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  1. Do we really want another French team in SL, I recall Catalans were brought in to assist the French game particularly at International level, well that's worked out well then!
  2. So if a team comes up finishes bottom you relegate the team above them? No incentive for a promoted team to try and avoid relegation but punishing a team above them? is that how you would play it?
  3. I wouldn't have automatic promotion and relegation however I would be in favour of the champions in the Championship playing the bottom of SL in a winner takes all.
  4. Go on then list the cuts of all the clubs seeing as you seem to know Wakefield have imposed large pay cuts, what does that look like compared to the rest or are you still on your Wakey bashing conquest.
  5. How do you get 25% then? What have Leeds come up with?
  6. Its now 2 players one was Big Dave to come off furlough this week who agreed too lat
  7. So what are your thoughts now, Wakefield all sorted but Toronto fail to fulfil their fixtures, do they now get relegated or is it one rule for one and one rule for another be interested to hear your views. Also other clubs have not finalised their pay deals yet if they dont do we relegate them? just wondering.
  8. Here is the article https://wakefieldtrinity.com/trinity-agree-salary-reductions/
  9. There is no intention to make them a lesser supporter my intention was to highlight in all this grief only 33 requested a refund that is down to their individual circumstances and no way a criticism the intention is to highlight the 2200 or so happy not to take a refund other clubs are putting packages together. If you have read it the wrong way apologies it was not my intention
  10. And all but 33 season ticket holders have agreed to take the hit fab response from the terraces
  11. And the reply from MC on the Wakey board Let me say straight out that he is nowhere near minimum wage and I wish I had earned what he does at 21
  12. I don't think our ruck area is clean enough for this with the holding down and wrestling, sort that out and yes. At the moment one team would have possession for 40 minutes!
  13. Number wise Germany's death rate is lower but they only count those who specifically die of Covid where we are counting underlying issues and positive tests a bit different, it will take a good while for the stats but probably the best guesstimate will be mortality rates during the pandemic compared to those outside of the pandemic.
  14. Well Carter has stated the fans put in an extra 40k last month to the lottery and Squad builder that's almost 1/2 million a year that wasn't there before if everybody who contributed last month carries on and even higher if more fans join. In addition they have had some cute marketing at Wakefield with clothing that seems to be going well as well.
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