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  1. He purchased it and the club were advised not to if I remember correctly so it could be interesting how he funded the purchase of the ground for a reputed 600K and sold it to the council who then sold it by loan to the club for £3 million all within 2.5 years. https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/wildcats-120-year-old-stadium-sold-to-property-developer-1-8130649 https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/wakefield-trinity-to-buy-belle-vue-ground-after-3m-loan-from-council-1-9648777
  2. This could be interesting as this is the man who bought Belle Vue before it was subsequently bought from the council by Trinity. https://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/court-grants-nca-1m-freezing-order
  3. Really shocking this was at the game and Mose was looked after well from a spectator perspective they really took toime wiith him be fore he was stretchered off. Never like to see players suffer injuries the game is hard enough without them. I sincerely hope he fully recovers and as quickly as possible. Fingers crossed for the prognosis to ne positive.
  4. 90 minutes in one of those cramped seats might be palatable to fans who always seem to stand in the Kop. To expect people to sit there for 2 days is an utter joke the leg room available is just about big enough for primary school kids. Not a patch on St James park for location or facilities.
  5. Just as disastrous as previous clubs like the Bulls and Widnes, the trouble with the likes of Leeds and Wigan etc they feel relegation is not an issue for clubs like them well Leeds could be close to that medicine this season, what I have seen so far is that they are a mile off, disorganised and not an 80 minute team. I maybe harsh but Furner is used to the Aussie way defence defence defence although with Leeds at the moment that's questionable. Our game is more open and attacking and perhaps the drills Leeds are doing are wrong for our kind of game to be competitive.
  6. I cannot see anything other than a big Wakefield win on paper of course the game is not on paper! Not being cocky but really comparing the teams Wakefield should triumph.
  7. Just my opinion is different to yours or is that not allowed
  8. You are missing my point if you think doubling the arrival numbers or over a couple of days increased footfall by 50% in Tenerife with a minimum crowd of 10,000 I do not think it would cope, if 50000 which is most unlikely would like to attend it would never happen. I know what airlines fly to Tenerife etc i don't need to check for stats being a very frequent traveller. Flights are not that cheap anymore to Tenerife esp with bags and I avoid Ryanair wherever I can its a last resort. I would prefer to scrap the concept its a farce.
  9. 10-11000 a day for a holiday island with flights from all over Europe yep great 10000 extra for a sporting event from Airports in the UK airports around Barcelona dream on.
  10. 10k travelling is about 50-60 planes that cheap airlines use. Two issues not enough planes and massive hikes in flight prices.
  11. Very brave at the end putting in the kidney punches to the lad absolute disgrace the lot of them thats pure thuggery!
  12. Last year they supported the Wakefield Hospice that was their colours could be the same again this time round but no announcements as yet.
  13. You mean one of the reasons that Catalans were originally entered into SL to assist with strengthening the French game for this purpose? Well that has worked so far!
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