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  1. And the reply from MC on the Wakey board Let me say straight out that he is nowhere near minimum wage and I wish I had earned what he does at 21
  2. I don't think our ruck area is clean enough for this with the holding down and wrestling, sort that out and yes. At the moment one team would have possession for 40 minutes!
  3. Number wise Germany's death rate is lower but they only count those who specifically die of Covid where we are counting underlying issues and positive tests a bit different, it will take a good while for the stats but probably the best guesstimate will be mortality rates during the pandemic compared to those outside of the pandemic.
  4. Well Carter has stated the fans put in an extra 40k last month to the lottery and Squad builder that's almost 1/2 million a year that wasn't there before if everybody who contributed last month carries on and even higher if more fans join. In addition they have had some cute marketing at Wakefield with clothing that seems to be going well as well.
  5. So media reports indicate teams like Wakefield and Salford may struggle, well I cannot speak for Salford but my limited know ledge of Wakefield is they have an asset the ground, it may not be the best but its theirs, MC also balances the books each year ( up to now), obviously there are other clubs who will be in the same position but those that have no assets only players may struggle if this goes on for some time. Perhaps when things start to return to normal a complete re-think on how the game is structured and marketed needs to take place.
  6. Trinity have increased revenues by 40K in the last month with fans subscribing to Trin TV the lottery and squad builder.
  7. I do not agree with the assessment of only 4 clubs being really vulnerable if anything they may be in the best position with lower overheads in the current situation, clubs with larger back room programmes and much higher wages including Marquee players etc some of the perceived big teams could be in real trouble especially when you look at their current liabilities and debts.
  8. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/hull-fc-furlough-players-staff-4002687
  9. So no one on this thread that I can see has considered the impact on players health if they contract this disease. If the season does re-start what if sat the aftermath of getting this disease is difficult for some people to get over after all it is a form of Pneumonia and aggressive at that. Any team could suffer significantly be it the top team or the bottom team as the table stands. the way forward is not just as simple as at the moment we are on hold this could take months and even big clubs with large salaries to pay could be in even more trouble than some of the sugar daddy-less teams. Its a pause at the moment and the future seems a way off at the moment but it should also be an opportunity for the game to re-evaluate ts strategy and marketing appeal. One area I forgot is players contracts some players are ooc this season I am sure they will be looking for stability at this time.
  10. You obviously don't see much of Reece Lyne goes about doing good things makes yards solid in defence and capass a ball ala Salford on Sunday.
  11. He purchased it and the club were advised not to if I remember correctly so it could be interesting how he funded the purchase of the ground for a reputed 600K and sold it to the council who then sold it by loan to the club for £3 million all within 2.5 years. https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/wildcats-120-year-old-stadium-sold-to-property-developer-1-8130649 https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/wakefield-trinity-to-buy-belle-vue-ground-after-3m-loan-from-council-1-9648777
  12. This could be interesting as this is the man who bought Belle Vue before it was subsequently bought from the council by Trinity. https://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/court-grants-nca-1m-freezing-order
  13. Really shocking this was at the game and Mose was looked after well from a spectator perspective they really took toime wiith him be fore he was stretchered off. Never like to see players suffer injuries the game is hard enough without them. I sincerely hope he fully recovers and as quickly as possible. Fingers crossed for the prognosis to ne positive.
  14. 90 minutes in one of those cramped seats might be palatable to fans who always seem to stand in the Kop. To expect people to sit there for 2 days is an utter joke the leg room available is just about big enough for primary school kids. Not a patch on St James park for location or facilities.
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