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  1. Far to many people NOT taking the Governments advice seriously, see it every day especially with being a Postie, unreal!!!!
  2. Glen Booth at Headingley in play offs, forget year, score was 18-15 i am sure.
  3. Fantastic game and atmosphere that day, despite the weather lol.
  4. I can fully understand fans missing the game but it's a contact sport as we all know so it's impossible not to keep 2 metres apart, hopefully something can be sorted but i don't know what for a good while yet by look of it.
  5. Because some people don't want to hear the truth and by hook or by crook they want the Rugby to commence.
  6. Well wether you like it or not SPORT is being affected big time by this virus so it all ties in hence the difference in opinions. This thread wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the Virus.
  7. To give HIS opinion like you! He's also right in what he's saying, i don't know if you watch the news but it's over 12,000 deaths now.
  8. Yeah, see plenty every day lol.
  9. Go on the General Fans Forum especially the one about RL staring again, funny and time absorbing lol.
  10. They can't test our fire brigade so i should imagine sport will be way down the list!
  11. We'll find out one way or another.
  12. They won't be starting any time soon by looks of it, like over here just talking about it.
  13. My earliest Featherstone programme was 1947,i had collected them for 44 years along with tickets, scarves, books and scarp books. When i moved to a flat i gave them all to the Rovers heritage scheme.
  14. £1.35!!!!! Waste of money wether Rovers are in or not!
  15. No one to touch John Hill especially for his passion.
  16. I was at Salford that night and said to a Salford fan he won't kick it because he's not our regular kicker, excellent win that night.
  17. St. Helens at Home in the Seventies (forget the exact year) Cyril Kellet dummied on the line and scored and kicked the goal. Think score was 18-12 and another totally unexpected win.
  18. Apparently to stay at home to help tackle this more but don't quote me on it. We will soon find out, testing kits out on Friday as well for NHS workers.
  19. Wait for the letter from the Government this week to EVERY home in the UK, you might get a little idea then.
  20. Nothing to do with Gary H saying it, I'd have said same who ever it was. This is a Pandemic not a common cold!
  21. There's 1000,s dieing, most people being told to stop in, everyone told to keep two metres apart etc and he's more bothered about sport, it is what it is and sport isn't ensential enough to think about yet.
  22. I've read some garbage on here but this takes the biscuit, 1000's of people are dying all over the world and NOT all are over 70!
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