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  1. Well don't let the fact that they have just put up around £500,000 of new floodlights up well 3 out of 4 posts so far for accuracy, the East Stand is down to be demolished and replaced at the end of the season and the North Stand upgraded. Granted the latter is related to building work and permission at Stanley in Wakefield where the new ground was going to be. There could be delays who knows with our Local Authority but as it stands thats where Wakefield are.
  2. I like your math but the flaw of course is that you account for all the suspensions and injuries as not being subject to the covid rules you have only applied it to the fit players unless you know something more then your average is wrong.
  3. No its not a disgrace Salford have a 30 man SL Squad declared but cannot get 17 on the pitch by my maths that's 13 that could be out bearing in mind they took a player on loan from Warrington they could afford to have 12 out and have a 19 man squad. I don't think its a bad assumption, mathematically it does not add up.
  4. What I am talking about is they kicked off wanting an elite Academy where is the academy support now? Secondly I suspect that the number of suspensions have assisted if the suspended players are counted as Covid then its a disgrace don't you think counting players who cannot play as o postpone. Clearly as they do not disclose who is isolating and who is positive means I could be off the mark of course I could be wrong but based on the law of averages what do you think?
  5. You assume I am talking about the Covid stuff in part yes but mainly about how easy Salford have withdrawn from these games, bleating about Academy status etc. signing a player on loan for 2 weeks announced after the test result its a joke, Cas have strange circumstances and have to forfeit the game I honestly do not get it bits a complete and utter shambles!
  6. Strategic management of RL 0 big fat 0
  7. Wakefield if they keep the current form up Wire in the dumps after the semi thrashing by Cas Wakey by 10.
  8. Why not read the Govt advice that will answer your question without having to try and besmirch the LA. Its correct. 50% of capacity if its under a certain size then its 4k I think its 30000 but stand to be corrected JS is 20 odd thousand so its 4K
  9. New Floodlights have started to go in this week at least one now completed with LED lights new posts put in this is the start. Along with the news of the Academy a positive week.
  10. Might be that Leeds get hammered by a weakened Wakefield side, I really hoe we put you in your place
  11. At least its not under water like the one in Leeds usually is.
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