Williams seemed short of match fitness at his last game (against Batley) after injury - he is big and strong and was well regarded by the Batley fans (from his time there). So you now have Oscar Thomas (who I was sorry to see leave) and we have Lepori from you guys...………..hope all our respective signings do well us both. Haven't heard any rumours about Manchester as mentioned by Glemiln ?
  4. I think on this occasion I think Lion Heart 59 is being a tad pessimistic because the team played really well against Toulouse at home and only narrowly lost - I think the key is containing the Toronto pack which I thought dominated in their match against Toulouse in Blackpool. Roll on Sunday...……...
  5. Thought Mike Ratu had an excellent game today - first match back after his injury.
  6. Oh well wrong again - I don't see how comment about radio Manchester reflects on Swinton - or is it just me being negative all the time.........yes let put it down to that. Actually it was a pity Rampant Lion 59 wasn't able to respond to Coolie enquiry earlier. So are we getting regular coverage now from Radio Manchester - hopefully asking this isn't negative ?
  7. Happy I could brighten your day with a laugh...………:)
  8. So l have a follower on this and other sites - didn't realise my opinion was that interesting or even annoying - so yes I am a Swinton supporter, yes I am a season ticket holder and yes have supported Swinton since I was 10 and am 62 this year - so I think my opinion and analysis is objective and I am entitled to give an opinion about team selection as is everyone else...……….but what the heck I am flattered that my post has generated such interest from two people at least
  9. Not sure how we managed to win that match today...………….a very important win as we all know. Can't for life of me understand why Thomas has been put out on a season long loan to Rochdale - so we have no halfback options, also it seems to me that the DR lads are always picked over our own squad members regardless - so no place for Kenga or Shelford. Sorry but Paisley isn't a centre - obviously he tries hard but shouldn't be in that position. Can't imagine Dewsbury will play as badly next week as they did today - thought they missed Sykes and gave away too many penalties - and made some poor choices, which let us back into the game.
  10. We never feature on Radio Manchester - their focus is Salford, Warrington and Wigan - oh yes when those three aren't playing then its Leigh...……..
  11. wayne_r


    No consolation for your loss today - but you have a player with lots of potential in Thomas - do not know why we have let him go - I hope he does well for you and himself...………..
  12. As a Swinton fan reading posts on your page, Batley, Dewsbury, Rochdale I think all our clubs have the same problem - small budgets and therefore cannot sign the "quality" players needed - so in Swinton's case we have and continue to rely on DR for certain key positions - which is far from ideal. Members of the squad then go out on loan as they cannot get into the team. I see the DR players in the team whether they merit it or not, which cannot be right. We gambled on signing some older players this season - due to their availability and cost ( I imagine) and that hasn't worked out due to injuries, the younger players don't get selected when the DR players are available. I cannot see an end to the constant struggle to stay in the division - but York seem to have a business model that works and you get decent crowds - so maybe it can be done...……...
  13. Honestly as a Swinton supporter we saw too poor sides yesterday - yes Swinton got the win - but didn't fill me with any confidence for the rest of the season and clearly Rochdale with a new coach are still work in progress. Good luck to both our sides for the rest of the season.
  14. wayne_r

    1895 Trophy

    Really - that is insane - why have the clubs agreed to it ………………...which ever teams make it to Wembley it will a non event - I take no TV coverage then !!!
  15. wayne_r

    New Coach

    I think Matt Calland will be a good coach for you and will make our match in two weeks a really close affair...……..
  16. Well unless we can stop giving teams a head start - today it was 18 points we will not win anymore matches. The first half the team did not compete and the half backs weren't clicking at all and we didn't put any pressure on the Widnes pack as they ran the ball in. Second half was different matter, but it was too late by then. Same problems every week - unable to compete for the full 80 mins ……...was the same at Batley. Widnes were workman like, completed their sets and managed to score at key points in both halves. I think we are in desperate need of a centre - Paisley tried really hard but isn't a centre in my opinion. If we are taking players on loan lets get a centre (or two). Think team selection was wrong should have had Kenga and Thomas in the 18 - in my opinion, but what do I know. The only good thing was that all the teams around us lost as well...………...oh well lets we can beat Rochdale in a couple of weeks but that won't be easy as they will also see it as a fixture they can win...………..
  17. Thanks for the kind words - I couldn't go but if by any chance we are both in the same division next season I will be taking my annual holiday in Canada and combine it with the match. So did the score flatter your boys and how did Swinton play ?
  18. Just seen the highlights from Dewsbury's win at Widnes, to be honest Widnes didn't look that great apart from a lively halfback (I think) - Dewsbury made some simple errors to let Widnes back into it. So on that performance - we should be more than capable of winning on Sunday - I hope that the defeat at Toronto hasn't done any permanent damage to confidence / spirit in the camp.
  19. I think that's what the RFL will report as well...……..as I said it wasn't a bad tempered game.
  20. I was too far away to see it also - it wasn't a dirty game only few penalties in total for high tackles in the whole game - but it only takes one bad ( mistimed) tackle to do serious injury.
  21. Definitely - bags of pace and an eye for a break - has been playing on the wing but he looked superb at full back.
  22. I think the assessments are correct - you did enough in the second half and we panicked and missed some tackles - hopefully we can beat you in the return. Apart from the result and the injury to Fairclough it was a nice day out - always enjoy going to Batley - just not seen Swinton win there for ages
  23. Could have won / should have won that match panic football, mistakes at the wrong time and some poor tackling lost it for us, think we missed Forsyth in the centre, Daly didn't look match fit to me, Ashton looked really good at full back he is difficult to stop when joining the line as shown by his tries - really concerned for Rob Fairclough got battered again, seems to happen every match - yesterday's incident was put on report - because non of the officials saw it ……………..can't see us getting anything in Toronto, so next must win game is Widnes at home - and certainly Widnes are beatable as shown by their losses at Batley and York...……….
  24. wayne_r


    To be honest I think we are all in the same boat (Barrow, Rochdale, Swinton, Dewsbury and Batley) with small budgets and reliant on DR. It was always going to be any two from the five for relegation. I was surprised how big and slow Forster appeared yesterday. Anyway lets hope we both stay up and avoid the drop for another season
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