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  1. Interesting game this, French side low on forwards Wakefield low on backs let battle commence
  2. https://www.seaeagles.com.au/news/2022/07/07/sea-eagles-grant-release-to-jorge-taufua/
  3. between July and October next year. The North Stand will be upgraded at the end of this season ready for next year
  4. Give over he is out of contract its his choice been a great servant to Wakefield and the club have stood by him with some awful ACL and concussion injuries its time to part
  5. The work began on dismantling the East Stand yesterday the work is underway to remove the seating and then the roof as I understand it before the bulldozers move in. Good times off the pitch now. After a 7000 odd crowd on Sunday the club need to consolidate on the pitch and the future looks good.
  6. No this sum is due to the change in the 106 for Newmarket. The original plan was to build a community facility at Newmarket but with cloak and dagger tactics by the developer an agreement was made for th developer to provide this sum to go towards the upgrading of BV far less than the original plans but with the 2 million from the council and the 1.2 million committed by the club the 12 million package is now ready to start upgrading around 50% of the ground.
  7. Funding approved by Councillors hopefull next stage will be demolition of the East Stand from the 4th July https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/61813830
  8. Top fella he lived in Crofton when he played for Wakey, had a few beers with him in the #### and Crown he was a real character RIP Bill great to watch you at BV.
  9. Forgot to mention for all those coming over from Warrington this will be the last time you see the ground as it is before the bulldozers move into to start improving the ground
  10. I thought the defence against Hull was pretty good and but for some dodgy decisions i.e. the first Hull try off a way forward pass and one pulled back for Wakey. If Wakey can sharpen the attack then it could be a really good game against Wire who are shot of any confidence by the looks of things.
  11. Early reports dislocated lower limb looked like his ankle from the sidelines but I am no medic I am sure the full extent will come out after tests.
  12. Just watched the highlights on Sky and that first Hull try was an absolute joke the pass by Conner was way forward and the touchie was right there disgraceful officiating.
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