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  1. But it's ok to have another suburb of Wakefield in - Castleford?
  2. I don't suppose you remember Wembley 1983 but Hull were so strong as favourites they stopped taking bets, Fev didn't stand a cat in hells chance. 40,000 Hull fans 10,000 from Fev. The rest is history as they say. Hull 12 Featherstone Rovers 14.
  3. Bad fans, poor ground, DR, not big enough, too many West Yorkshire teams in same area etc, quite sad really.
  4. Got on with it and rebuilt stands OURSELVES, not going cap in hand to the council or marks and Spencer etc for a shopping centre. Only get plans out when RL mention ground criteria!
  5. Other teams have used DR its paid off for us (even if we don't go up) and we have our own players as well.
  6. Hey you be careful what you say around these parts, we've got Cas Vegas, Ponte Carlo and Feverley Hills.
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