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  1. At about £400 per club per season why bother Wakefield support alone at all the away games will generate more income in one match
  2. You clearly select the parts you want to read. A Wire fan commented that the whole East Stand bottom tier had been blocked out. Trinity have been allocated sections in there.
  3. East Stand lower We took the extra 34 seats Huddersfield had allocated prior to being destroyed at the weekend
  4. Ellis asked for 10000 tickets RFL were taken aback we will see on the day
  5. They have to Trinity it's all the lower sections of the East Stand
  6. All the lower tier has been allocated to Wakefield that's where my 6 tickets are for
  7. Win rate of 46%, he will need to improve this to find success at FC
  8. Make these games come under the Designated sporting events legislation.
  9. A good turn out and a competitive game Swinton had a great game plan but ran out of steam in the last 20
  10. Wakey sold around 7500 as of Friday and 36 coaches booked 24 by the club and 12 independent so far
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